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Yellow - KS2

Welcome to KS2 - Yellow Class!


Your Class Teacher is:  Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Thompson will shortly be filling this page with lots of information and pictures.

Please let Mrs.Thompson know if  you have any ideas for your class webpage.


Welcome to Yellow Class !

I am really looking forward to our year togther and I know we will have amazing time.

Please check this page regularly as I will add pictures and information about all our learning, as well as spellings and useful tips!

You can also find us and follow our exciting adventures and achievements on Twitter @MorpethAllSaint

Love Mrs Thompson 

Our PE days are this term are Wednesday and Friday so come in your school PE kit on these days. Named water bottles should be filled at home and brought in daily. As we may be outside joggers and a sweatshirt may be required.


Here are some additional spelling resources to consolidate learning from KS1 and KS2

Homework Summer 1 - The Romans

spellings for test 6th June

Week commencing 16th May 

We are continuing our work with fractions in maths and this week saw us placing fractions on a number line, beig introduced to fractions as decimals and looking at fractions of a set of objects. Some great learning is taking place ..well done. In English we carried out various activities using the myth  The Oak and the Linden Tree. We used conjunctions of time and cause and planned and wrote an informal letter from a different point of view. Next week we will be finishing off this unit by planning, writing and editting our own myth.In RE we looked at how Hindus show their faith at home and learnt all about the Puja tray. In History we have been thinking about the reasons Claudius chose to invade Britain using causation ideas. We are enjoying learning lots of new vocabulary in french and using this to write longer sentences independently about prehistoric Britain! 

Don't forget next Thursday is our trip to Hadrian's Wall and the Roman Army Museum !

Spellings for test 9th May

Week beginning 2nd May 

It was lovely to see you all in class after our Easter break. In English we have started looking at Roman Myths and spent some time identying fetaures in a myth before looking at the myth of romulus and Remus. We linked this theme  to our VIPERS task in reading sessions looking at comprehension activites and exploring use of dictionaries and using a thesaurus. In maths we lokked at fractions reminding ourselves of fractions from ks1 such as halvesand thirds. We enjoyed the fraction stages activity using lots of concrete resources to find quarters! In RE we are lookingat Hinduism this half term and started by explorin the Trimurti. Our French lesson saw us learning some new vocabulary as we explore ancient Britain. In ICT we were search engine detectives exploring how to use commands to help us narrow down and manipulate search results. In Hstory we went outside and made a timeline of the Roman Empire. We wenjoyed our first lesson on plants in science and sessions with NUFC and School Sports Partnership for PE. A super start to Summer term ! I am so proud of you all.

Spellings for test 2nd May


I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter break ! Wasn't the weather lovely? 

I am really looking forward to seeing you all in class tomorrow.


SUUMER 1 2022: PE: This term we are learning about ATHLETICS. Today we worked on our sprinting technique.

Summer 1 2022: Science: We are learning about PLANTS. Today we dissected a daffodil to learn about its different parts.

ART: SPRING 2 2022: Yellow class have designed, made and decorated their own cast of a piece of footwear.

D&T: Spring 2: Food Technology: Seasonal Soup - super co-operation and hygiene observed today in our soup making. Soup was made and then tested by each client group.

SPRING 2: Week 5: Art SCULPTURE: Today we started making the casts of our shoes. We worked in pairs designing and creating our own plans. We then selected a similar shoe to act as our mould. Mrs Roberts was very impressed with our use of the masking tape.

Homework Spring 2 - Flow!

Yellow class entries into the Royal Academy Young Persons Art Competition 2022

Spellings for 4th April

Spellings for 28th March

Week beginning 14th March

This week saw us enjoying science week in school. Thank you to all the wonderful visitors who gave up their time to talk to us. In geography this week we made rainclouds as we learnt all about the water cycle. In English we carried on looking at persuasive letters writing rhetorical questions and expanded noun phrases amongst other things. We are becoming experts on the subject of plastic pollution and will be writing our persuasive letters to the PM next week!  In maths we looked at statsistics interpreting data on tables, pictograms and bar charts. In RE we considered Peter's denial of Jesus. 

