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Yellow - KS2

Welcome to KS2 - Yellow Class!


Please ensure PE kits are in school all week. Our PE days this term are Wednesday and Friday but activities can take place on any day. Named water bottles should be filled at home and brought in daily. As we may be outside joggers and a sweatshirt may be required.


I am happy to meet with you to discuss your child's progress in Year 3 at any time either  before or after school. Please find me on the yard or telephone the school office.


It is vital we all try and learn our times tables this year. Please do these at home as much as you can.

Reading should be done every night please. It really is the key to all learning smiley

Topic based homework is set each term- please bring any completed work to school on a Monday.

Everyone has access to Times Tables Rockstars and our French interactive resources via Language Angels.smiley 

I am happy to provide additional resources on handwriting / spellings. You can contact me on the yard, via Mrs Taylor, or by email. Thank you.

Week commencing 9th March

We had great fun and did some super learning during Science week. We had lots of visitors in school and Yellow Class were thrilled to be able to spend an afternoon with Dr Ian Kille of Northumbrian Earth (and Robson Greene fame!) He is a volcanologist and geologist and we all enjoyed learning more about volcanoes and looking at his slides from Pompeii in particular.We were all shocked at the sheer size of Versuvius' crater! He showed us the types of rocks the Romans used to build Hadrian's wall and we had a go constructing our own wall.It really was an amazing afternoon!

We had lots of parents into school for our science lesson. Thank you so much for coming and getting involved. I hope your tongues are blue no longer! We also had sessions from Mr Naylor showing us his fantastic feats of underwater engineering and Mrs Dewhirst who showed us how wind turbines are installed. As well as all this we managed to fit in maths looking at adding and subtracting money, English, PE with NUFC, French role play, Music, painting  and RE looking at how Christians remember Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday! 

Well done Yellow Class on a super week!


Week commencing 2nd March

We had another busy week in class. We enjoyed World Book Day and you all looked  fabulous! We read the inspirational book Malala's Magic Pencil and all the children were in awe of her bravery and courage. We thought about what we would change in the world if we had a magic pencil amongst other activities.

In Maths we have been looking at money, converting pounds and pence and giving change. In English we wrote character descriptions, did some work on homophones and near homophones  and finished off humorous poems. I was amazed at some of the poems that were written. I am so proud of you all! In RE we thought about the symbol of the cross while in History we created fact files about the daily lives of the Romans. In Art we have started our painting module creating multi textured surfaces to paint upon. In French we learnt the names of some common breakfast foods . We are developing our use of spoken French with each unit we look at. In PE we did multi skills and football with NUFC foundation.

Week commencing 24th February

We had a busy week in class.In maths we carried on with written methods of division, scaling and did some work on the non-negotiables for Year 3 that were sent home earlier in the year. In English we continued with humorous poems. I have been thrilled at the work and ideas the children have come up with. I think we really do have some poets among the class! In History we completed a timeline of the Romans in Britain activity and in French we started our new topic at the cafe.  In Science we have started Forces and Magnets and identified the main forces acting on a variety of situations. Our Art unit is painting and I cannot wait to seethe work as it progresses. We took part in an assembly by NSPCC which we all found very useful.

Week commencing 3rd February

We had a really busy week this week! In Maths we continued to work on multiplication. Some of us are now able to do column multiplication with 2 digit and 1 digit numbers ! We are moving onto formal methods of division next week so please keep learning those times tables!

In English we finished Roman myths and moved onto humorous poems. We learnt a poem to recite and looked at stanzas. In Geography this week we learnt all about volcanoes and where they are located. We enjoyed learning about the earth's structure as part of this. We have made a class volcano which is sure to erupt in the next few days!wink

As part of Children's mental health week where the theme was Be Brave  and part of storyteller week we looked at the wonderful story, Wolfgang's colourful coat . We thought about what it means to be brave and discussed times in our own lives where we have been brave. We came up with a host of strategies we can use to help us in the future. In Science we learn tall about fossils and how they are formed. In RE, where our topic is Gospel,  we had Rev Sanders come to talk to us all about the work of a minister. I think we were all surprised at just how many different things they do! Thank you so much!

We are continuing to get ready for our class assembly. Thanks again to everyone for your help! We are a great team in Yellow class! Can all costumes / props be in school from Monday 10th please ?

Week commencing 27th January

This week saw us continuing looking at Roman myths in English. We learnt about conjunctions to express time and clause, researched some roman gods using ICT and created character profiles and planned and edited our own Roman myth to write next week. We are all loving this topic.

In Maths we are continuing to learn multiplication of 2 digit by 1 digit numbers. We progressed onto column multiplication and we will be continuing to study this and written division over the next couple of weeks. Those of us that have learnt our times tables are finding it so much easier ! 

In Science we carried out experiments on rock samples looking at erosion and permeability and in Geography we were mountain detectives after receiving a letter asking for our help! In RE we thought about ways we could be Fishers of Men and I hope you have spotted the children doing some little things at home.

We are practising for our assembly so please help us learn the words at home. I am so proud of everyone!

