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Yellow - KS2

Welcome to KS2 - Yellow Class!


Your Class Teacher is:  Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Thompson will shortly be filling this page with lots of information and pictures.

Please let Mrs.Thompson know if  you have any ideas for your class webpage.

Meet your class teacher

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Our PE days are this term are Wednesday and Friday so come in your school PE kit on these days. Named water bottles should be filled at home and brought in daily. As we may be outside joggers and a sweatshirt may be required.


I am happy to meet with you to discuss your child's progress in Year 3 at any time either  before or after school. Please find me on the yard or telephone the school office.

Here are some additional spelling resources to consolidate learning from KS1 and KS2

Spring term topic based homework- Greece past and Present


It is vital we all try and learn our times tables this year. Please do these at home as much as you can.

Reading should be done every night please. It really is the key to all learning smiley

Topic based homework is set each term- please bring any completed work to school on a Monday.

Everyone has access to Times Tables Rockstars and our French interactive resources via Language Angels.smiley 

I am happy to provide additional resources on handwriting / spellings. You can contact me on the yard, via Mrs Taylor, or by email. Thank you.

Spellings for test 12th April

Some additional statutory spellings...How many do you know?

Week commencing 15th March

Everyone tried so hard this week! We had such a lot going on including some quizzes, cricket taster session, PE with NUFC  and a week of DT. We learnt all about mazes and labyrinths...ask us what the difference is ! We designed our own and used our maths skills to work out the lengths of the straws we needed to make the walls before building our own maze games!

Spellings for 22nd March

Week commencing 8th March 

It was so lovely to see you all and for us to all be back in class together.  We spent some lessons  using the book, Here we are by Oliver Jeffers, reflecting and thinking about how it feels to be all in class again. I know everyone has loved being with their friends again even though we all said it felt a bit strange at first. You have all been amazing ! I am so proud of you all. 



Spellings for test 15th March


I cannot tell you how excited we are to welcome everyone back into class. We have all missed you !

This week remember PE kits on Wednesday and Friday and if you have any reading books at home please remember to bring them back as well. No big bags are needed, just a water bottle. Mr Reeson has sent all your adults a welcome back letter containing all the information you need to know. So, I will see you all on  Monday smiley



DT: Researching, investigating possible designs and making our own labyrinths.

Science: Electricity: Making circuits with a bulb and buzzer

ART: Collage: Yellow class made their own collages inspired by the work of Henri Matisse.

ENGLISH: Researching and making our plans for writing our explanation texts next week. We had lots of different ideas: from how to look after a dog to the Royal Navy.

PSHE : Friendship charts: I can recognise how different friendships groups are formed, how I fit into them and the friends I value the most.

ART: Collage inspired by Operation Art

The children took part in a variety of tasks over the morning.  These included:

*Creating a new hedge     *Clearing the Reflection area and planting bulbs   * Planting trees

PE: Sequencing our moves. We used all six actions, linking them with control to present our own sequence to the class.

ART Surrealist collages - we have very creative and imaginative brains this afternoon. Super work. Well done

ART - Portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso

Finished 'Eiffel Towers'. What super pieces of art. Well done

ART - Forgeries from Home Learning

PSHE - The children were asked to draw a place in a garden where they would feel calm and peaceful. Look at the beautiful art work. WELL DONE

Illuminated Letters from our lesson in Medieval Art. Plus ones produced during Home Learning

Welcome Back Spring term

Week commencing 30th November 

Thank you to all of you who booked a virtual parents evening.It was lovely talking to you all. This week in mths we have been consolidating formal written methods or addition and subtaction up to 3 digits incuding an exchange. We also used dice to develop our reasoning skills! In English we started playscripts by making a prediction what the play we are looking at may be about. We identified features, planned character descriptions and started to think about how play scripts may differ from narrative. In Geography we produced a class mind map of issues that are threatening our rainforests and designed posters.We now know how complex solving the issue of deforestation is but we understand some things we can do to play our part. In RE we learnt about the Holy Trinity and used the example of water, ice and steam to try and understand this tricky concept! We enjoyed dancing to various songs as usual and PE with NUFC. In science we used Xrays to identify bones in the skeleton of various animals. Everyone is trying so hard . I am so proud of you all!