Thank you to all those who attended the parent consulations. It really is vital that we work together.

Spellings for test 21st March

Spellings for test 14th March

Week commencing 7th March 

Wow! What a first week back we had ! In maths we quickly revisited pounds and pence from KS1 before moving onto converting between pounds and pence. Most of us know our coins and notes but please help reinforce thsi at home with your child if you can. We will be looking at addin gand subtracting monet, money word problems and giving change next week before moving on so any support at home is invaluable. We started looking at the features of letters and then persuasive letters in English. We are aiming to write to the Prime Minister at the end of this unit so watch this space ! In history this week we had a visit from the hopeless embalmer and had to help her get a Pharaoh ready for the afterlife ! I was amazed at all the wonderful learning! We celebrated World Book day in class using the book, This zoo is not for you!. Amongst lots of aactivities we held as class debate looking at whether zoos are good places for animals to be . We are practising our assembly and can't wait to show it to you all. In French we started a new topic all about pets and in ICT we are looking at using scratch this half term. 

Spellings for test 7th March

Welcome back Yellow Class !

I cannot believe we are half way through our year together! I hope you have all had a wonderful half term.

Don't forget to bring in pictures of you with your pets, or pets in your family,  for our french display smiley It will look amazing I am sure.

Remember you should be learning your words for our class assembly next week. I know you will be fantasic, even though Covid made us delay it a couple of weeks. I hope we are all fit and well now. 

See you all on Monday.


SPRING 1 2022: WEEK 7: Performing our acrostic poems.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 7: Last week of our gymnastics topic. Great routines.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 7: SCIENCE: Today we investigated the magnetic poles of a magnet. We discovered which combination were attracted or repelled each other.

Spellings for 31st January

Spellings for test 24th January 2022

Week commencing 17th January 

This week in English we worked on comparing and contrasting two different but known versions of Cinderella. We are starting to think about what we could 'twist' in our own versions of the story. We also did an extended write all about breakfasts around the world to link to our topic in French and investigated when to use a or an amongst other things. In maths we carried on looking at the 3 and 4 times tables including multiplying and dividing and enjoyed an ICT session on TTRS. Have a look at the photos below of our maths relays! Please,please access these at home to help you learn them!

In RE we thought about what it meant to be Fishers of Men and thought about ways we could do as Jesus asked while in history we learnt all about how Ancient Egyptian society was organised...we all thought we would not have liked to be a slave ! In French we drew and labelled a breakfast scene using all our new vocabulary -I was so impressed by eberyones effforts!  

This week I will be sending home the words for your child to learn for the upcoming class assembly. There is no need for a costume- school uniform will be fine - unless your child really want to make or wear something. Please do not go to any unwarranted expense. Any queries please ask.

Week commencing 10th January

This week in maths we recapped dividing by 2,5,10 before moving onto multiplying and dividing by 3. It is crucial you are using Times Tables Rockstars to help you learn your multiplication tables. I really cannot stress this will make written methods so much easier for you. Please try and access this for 10 mins every day.  

In English we made predictions about a new text and worked on developing our inference skills as these are needed to help us really progress as amazing readers. We also investigated causal conjunctions and wrote sentences using these and our inferences. I am so proud of all your efforts!

In French we started a new topic entitled 'At the cafe and healthy living!' This week we learnt new vocabulary for drinks we could order as well as investigating breakfasts from all over the world. In RE we are learning about Gospel and thought about how we could be,'fishers of men.' Tuesday saw us enjoying group learning of the Samba drums! Look out for this at our upcoming class assembly smiley In ICT we are word processing and are learning all about fonts and images at the moment. In History we have started to investigate the world of the Ancient Egyptians... in my opinion one of the greatest  Ancient civilisations. We have an exciting few weeks coming up including a virtual  Egyptian event with the GNM...I am SO excited to share this with you all! Keep up the amazing effort Yellow Class ! 