Thanks also to those parents making props for us ! We are a great team!

Week commencing 20th January

This week in maths we started the week looking at comparing statements and then moved on to related calculations using our place value knowledge to help us. We are continuing to work on our multiplication and division and enjoy times tables games and songs! 

In English we have worked on speech including writing letters with quotes included. We are all trying so hard but are loving the Roman Myths. We ended the week doing setting and character descriptions in readiness for writing our own myth. In Geography we compared Italy to to the UK and produced some fantastic work. We are  trying to increase our use of geographical vocabulary. in RE we started to make some woven fish as we thought about ways we could become Fishers of Men. We will continue this next week....we did find some of the weaving trickier than it looked! In Art we are producing some amazing collage work. This week we used our faces and distorted them mimicking the style of Francis Bacon. In Science we are continuing to learn about rocks and this week discovered the three main types of rock. We are finalising our assembly and are excited to tell you all about our term so far!

Week commencing 13th January

This week we did lots of work in Maths on our times tables.We found some songs online to help us with these which were really good fun. Try and do them at home if you can. In English we are still looking at Roman Myths. We undertook a group reading of a myth called the Oak and the Linden Tree and we have started to write direct speech! We used role play to help us work out what was being said. We also did a task on the spelling rules for words ending in - ly. In RE we researched the Saints and wrote some wonderful pieces of work all about their lives. You may spot some in the hall. In Geography we did a 'snapshot' of Italy. I was so impressed with all the fantastic facts everyone found. We enjoyed looking at all the rock samples in science and using the hand lenses to inspect them.

Week commencing 6th January

What a busy first week ! It was lovely to see you all back in class.

In English this week we started Myths and Legends looking at Roman myths. We read and listened to them, sorted word classes, replaced verbs and created story maps. I think we will all enjoy this unit of work! In maths we have started multiplication. We looked at equal groups, the 3x table and the 4x table. Please help you child learn these and go over the tables they learned in year 2 - the 2x, 10x and 5x. We are going to do a  times table test each week to help prepare for Year 4.

In Geography we learnt  all about the continent of Europe. We even talked about Brexit! In French we started learning about our pets - I am loving all the pictures that are coming in. In Science we are learning about Rocks, Soil and Fossils this half term. PE was great fun with NUFC were we did challenge games. We hope for better weather so we can get outside. In Art we looked at The Dance by Henri Matisse,as our topic is collage. We used torn paper to produce work which was reflective of his.


Week Commencing 2nd December

What a lovely week in class. It was great to meet so many of you at Parents Evening. I am always happy to meet with you anytime to discuss your child's progress. 

This week we started off the week making Advent Wreaths for the school. All foliage came from my home and the children did an absolutely amazing job making them. Please have a look at them in the hall and reception area. We learnt about the symbolism of the candles and wrote our own Advent promises.

In Maths we have started column subtraction and I have loved everyone's enthusiasm ! We will be starting multiplication and division soon so please use Times Tables Rockstars and help your child learn their times tables. In French we undertook a listening exercise which also incorporated the days of the week. In Geography we pretended we were travel agents and wrote brochures all about the sites you may see when you travel to Egypt.We enjoyed PE with NUFC and practised our attack and defence skills!

Week beginning 25th November

We have had a busy week even though a lot of us have have winter colds!

In Maths we are carrying on with addition and subtraction and this week started column addition. We will be moving onto column subtraction very soon! In English we finished our Poems from around the world topic and we have started to look at non chronological reports. We started by looking at lots of reports and trying to identify the key features. We will be writing our own on lots of fun topics as the weeks progress. In Geography this week we were River explorers and took a mystical journey up the River Nile! In Science we are still investigating States of Matter and made water cycles. 


Week beginning 18th November 

We attended CPR training this week. Have a look at the photographs. We all learnt a lot and now know what to do in an emergency.

In Maths we are looking at addition and subtraction. We have been adding and subtracting using 3 digit numbers. In English we used a dictionary to look up unfamiliar words, added vivid verbs to a wonderful Harvest poem, played a fun game finding and using prefixes and found prepositions. In French we played a matching pairs game and started to learn a song in French about the weather. In Geography we are waiting for our huge whole class salt dough map to dry out but we started to investigate the geographical features of Egypt and make our own lap book. In RE we thought about the story of Noah and tried to describe what sort of qualities he must have possessed. In Art/DT we are building our shadufs! I cannot wait to see the finished models!

Week commencing 18th November

CPR Training


Yellow Class we’re lucky enough to take part in CPR training this week and now know what to do in an emergency.


Week commencing 11th November

I hope you all got the chance to see our Path of Remembrance that the whole school made on Remembrance Day. We wrote some lovely thoughtful prayers and observed the two minute silence. I was so proud of everyone's efforts.

In Maths this week we have continued looking at place value before we move onto addition and subtraction. In English we are continuing to look at Poems from around the world. In Science we had fun carrying out experiments about gases whilst in Geography we have started to make a whole class salt dough map of Egypt! Our tomatoes continue to mummify and we will be checking these in a few weeks! In PE we enjoyed our session with NUFC and we are learning the Haka in dance ! Well done Yellow class!