Week commencing 30th November

This week saw us finishing off our poems on a theme unit. We learnt all about adverbs, used a dictionary and planned and wrote some wonderful list poems all about being thankful. They were wonderful! In maths we are continuing developing our fluency with 2 and 3 digit numbers using formal written methods of addition and subtraction. In RE we learnt all about the work of the Salvation Army and held a virtual Q and A with Mr and Mrs Clarke from the Bedlington  Branch. We can't thank them enough for joining us and answering all our questions. In Geography this week we learnt all about the daily lives of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest. We used deduction skills and interrogated photographs tio help us think about the food, clothes , activities and transport etc. French was hilarious as we held a tasting session to help us learn Je n'aime and Je n'aime pas. I think the lemon and limes were the winners surprise.  All the scripts and words for our class performance have gone home but they do need to be in school every day as we prepare ! 

Week commencing 16th November

Wow ! What a week in class! The highlight was an outdoor rainforest survival workshop with Wilderness Outdoor Education. We made fire, water filters and ate edible insects! I was so proud of everyone! In English we are continuing with Poems based on festivals and celebratiions. This week we extended sentences using WOW adjectives and vivid verbs. We learnt all about Diwali and wrote, edit and improved our own acrostic poems. We did comprehension tasks and VIPERS tasks as well. In Maths we are continuing to develop fluency with addition and subtraction. In Science we investigated food labels and were shocked at how much sugar and salt can be in some foods! In RE we thought about faith and linked it to our own lives. There were some super thoughtful and mature ideas. In Geography we learnt all about the layers in the rainforest.....the work the class produced was amazing! In French we wrote recipes for  our own fruit salads using all the words we know and adding some french verbs! keep it up Yellow class are all amazing! 

Week commencing 9th November

What a super week we have had. In English we read and perfomed poems and wrote some wonderful poems based on Harvest and Remebrance Day. We considered all the sacrifices people have made, and continue to make, for us and produced some thoughtful pieces of writing. In maths we are continuing with addition and subtraction moving up to working with 3-digit numbers. In ICT we started drawing using shapes and lines . We based this on an aerial photograph of Lancaster Park. We were super at spotting shapes and images. In Music we are learning the glockenspiel! In PE we linked to Remembrance day and enjoyed learning some of the old style dances including the Lambeth Walk! With NUFC we played attack and defence games. We are continuing our discovery into the Rainforest and this week we produced some great work all about the climate.We even plotted and drew our own graphs. I am so so proud of you all !   

Fun on our last day before Christmas! SCIENCE: Do people with a longer stride run faster? No! Smores and fruit kebabs as our party treat. Happy Christmas!

D&T: To make our own minibeast / fish bean bag. A super effort by all the children. Well done

ART - we looked at the sky this afternoon for inspiration as well as the works of Maggi Hambling, Peter Lanyon and JMW Tuner. Here are our paintings of the 'sky'.

ART : Snowy scenes in the style of Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'. We used a technique called 'impasto' to make the snow 'stand out'. This involves making very thick, powder paint and applying it in layers.

Celebrating 'Nursery Rhyme' Day. Can you spot any nursery rhyme characters?

Art - Topic: Painting We have been making our own paint charts by mixing primary and secondary colours

The finished product

Week commencing 2nd November 

We had a busy first week back! In maths we started learning column addition as a formal written method. I was so pleased with the effort from everyone! Well done ! In English we learnt about paragraphs and planned our own recount using a skeleton planning frame. We then finished off our recount topic writing our own acccount of the journey of the River Wansbeck from its source to the sea. It was lovely learning all about our local river! In RE we learnt all about the story of Abraham as we start to think about People of God. If you check out our Twitter feed you will be able to see what we did in Geography and Frenchsmiley Rainforests and the fruits! In PE we did attack and invasion games and dance whilst in ICT we are starting drawin gand publishing and all managed to log on and open word documents in readiness for our work next week. 

Welcome back Yellow Class !

I hope you all had a lovely half term. I am looking forward to seeing you all and hearing all your news!