SPRING 1 2022: Week 3: Making our own MONOPRINTS in art this week using our African designs from Week 2.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 3: Science - Investigation FRICTION

SPRING 1 2022: Week 3: Maths: Lots of fun learning our 4 x tables. We worked in teams taking part in a relay race.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 3: PE is gymnastics this term. Today we looked at 'balance'.

Spellings for test 17th January 2022

Week commencing 3rd January

It was so lovely to see you all again ! Your smiles and greetings every morning make me smile !

This week we have started a new topic in Engish - traditional tales and fairy tales. We looked at finding and recognising all those features that tell us it may be a fairy tale before producing some lovely written work about them. In maths we have recapped the 2 and 5 times tables, both multiplication and division facts, and using arrays  before we move on. I really cannot stress the importance of learning all your times tables enough will really help you as we progress through this year. Go back over all those tables from KS1 to make sure you know them as well as looking at your 3 , 4 and 8 x please. We used ICT to start our new unit of word processing and reminded ourselves of some of the functions from KS1. In PE we looked at problem solving and challenge games with NUFC - we worked well as a team smiley. In RE we started looking at Gospel and learn tall about the calling of the first disciples and in PSHE we thought about hopes and dreams and made dream jars.

A super start to the new term! I am so proud of you all.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 2: ART: Investigating African art to use next week in our printing

Just a little THANK YOU note from Mrs Thompson, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Hawkes.   Have a very happy Christmas and we will see you back at school in January 2022!


AUTUMN 2: WEEK 7: ART: Turner inspired paintings

Spellings for test 29th November

Week commencing 15th November 

We are still learing about non chronolgical reports in English as we prepare to produce our own all about volcanoes! We enjoyed learning about rhetorical questions. In Maths we are still continuing with addition and subtaction up to 3 digit numbers including developing the written methods. It has been interfaith week and we have been learning all about the Buddhist faith. We held a virtual interactive session with some practising  Buddhists and we had so many fabulous questions for them. Ask your child what they now know !

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 5: PSHE: I am special because ... We made a collective, class paper chain which included our own special qualities

AUTUMN 2: Week 4: SCIENCE: Investigating the composition of soil and how worms help the decomposition of food waste.

AUTUMN 2: Week 3: Interfaith Week: A mandala is a circular symbol, often seen in Hinduism and Buddhism, which represents the universe. It can be used as a focus for meditation, and making one is very calming and centring

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 2: Extended Writing: Our letters to the Earth. Following on from our learning about COP26.

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 2: Today the children developed their work by painting small brush strokes over the shapes in a contrasting tone. (Part 2)

Spellings for 15th November

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 2: Super Scientists investigating the properties of ROCKS!

Week commencing 1st November 

It was lovely to see you all back in class and hear about your half term adventures ! This week saw us continuing with addition and subtraction in maths - we are still using concrete resources to help us with tricky exchanges but are all trying super hard. In English we have finished looking at Shackleton's Journey and I must say we have all learnt so much. I think our highlight was the virtual visit to the Scott Polar Reasearch institute looking at the artefacts and hearing the stories associated with them . All the children wrote an amazing diary entry this week to show their learning which included lots of historical facts! In RE we are starting Incarnation and this week thought about the symbolism of water - we started the lesson outside chalking up descriptive  words that water make us think of and the benefits it gives us - we then 'washed away' words to leave our main ideas. We carried on our learning in class thinking about baptisms and bible stories invloving water. In PE we got very wet with NUFC but still had fun and we started dance with Mrs Roberts on Friday. In Geography we have strated our new unit Tremors and Diasaters! We learnt about the structure of our amazing earth and made the layers using custards , chocolate mousse and cookies ! In French we started learning the names for some french vegetables and told our friends which ones we liked and didn't like .

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 1: Making a surface for our painting (PART 1)

Here are spellings for 1st November ! Have a super half term!