Week commencing 5th November

In English we have started to look at Poems from around the world. We looked at lots of poetry about festivals and celebrations and planned and wrote our own acrostic poems. We are trying to use WOW language to make our writing interesting to read.

In Maths we have looked at place value. It is vital we all understand this for our future work. 

In RE we started our new topic People of God and became Bible detectives locating and identifying Bible stories in the Old Testament. In Art we have started a Remembrance Day piece of artwork which we will finish on Remembrance Day. I can tell these are going to be amazing. In PE with NUFC we have started attack and defence games. It was inside this week due to torrential rain but please send in suitable outdoor wear too. In our last history lesson this term as we will be moving onto Geography next week we learnt all about the process of mummification. We mummified a classmate and some tomatoes! We will check how good our embalming skills were with the tomatoes over the coming weeks. Our classmate was fine!

In Science we classified different materials including salt, flour, honey, shaving foam and lots of other things into whether they were solids, liquids or gases. We discovered some items are tricky to classify!


Spellings for 5th November - I know these are for over half term but it would be super if you could try and learn them.

Week commencing 14th October 

We have carried on looking at Stories from Other Cultures this week. We watched, read  and listened to different versions of the Rama and Sita story and then wrote reviews expressing our preference.In small groups we planned a collaborative story based on Diwali and then each took a part of the story to finish and write up. The finished stories are amazing!  We used a thesaurus to find synonyms as we continue to try and use WOW words in our own work. In Maths we have looked at 2D and 3D shapes, describing and sorting them using their properties. We used Venn diagrams made out of hula hoops to help us! We finished the week on place value using number lines/ bead strings to identify and place 3 digit numbers correctly. We also used the < > symbols.In History we became history detectives and had to use clues to work out who in fact built the pyramids! We are starting to realise that some sources of history are more accurate than others! In French we role played using our conversation skills and in RE we thought about the ways we could be God's stewards on earth ! In Science we tested materials to see if they were opaque or transparent! 

Spellings for 14th October 2019

Week commencing 30th September

This week we finished off our stories based on I'll take you to Mrs Cole. There were some fantastic ideas and some scary characters! We have started looking at Stories from other Cultures and started off by working out the features of a folktale.We listened to the wonderful tale of The Tiger Child by Joanna Troughton and we all wrote a 100 word synopsis. In comprehension we looked at a newspaper report on the plight of the tigers and answered questions thinking about the evidence in the text. In Science we learnt all about our amazing sun as a light source and then wrote up our super facts. We used ICT to research a Pharaoh and produced some amazing work with our own facts. We are all trying so hard to present every piece of work beautifully!

In Maths we looked at time and the calendar. In PE with NUFC we had to stay indoors but still had great fun playing benchball. In Matchfit  we are learning about all the different food groups.

Week commencing 23rd September

This week we were very busy! In English and SPaG we have looked at 1st and 3rd person, time, place and cause conjunctions, described a setting, changed verbs to vivid verbs and planned and started to write an original story based upon one we have read. We will finish our stories next week before starting our new topic.

In Maths we have concentrated on multiplication and division facts but we also had fun making halving chains. Unfortunately the weather meant we couldn't do these outside but we managed indoors! We started to learn a written method  for doubling and halving as well.

In History we learnt all about how society was organised in Ancient Egypt.Everyone produced some fantastic work! In Music we were 'Letting our spirit fly,' learning the song and finding the pulse with lots of great actions. In Science we explored how light is reflected off different objects and carried out an experiment. If anyone has any old torches at home that they no longer want please can we have them for class?  

A lovely week... I am so proud of you all.

Week commencing 16th September

This week we have continued to look at Stories by the same Author in our English lessons. We wrote a book report, used WOW conjunctions, discovered clauses and used Vivid Verbs.  

In Maths we have been continuing with place value  by comparing numbers, solving problems,adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and looking for doubles / near doubles amongst other things! We are doing times tables each day so please hep your child learn them at home too. 

In History we constructed timelines relating to the Ancient Egyptians. Everyone is loving this topic! In MFL we had a introduction to France as a country and we discussed famous landmarks, its geography and its food! 

In PE with NUFC we played a small football tournament and everyone worked well in their teams. In RE we looked at the Creation poem by James Wheldon Johnson and we created artwork thinking about what sort of God we have who created this wonderful world for us.

I am so proud of you all!

Week commencing 9th September


We had a great first full week in class! Everyone has settled in and have been trying really hard in lessons.

This week in English we have looked at, 'Stories by the same author,' concentrating on books by Michael Foreman.We have enjoyed thinking about the messages in his books, thinking and using our own imagination to add to the story, writing lists, adding suffixes and preparing a book report. 

In Maths we have been revising number bonds, place value and learning how to use mental strategies to help us with addition and subtraction.

We enjoyed going to see the Tour of Britain cyclists on Monday! 