Spellings for test 9th November

Week commencing 5th October

This week we have enjoyed a lot of fun activities. In Yoga we all learnt the warrior pose....I was so impressed by everyone! We can really tell our core stability is improving. In Maths we have looked at comparing objects and numbers using our increasing knowledge of place value. We will be moving onto addiion and subtraction next week. In English we finished our fairy tale topic by planning and writing our own twisted fairy tale. Everyone tried really hard. In History we looked at Maya gods and goddesses. Ask your child what they can remember. They were a scary bunch we thought! In RE we thought about the importance of saying sorry and used the words of the Elton John song to think about why it is sometimes really hard to say sorry. In Music we listened to Ode to Joy by Beethoven and compared it to Lean on Me. We spotted lots of different instruments in the orchestra.In ICT we looked at all the different ways we can communicate online and devised a class rap. In science we have planted our wildflower bombs so we are looking forward to Spring and summer to see the riot of colours hopefully .We also had cricket and PE ! A busy but super week!

Week commencing 28th September

This week in English we have been synonym detectives finding exciting words to use in our writing. We also looked at a paragraph based on Golilocks and the Three Bears where I had forgotten all my  punctuation! We were super at spotting my mistakes and addin gall the correc tpunctuation in. We have started to plan our our twisted fairy tale which we will be writing nect week as we finish this unit of work. We had to twist Red Riding Hood. there are some super ideas ! In Maths we are continuing with plave value looking at 1, 10, 100 more and less, numbe rlines to 100 and comparing objects.  In RE we looked at The Fall and thought about why this is important to Christians. In French we learnt our number 1-10 and some of us even knew 1-20! In Music we continued with our Gospel theme listening and appraising Amazing Grace by Elvis. In PE with NUFc we carried on with football skils and played some great games. We also did yoga and learn tthe triangle pose! In ICT we looked at emails and decided if we would open them or not. We wrote our own emaisl to a friend thinking about all we had learnt. In history we learn tall about daily life in Ancient Maya. We decided we are glad we are not slaves then as chances are we would be sacrificed!  A super week ! Well done everyone !

Week commencing 21st September

What a busy week in school! In English we have been working on using WOW vocabulary to describe a variety of fairy tale settings and charcaters. Everyone tried really hard and produced some wonderful work. In Maths we have been looking at number lines and continuing with place value calculating 1, 10, 100 more and less. In RE we looked at the ten commandments and thought about which one we thought was the most important. We are continuing to look at online safety in ICT and this week thought about why we need passwords. We have enjoyed Pe with NUFC and the schools soprt partnership as well as Yoga and cricket. We are a fit bunch! In Science we are continuing to look at Living things and their habitats and in histry we are enjoying learning about the marvellous Maya. This week we investigated some ancient artefacts and tried to work out what they could tell us about the Maya. 

Week commencing 7th September 


It has been so lovely to welcome you all into class and get to know you all. I am so proud of all of you as you have all been amazing getting to grips with lots of new procedures! Well done Yellow Class.

We have been busy this week. We have enjoyed yoga, cricket multi skills and games with NUFC. We have started our work based around Fairy Tales in English by identifying the features of a fairy tale. We are reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes in class so we have based some guided reading work around the first chapter. We are all excited to see how the story develops. We have done a lot of PSHE around the theme of, Being Back Together. We thought of what good things we can enjoy at school and I must say pizza rolls came out a lot of times! The ymust be delicious in school ! In Maths we have recapped some work on place value and will be progressing with this over the next couple of weeks. We have enjoyed cjhallenging each other in times tables wars and everyone should now have their Times Tables Rockstars log ins. Please use this fun way to help you learn them.

In Science we have looked at the characteristics of living things as we start Living things and their Habitats. Ask your child about Mrs Nerg! We have also started music and ICT where we are lookingat internet safety and RE where we learnt about the Creation story.

I am so proud of each and every one of you !

Class worship at the end of Week 7 with Val. We heard the story about Jesus calming the storm.

Yellow class school councilors 2020. Selected using a 'secret' ballot. We hope you represent us to the best of your abilities. Well done

PE - Cricket skills. Working on listening skills and co-operation.

PE - super team work by this team today. Well done

SCIENCE - we have been mapping and changing our school habitats for the better. Yellow class have been making wild flower seed bombs - for home and at school.

ART - today we reviewed our work from last week and thought about how we might improve it. We used an oil pastel with a simple wash over the top. They look very effective!

Art - we used the skills we have been working on in the past few weeks to draw a 'Hippocrump'. An imaginary creature from a poem Mrs Roberts read out loud. Look at our fantastic creations.