Spellings for test 18th October

Week commencing 11th October

This week we were very excited in English to start our new topic of diaries and recounts. We are using the wonderful book Shackleton's journey by William Grill  and started off the week responding to a mysterious advert! We used the suffix - ous words, wrote and responded to open questions in role as we were interviewed for the expedition and used ICT to research the actual 26 crew men. What wonderful learning! I have a very special activity linked to this coming this week smiley In Maths we started using concrete and pictorial representations to help us model formal column addition. I am so proud of how everyone is trying to master this new skill. In Music we watched  the video from Oliver looking at the song Consider Yourself. We compared this to let your spirit fly and carried out some fun games finding the pulse. In History we looked at Skara Brae, looked at the houses and investigated the midden! We compared life at Skara Brae to Star Carr using Venn Diagrams! In French we undertook a translation exercise from french to english  and vice versa. Everyone showed lots of wonderful ideas and learning!


Week commencing 4th October 2021 

We have had anothe busy week in school. We enjoyed Yoga on Tuesday and are doing so well with our poses and relaxation techniques. In History this week we explored the mystery of Stonehenge, voting to see why we thought it had been built. We all thought it was magnificent ! In maths we started addition and subtraction and are looking forward to learning formal writtem methods over the coming weeks. In English we completed our mystery stories unit by working in groups to collate original ideas, developing plots and story maps before writing and editting our own original stories .They were super ! Well done.

In RE we looked at the importance of sayin gsorry and made a class sorry string . We thought about why sorry can be the hardest word to say. In Music we listened to the Colonel Bogey March and accompanied on our glockenspiels and in ICT we looked at how to send and recieve emails ! PE with NUFC was throwing and catching. Great job this week everyone ! 

Spellings for test 11th October

Week commencing 27th September

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the curriculum evening. It was lovely to meet you all. 

We have  had a super week in class. In English we enjoyed finding vivid verbs and loved the song that can help us to remember what they are. We used modal verbs in our writing and thought about how a character in a piece of text would feel and act. We went outside to use role play to help us step into the character's shoes ! We then  used all our learning so far to improve a piece of text about the Stone Age. In maths we are finishing looking at place value.We had a carousel of activities day where we created huge part- whole models by  partitioning 3 digit numbers, we explored the different ways to represent numbers using place value robots, played place value snakes and ladders and drew mazes for friends to solve by counting in 50s. What super learning! In French we looked at Ca Va and its replies while in ICT we explored why it is important to make strong passwords to keep our information safe. In history we explored Star Carr and looked at artefacts to see what they could tell us about daily life in Mesolithic Britain ! In RE we looked at the story of Moses and the 10 commandments and took a class vote on which commandment we thought was the most important. Amongst other things we thought about why we may need a Makers Manual to help us in our lives today.

Spellings for test 4th October

WEEK 5: Tag Rugby: Learning to dodge our opponent

WEEK 5: SCIENCE: Exploring SHADOWS : Making animal shadows puppets with our hands

Week 4: ART: Making our own 'rural' or 'water' landscape and reflecting on our own and others work

WEEK 4: PE Tag Rugby: Playing Bull Dog and Head, Shoulder, Cone for our warm up

WEEK 3: ART - using our work to develop drawings

Week 3: SCIENCE: Our learning intention today was to investigate reflections. We tried mirror writing, blindfold mazes and multiplying mirrors.

Week 2: ART: Today we drew natural objects looking through a view finder.

Week 2 PE: Tag Rugby training started today. We learnt how to put on tags and played a few games. We are working on our listening skills and resilience!

WEEK 2 (WB: 13th September 2021) SCIENCE: Exploring the dark and colours that reflect the light well.

FANTASTIC colour wheels made as our homework task in week one. Well done to everyone who 'had a go' at making one. We found out that light is made up of seven colours.

Autumn Term 2021

Week 1 (WB: 6th September 2021)

ART: This term we are improving our drawing skills. Today we took our different mediums on a walk with Jeffrey the maggot. We talked about the meaning of the symbols on our drawing pencils and what it meant when we used them in our drawing.