In RE we are thinking about Creation and thought about how wonderful of world is.We listened to the iconic Louis Armstrong song and then wrote about what we can do to help our wonderful planet. In History we went outside and made timeline of world history to see just where the Ancient Egyptians fitted in. The wind did not help us with this endeavour!  In Science we are learning about Light and shadow and we were light detectives!

A super week... I am so proud of everyone.smiley


Week commencing 1st July

We have continued reading The Hodgeheg by Dick king Smith and this week wrote character descriptions and direct speech. In Maths we did written division and multiplication and then investigated and drew pictograms, bar charts and tally charts. 

We all took part in a Key Stage Teacher v Children challenge. The task was to design and build the tallest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows.  I'm going to say the teachers won...until the wind came along!

Sports Day was fantastic...everyone tried their very best and were so supportive of each other .... I could not be more proud of you all !! Our comprehension task this week was based on the Wimbledon Championships and we talked about the qualities you need to have to become a champion.

In RE we are continuing to learn about Sikhism and hope to have a very special visitor next week.

Transition day took place! I cannot believe our year together is nearly over crying.

Week commencing 24th June

It was such a shame that the torrential rain and storms meant we had to postpone sports day BUT that didn't stop us having lots of fun! We enjoyed a circus skills workshop where we learnt juggling, balancing and even plate spinning! We had striking and catching with NUFC, this week using football skills  followed by our match fit session in which we are learning all about how to keep ourselves fit and healthy. In RE we are continuing to learn about Sikhism and learnt about the 10 Gurus and the Guru Granth Sahib. We are continuing to write our diaries about the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne. I am thrilled so many of you have visited the island.....we are so lucky to have this on our doorstep! It's super busty and hot in school so please remember your water bottle! Hopefully the sun will shine on us and we will have sports day next week yes .

Week commencing 17th June

This week in Maths we looked at all things relating to measures including measuring perimeter, reading scales ,time including Roman Numerals and word problems. We also completed some problems solving and reasoning questions. In English we started adventure stories and explored the settings in the opening three chapters of our book The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith. We then used this to write our own detailed setting descriptions on a variety of themes. We used our ICT session to do times tables rockstars and some abacus maths. We did lots of PE including sports day trials,striking and catching with NUFC, matchfit and then finished off the week with a full day rugby festival . Everyone tried really hard! Well done !


Week commencing 10th June

This week we have been starting our end of year Maths quizzes. We completed addition and subtraction and fractions.Everyone has tried very hard smiley. We have started looking at written division and carried on with written multiplication. It was great to see some children had been trying super hard on Times Tables Rockstars to learn their times table. It really helps with the written methods. In English we have finished off shape poems and it has been a fantastic unit of work.I have been blown away by some of the amazing poems everyone has written. You can see our wonderful calligrams on the wall outside our classroom. In PE we have started getting ready for sports day, learnt striking and catching with NUFC and played cricket.In RE we have started to learn about Sikhism and enjoyed learning about the story of Guru Nanak. In Science we carried out an experiment using eggs to see what happens to our teeth when we drink different liquids ....ask us about our findings! 

Please remember to have PE kit in school all weekwink.


Week commencing 3rd June

This week in maths we have looked at column addition and subtraction again , including using Burglar Bill! I am sure we could show this to you smiley. We did some time word problems based on football games, revised all the ways we now know how to do addition and subtraction questions and thought about how we can use our number facts to help us such as place value, near doubles etc.Everyone is trying really hard!

In English we looked at more shape poems. This week we planned and wrote portrait poems about our friends using the possessive apostrophe. We learnt about D Day and did activities such as codebreaking, using morse code and D Day comprehension  tasks. We all enjoyed learning more about this historical event. We had a talk by Community Police about keeping safe and got to see the police vehicle.

In French we continued to learn about the family and spent the lesson discussing,in french, our family structures. We enjoyed catching and striking in PE with NUFC foundation as well as starting 6 weeks of Match fit lessons in which we will be learning how to keep our bodies fit and well. In DT we made a Viking Brooch which we had designed whilst in RE we learnt about Fruits of the Spirit. It's no wonder we are tired by a Friday! Well done Yellow class ...I am so proud of you all !

Week commencing 13th May

This week in Maths we looked at subtraction using both the counting up method and column subtraction. We revisited doubling and halving and then moved onto written multiplication. I was so impressed to see that some of the children had made a real effort over the last few months to learn their times tables. Knowing them will make both written multiplication and division so much simpler for everyone so please keep up the good work! Don't forget you all have access to Times Tables Rockstars to help you with this.

In English we finished Stories set in Imaginary Worlds and everyone wrote an original story based on an animal family and a fantastic plan. The stories were fabulous! I am so proud of you all ! We started to look at shape poems and investigated calligrams. In Science we carried out a sorting activity working working in small groups to identify and classify animals. In Comprehension we worked in pairs to answer questions about the last Viking battle in Scotland ! I think we all learnt some new facts smiley.

As it was Christian Aid week we thought about what it means to be a Christian Charity. We will be carrying on with this next week by doing some independent research. 

We've had such a busy week! 


Week commencing 7th May

In Maths his week we practised mental maths including number bonds to 100, worked on calculating time intervals and revisited subtraction by counting up. In an ICT session we had fun doing Times Table Rockstars and activities on Abacus maths. In English we wrote and devised story maps for known and original stories. We did activities on homophones and suffixes and planned our own original story to write next week.

In RE we looked at readings from Corinthians and talked about why Jesus and God sent the Holy Spirit. We thought about our own special gifts and then thought of things we can do much better when we work with others. There were some beautiful ideas. In Humanities we learnt why the Vikings chose to travel the world and wrote about the benefits they would get by coming to the UK. We have started designing our Viking Brooch which we will be making.

Week commencing 29th April

This week in Maths we carried on learning how to tel the time. We timed events,calculated time intervals at the Monster Olympics and learnt Roman Numerals. Most of us are confident now with o clock, half past , quarter past and quarter to the hour. Some of us even calculate to the nearest minute! Please keep practising at home.

In English we compared the book and the film versions of Fantastic Mr Fox. We wrote detailed character descriptions,learnt how to punctuate speech correctly and enjoyed some group reading and comprehension questions on some of the chapters in Roald Dahl's book. Everyone is so enthused with his writing and I am loving that you are choosing to read his other books.

We started 'The Family' in French and drew and labelled our own families. In Topic we drew a timeline for the Vikings and discussed some key events. 

We had a dance taster session which was fabulous and we danced to the Greatest Showman using props! We had a visit from the community police to talk about keeping  ourselves safe and a visit from the charity  Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. Goldie the labrador was very well behavedsmiley 



Week commencing 23rd April 2019

It was lovely to see everyone back in class and hear all about the Easter adventures.

This week we have done a lot of work on time. We are all hoping to be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes by the end of next week ! Everyone is trying so hard that I'm sure we will do this !

In English we have started looking at Fantastic Mr Fox, we read the book, watched the film and looked at the various characters, and their personalities, using evidence from the text ready for next weeks lessons. We all loved the book! We looked at a timeline of the life of Roald Dahl and we were all shocked to discover he might have worked as a spy ! He really is an inspirational author and we love his books.

In Science we tested a variety of materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. We introduced our new topic - The Vikings -and looked at Lindisfarne. In PE as well as our  NUFC session we had a Kidditch session- this was super fun and everyone enjoyed it.

Week commencing 25th March

We have carried on looking at column addition this week- everyone is trying so hard...I am so proud of you all!

In English we learnt The Bug Chant by heart and performed it for some lucky people, we added our own actions and really used our voices to make our performances dramatic! We used this as a basis to plan and write our own chants - they were amazing! We looked at the poem Lone Dog by Irene McCloud and used a dictionary and a thesaurus to help us.

We learnt all about the festival of Eid in RE and made a fanoo, a special lantern. In Topic we studied an atlas and drew and labelled our own map of Greece, we even added a simple key. We enjoyed the Blue Planet Live lesson on Tuesday and learnt about plastic pollution and food chains in our oceans. We did lots of PE including football, tri golf and for our superhero challenge we worked on improving our dribbling skills. 

Well done Yellow Class !  

Week commencing 18th March 

What a super week in class. On Monday we had a KS2 Greek day ! We had a fabulous workshop in which we got to handle and investigate some real Greek artefacts ! We used ICT to find out some facts about Greece and we enjoyed a Greek food tasting session. What a great day of learning !

In Maths we have looked at place value, measurement and then worked on written methods of addition.  We are trying really hard to learn how to tell the time so please continue this at home. In English we all spent a couple of lessons writing an original narrative -these have been great to read and I am so proud of all the effort everyone put into them. We are continuing to look at poems that create images and will be learning and writing our own next week. We have had a busy, sporting week ! We have enjoyed football, tri golf and on Thursday we loved the Clip n  Climb and bowling trip. Everyone was so well behaved and represented their school fantastically well. We were all so proud of everyone! In RE we learnt about the Hindu festival of Holi.

Week commencing 11th March 

This week we celebrated British Science Week in school ! We have taken part in a range of workshops and activities including learning about robotic vehicles, making our own water cycles, sowing seeds to help guard against flooding with Northumbrian Water, using VR headsets to explore our solar system, making windmills and discussing wind turbines, learning about star light and its journey to earth, making our own constellations and making neurons and thinking about how we can grow our brains! Its been a great week.

In English we have looked at poetry that creates images and in maths we have been working on subtraction with word problems and money. In one of our PE sessions we did Tri Golf as a small team of children will be attending a festival in a couple of weeks.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Science Week so fantastic!

Week commencing 4th March

It was another busy week in class! In Maths we looked at rounding numbers to nearest 10 and 100. We learnt a little rhyme to help us - can you can remember it ? We also investigated lego objects using lots of different maths skills including weighing and measuring. We turned ourselves into frogs surprise to help us with subtraction by counting up. In ICT we did some of our abacus homework and times table rockstars.

In English we have concentrated on extending sentences using descriptive phrases and WOW adjectives. Using these we wrote the introductory paragraph for a narrative talking about the setting only. Everyone tried really hard. In RE we learnt about the Jewish festival of Purim and we made Hamantaschen cookies. They were delicious! Thank you for a lovely week!smiley

Week commencing 25th February

This week in English we looked at the features of diaries. We learnt about some famous diarists including Anne Frank and Scott of the Antarctic. We enjoyed reading the Diary of a Killer Cat and used alliteration to think up titles for our own diaries.

In Maths we have been learning all about perimeter. We measured all sorts of things and even calculated the perimeter of the playground. We started to learn all about angles too! 

On Friday we went to Live Tales- it was a super morning and next week we will be continuing the story that we started to write collaboratively. 


Greek Masks

What a tragedy it is that we have finished our Greek masks when we have had so much fun making them! A few implosions of balloons and distorted faces have not stopped yellow class producing some wonderful masks! Very creative.... if a little scary!

Thank you and goodbye!

Just a little note to say thank you so much to Yellow Class who have made me feel so welcome during my time teaching them! I've had a fantastic few months and have been so proud of all they have achieved and the progress they have made over this time. They have made me laugh and smile everyday and I will miss them all very much!

Thank you also to all the staff and parents, you have made me feel incredibly welcome. It has been lovely to have been part of such a fantastic team.   

All my best wishes, Mrs Archer smiley


Below are some highlights of today!


Campfire fun!

We've had a great outdoor learning session today - cooking popcorn and eating s'mores. The children did great listening, thought about the rules of fire safety and enjoyed watching the flames. Afterwards, they wrote some brilliant poems about fire using similies and powerful verbs! Whoohoo! nofrown


Week commencing 4th February

We have had another busy week in Yellow class ! 

In French we carried on learning verbs relating to Je Peux- we now know 10 verbs and are able to add these into some basic conversations about ourselves.

In English we carried on with recounts completing work on verb tenses, adverbs and predicting endings to stories. We did a comprehension activity on Perseus and the quest for Medusa's head ! 

In Maths we have been doing lots of activities on fractions and finding fractions of amounts. We looked at angles and made a right angle detector ! We did a problem solving exercise involving 3 coins and there were lots of super ways of working being shown by everyone.

In Topic we looked at the beliefs of the Ancient Greeks and wrote fact files for the Gods. We carried on this theme working on our paper mache Greek masks.

It was E -safety day this week so we learnt how to keep ourselves safe online.   

Music & Art

The children enjoyed listening to different types of music and then drew what they felt as they listened! The different genres and types included: energetic, peaceful, happy, sad, spooky, marching, nature and rock. This made us think about tempo and pitch as well as what colours are linked to different emotions.


Week ending 25.1.19

This week we have been beginning to create our Greek tragedy masks using paper mache! Fun and messy! 

In Maths, we have been working on our addition and subtracting strategies and have started to use column addition! The children have really enjoyed this method!

In English, the children have selected one of their favourite Greek myths and begun to write it as an extended piece of writing! So far, there has been excellent use of exciting adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs and speech! 

In PE this week the children were challenged by NUFC to untangle themselves out of a giant group knot. This proved quite challenging but the children did really well and communicated brilliantly!

We say goodbye to Megan this week who is leaving to go live in sunny Australia. We wish you and your family all the best Megan. Yellow Class will miss you!



Paper Mache fun!

To create the beginnings ok their Greek masks, the children created the structure of the nose and eyebrows before beginning to build up layers of newspaper. Fingers crossed they set ok! nofrown


Multiples game

We played a great game in Maths where the children had to pick random numbers and work out if was a multiple of 3, 5 and/or 10! 


Week ending 18.1.19

Yellow class have been thoroughly engaged in learning more Greek myths this week! We read the story of Perseus and the Medusa and the children wrote a wonderful detailed piece on one of the main events of the story! They have been using adjectives, adverbs and making lots of effort to use powerful verbs. Their writing was so impressive, that it will be going up on display in the hall!

In Maths, the children have been becoming very confident in place value. We have been learning how to add and subject 10 and 100. As well as multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100! sad

In Art we began to design our Greek theatre masks that we will hopefully be making out of clay soon.

In PE we added more dance moves to our Bruno Mars collective dance and made different letters in teambuilding with NUFC.

In Science we investigated distance vs volume by working in groups to discover how far we can hear an object dropping to the ground. We also discovered that this changes if there is surrounding noise.

Making letters and numbers with NUFC

As part of our teambuilding sessions, NUFC challenged each group to make different letters!


Week ending 11.1.19

Happy New Year to you all! Yellow class have had a great first week back and have thoroughly enjoyed starting our new topic of Ancient Greece.

In English, the children are particularly loving the Greek myths at the moment. We have read about Pandora's Box, Daedalus and Icarus and Arachne's contest against Athena! In small groups the children did some shared writing about the events of Daedalus and Icarus and came up with some fantastic paragraphs with lots of powerful verbs and adverbs!

We are looking forward to discovering some more myth's next week!

In Maths, this week we have learning about dividing using remainders. We have used our times tables to help us. In PE, the children did some great team work using mats to get across the hall as part of our new problem solving sessions.

In Science, we investigated how sound travels through different materials and had fun with a classic experiment - see pictures below. 

We have also created some brilliant Greek vases to go on display so that the classroom feels a bit more Greek!  


Times tables rockstars Christmas competition

Well done for being in the top three of our times tables rockstars!! 

Keep practising! It could be you next month!

The score to beat is currently 8630 lifetime coins - Well done Millie!


Logins are in your child's reading journal - please ask if you can't find it!



9.1.19 Problem solving in PE

The children had to work out how to get from one end of the hall to the other using just the mats. Fantastic team work Yellow class!!


10.1.19  Creating Greek vases

We looked at the patterns on Ancient Greek vases and then made our own versions to go on display!

Don't they look fantastic!?






19.1.19  How sound travels...... The yogurt pot experiment

We investigated how sound travels through different materials using a device that made a noise. We placed a watch with an alarm inside flour, plastic, fabric and cotton wool and recorded our results.


Then, we used yogurt pots and string and discovered that when the string was loose it was hard to hear each other but when the string was tight the sound was really clear! 



Rocket Fund

Through the organisation Rocket Fund, we are trying to raise money to buy exciting and innovative IT equipment for our school. As ICT coordinator, I want to provide children with technology that is fun, interactive and different to iPads and computers, which most children have access to either through school or home. Any support or publicity is greatly appreciated, this can be done via word of mouth or any social media outlets.

Please have a look at our Rocket Fund page below.

Week ending 21.12.18

We have all enjoyed a very festive week this week! The children were fantastic during their performance on Wednesday and we were extremely proud of them! smileyno

In English, we read the story of Mog's Christmas and then watched the Sainsbury's advert version.  The children wrote their own versions using brilliant adjectives and adverbs.  

In Maths, we have really been focusing on timestables this week and it has been wonderful to see so many of the children earning extra coins on Timestables Rockstars (Logins are in reading book journals). I can't wait to see how many more they will have earned when we get back in January.

The children have been finishing off their cards and calendars as well as making some Christmas crafts! We hope you like the baubles!


A very big thank you for all the very thoughtful cards and gifts from all of us!  

Mrs Archer, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Pallett.

I have been keeping Mrs Thompson updated on the children's progress and she has loved hearing about how well they are all doing! We are all very proud of everything that the children have achieved this term.


We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing the children again in January. Our topic next term is Ancient Greece! frown







Week ending  14.12.18


Feeling festive this week! Yellow class enjoyed singing at Sanderson Arcade and brought joy to all the shoppers in Morpeth!

The children had a wonderful time on Wednesday at the Multiskills event at Morpeth Leisure Centre. Their behaviour was fantastic and we were very proud of their wonderful effort on the day!

In Maths we have been becoming more secure with our times tables. Timetables Rockstars is becoming really popular as the children try to get more coins for their avatars!

In English, we have continued reading 'Dear Father Christmas' by Alan Durant and looking at features of letters. The children have written some brilliant letters this week asking lots of questions and being honest about something they perhaps shouldn't have done. They have used persuasive language to say how they have improved!

Next week will be our Christmas performance on Wednesday afternoon! We hope you can make it! Please keep practising lines with your child to make them as confident as they can be! Thanks so much! 


14.12.18   Christmas Jumper Day!


Yellow Class giving us their cheesiest grins on Christmas Jumper Day 2018! frown


12.12.18    Creative PE Festival


Smiles all morning at the festival.  Year 3 got to enhance their balancing skills, Judo ability, learn a dance and discover new equipment in gymnastics. Thank you to our adult volunteers for coming along! 





Week ending 7.12.18


Another fun and very busy week for Yellow Class!  The children had a brilliant start to the week with our trip to the Winter Gardens in Sunderland. They really enjoyed being able to experience what it might be like to be in the rainforest. We have been practising for our Christmas play and the children are doing brilliantly with their singing.... Beautiful voices! We are hoping that next week we can start practising without scripts! Exciting!

In Design Technology we have been decorating our frogs - they look great (see pictures)!!  Now all that is left to do is evaluate them!

In Maths, we have been looking at placing 3 digit numbers on a numberline and we have explored subtracting a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number. We did this by thinking about counting up to the nearest ten and finding the difference.

In English, we are really enjoying reading stories based around letters. If your child would like to bring in a Christmas Story for us to read then this would be wonderful!

We are at Morpeth Leisure Centre on Wednesday (12th) morning to attend The Creative PE Festival. Please can children come in their PE kits but bring their uniforms to get changed into later. Another exciting event!




6.12.18  Decorating our felt frogs


Last week we did lots of sewing, this week we have been decorating our frogs and they are looking MAGNIFICENT!! The children have stuck to their original designs and colours. We will be evaluating them next week. What wonderful Christmas presents they would make! smiley


3.12.18  Winter Gardens Trip


What a fun trip we had to the Winter Gardens in Sunderland! We learned all about the different layers of the rainforest and we got to explore the different plants.  A big thank you to our adult helpers!! We really appreciated you coming!


Week ending 30.11.18

It's been a very practical week in Yellow class! We've been using measuring jugs and learning all about capacity. We made chocolate flake cakes and wrote this up the following day as an explanation text. For our Design Technology project we had some wonderful helpers in to assist us with sewing up our felt frogs. They look brilliant already and the children are really looking forward to decorating them next week!

Next week we are excited for our trip on Monday to the Winter Gardens to further our understanding of the rainforest! 


We were joined by wonderful helpers on Wednesday afternoon to supervise us with our stitching of our felt frogs! Thank you so much to all the adults that joined us the children and I really appreciated you coming in! smiley


Making chocolate flake cakes

As part of our instructions and explanations unit in English we have been making chocolate flake cakes this week! The children really enjoyed this and we learned all about what not to do as well as what to do.... which was brilliant for our writing!



This week in maths we have been learning all about capacity! We have talked about measuring in litres and mlililitres and compared different sizes of containers.


Week ending 23.11.18


A busy week in Yellow Class! 

In Maths, we have been enjoying lots of practical work using rulers to measure in mm, cm and m and conducting our own investigations.

In English, we have been learning about imperative verbs for instruction writing. The children wrote some brilliant instructions on making the BEST EVER jam sandwich!

In Topic, the children learned all about and then discussed the effects of deforestation on the rainforests. They wrote some wonderful letters all about the impact this has on wildlife as well as the wider implications. They came up with some good solutions too!

In PE the children have had a great week learning Football skills, Gymnastics and Judo

In Design Technology we have been finishing our plans for making our own felt rainforest frogs. It would be wonderful to have helpers on Wednesday 28th November at 1.30pm to help with some sewing! Please let me know if you are able to help. smiley

Thank you, Mrs Archer




22.11.18      Judo lessons 

Lots of fun learning all about Judo on Thursday!  smiley


20.11.18        Investigating sound and vibrations

This week we started our new Science topic. We are learning all about sound and how it is created!


The children explored what happens when vibrations are created. We used different instruments as well as everyday objects to make observations.  There were some really intelligent and observant comments about the ripple effect of sound waves and how the triangle stopped making a sound when it was placed in the water.


Lots of fun!


22.11.18       Measuring

This week we have been really focusing on investigating length using mm, cm and m.

We have been improving our measuring skills by measuring to the nearest mm as well as cm.


The children also conducted their own investigations.

Is your arm span the same as your height?

Is the length from your wrist to your elbow the same as the length of your foot?

They found that both were false but the length from your wrist to elbow was very close to the length of your foot. Super investigating Yellow Class!


Ask your child to show you what they have learnt with a ruler or tape measure. smiley


Week ending 16.11.18

This week Yellow Class have continued learning about poetry and exploring poems about different festivals from around the world.

The children have been brilliant at using fronted adverbials such as: At home, Suddenly, Gently, Before I go to school...... On Friday they created some fantastic poems about their favourite festivals using the skills they have learnt over the last two weeks. I was so impressed!

In Maths, the children have had great fun looking at money and exploring how to add and subtract amounts of money. They have especially loved using the coins. Ask them to show you what they have learnt with two sets of coins! smiley

We have been talking about friendship a lot this week and the children have been giving each other compliments to make each other and themselves feel good. They have created a lovely display to show this.


Well done for all your hard work this week Yellow Class!

World War One and Remembrance Day Activities

On Friday 9th November,  Yellow Class enjoyed learning more about World War One and Remembrance Day. They wrote really thoughtful prayers and poems and each painted a pebble with a poppy to remember a loved one or someone who lost their life in the First World War.


What a thoughtful class! smiley




Yellow Class are really enjoying their gymnastics sessions so far!  They have been learning about different balances and movements as well as how to hold a pose. 


Fantastic effort!


I am sorry I am unwell at present.  I was enjoying getting to know you all  and I will be back at school as soon as I am able to.  I know you will continue to work hard for your teacher Mrs. Archer who is looking after you at present and I  am getting regular updates and these make me smilesmiley   I have put your spellings for the whole of the half term on the website and please remember to read and practise your times tables. 

Week commencing 24th September

In Maths this week we looked at greater than/ less than, addition and subtraction of multiples of 10, written addition using partitioning and  5x and 10x table facts. Please try and help your child learn their times tables- it really will make a huge difference.

In English we looked at writing in the 1st or 3rd person, wrote descriptive phrases with the Newcastle uNited Foundation and planned and wrote our own original story. Everyone did so well ! I am so proud of their effort.

In Science we went to the pond area and pond dipped. We found lots of invertebrates and then tried to identify them back in the classroom. We are looking forward to documenting the changes in this habitat over the school year. In RE we learnt about Adam, Eve and the serpent and role played our own versions. We will be using our knowledge next week to write some persuasive language. In French we did listening and speaking exercises based on Ca Va.

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