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Yellow - KS2

Welcome to KS2 - Yellow Class!


Your Class Teacher is:  Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Thompson will shortly be filling this page with lots of information and pictures.

Please let Mrs.Thompson know if  you have any ideas for your class webpage.


Welcome to Yellow Class !

I am really looking forward to our year togther and I know we will have amazing time.

Please check this page regularly as I will add pictures and information about all our learning, as well as spellings and useful tips!

You can also find us and follow our exciting adventures and achievements on Twitter @MorpethAllSaint

Love Mrs Thompson 

I am happy to meet with you to discuss your child's progress in Year 3 at any time either  before or after school. Please find me on the yard or telephone the school office.

Our PE days are this term are Wednesday and Friday so come in your school PE kit on these days. Named water bottles should be filled at home and brought in daily. As we may be outside joggers and a sweatshirt may be required.


Here are some additional spelling resources to consolidate learning from KS1 and KS2

Here are spellings for 1st November ! Have a super half term!

Spellings for test 18th October

Week commencing 11th October

This week we were very excited in English to start our new topic of diaries and recounts. We are using the wonderful book Shackleton's journey by William Grill  and started off the week responding to a mysterious advert! We used the suffix - ous words, wrote and responded to open questions in role as we were interviewed for the expedition and used ICT to research the actual 26 crew men. What wonderful learning! I have a very special activity linked to this coming this week smiley In Maths we started using concrete and pictorial representations to help us model formal column addition. I am so proud of how everyone is trying to master this new skill. In Music we wacthed the video from Oliver looking at the song Consider Yourself. We compared this to let your spirit fly and carried out some fun games finding the pulse. In History we looked at Skara Brae, looked at the houses and investigated the midden! We compared life at Skara Brae to Star Carr using Venn Diagrams! In French we undertook a translation exercise from french to english  and vice versa. Everyone showed lots of wonderful ideas and learning!


Week commencing 4th October 2021 

We have had anothe busy week in school. We enjoyed Yoga on Tuesday and are doing so well with our poses and relaxation techniques. In History this week we explored the mystery of Stonehenge, voting to see why we thought it had been built. We all thought it was magnificent ! In maths we started addition and subtraction and are looking forward to learning formal writtem methods over the coming weeks. In English we completed our mystery stories unit by working in groups to collate original ideas, developing plots and story maps before writing and editting our own original stories .They were super ! Well done.

In RE we looked at the importance of sayin gsorry and made a class sorry string . We thought about why sorry can be the hardest word to say. In Music we listened to the Colonel Bogey March and accompanied on our glockenspiels and in ICT we looked at how to send and recieve emails ! PE with NUFC was throwing and catching. Great job this week everyone ! 

Spellings for test 11th October

Week commencing 27th September

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the curriculum evening. It was lovely to meet you all. 

We have  had a super week in class. In English we enjoyed finding vivid verbs and loved the song that can help us to remember what they are. We used modal verbs in our writing and thought about how a character in a piece of text would feel and act. We went outside to use role play to help us step into the character's shoes ! We then  used all our learning so far to improve a piece of text about the Stone Age. In maths we are finishing looking at place value.We had a carousel of activities day where we created huge part- whole models by  partitioning 3 digit numbers, we explored the different ways to represent numbers using place value robots, played place value snakes and ladders and drew mazes for friends to solve by counting in 50s. What super learning! In French we looked at Ca Va and its replies while in ICT we explored why it is important to make strong passwords to keep our information safe. In history we explored Star Carr and looked at artefacts to see what they could tell us about daily life in Mesolithic Britain ! In RE we looked at the story of Moses and the 10 commandments and took a class vote on which commandment we thought was the most important. Amongst other things we thought about why we may need a Makers Manual to help us in our lives today.

Spellings for test 4th October

WEEK 5: Tag Rugby: Learning to dodge our opponent

WEEK 5: SCIENCE: Exploring SHADOWS : Making animal shadows puppets with our hands

Week 4: ART: Making our own 'rural' or 'water' landscape and reflecting on our own and others work

WEEK 4: PE Tag Rugby: Playing Bull Dog and Head, Shoulder, Cone for our warm up

WEEK 3: ART - using our work to develop drawings

Week 3: SCIENCE: Our learning intention today was to investigate reflections. We tried mirror writing, blindfold mazes and multiplying mirrors.

Week 2: ART: Today we drew natural objects looking through a view finder.

Week 2 PE: Tag Rugby training started today. We learnt how to put on tags and played a few games. We are working on our listening skills and resilience!

WEEK 2 (WB: 13th September 2021) SCIENCE: Exploring the dark and colours that reflect the light well.

FANTASTIC colour wheels made as our homework task in week one. Well done to everyone who 'had a go' at making one. We found out that light is made up of seven colours.

Autumn Term 2021

Week 1 (WB: 6th September 2021)

ART: This term we are improving our drawing skills. Today we took our different mediums on a walk with Jeffrey the maggot. We talked about the meaning of the symbols on our drawing pencils and what it meant when we used them in our drawing.

Our science topic this term is LIGHT. Today we started off working in groups. We undertook an investigation to see what we could see in a cardboard box, with no light, with holes, with a light source ...

Summer term Homework - Vikings and Anglo Saxons


It is vital we all try and learn our times tables this year. Please do these at home as much as you can.

Reading should be done every night please. It really is the key to all learning smiley

Topic based homework is set each term- please bring any completed work to school on a Monday.

Everyone has access to Times Tables Rockstars and our French interactive resources via Language Angels.smiley 

I am happy to provide additional resources on handwriting / spellings. You can contact me on the yard, via Mrs Taylor, or by email. Thank you.

Spellings for 12th July

Week commencing 14th June

This week saw us continuing learning to tell the time. We looked at the 24hr clock, measured time in seconds, found and compared durations and found start and end times. In English we spent a week looking at villians including making word walls and letting our imaginations go wild to help us finish off the week writing a new villianous character description to add to Fantastic Mr Fox! In RE we looked at the main beliefs of Sikhism and in Geography we used 4 and 6 figure grid references to find places in our local area. I am so impressed with everyones learning! We enjoyed athletics in PE and even ran the 100m ! We may have future olympic champions in our midst! It is hot so remember your sunscreen! We enjoyed french using il and elle s'appelle and even showed off our amazing translating skills and in music enjoyed listening to the Queen of Sheba and finding the pulse.Our 3d sculptures are coming along in art!  I am so proud of you all !

Week commencing 7th June 

It has been so lovely to see you all  this week . I have loved hearing all about your half term adventures!

This week we have focused on telling the time in maths starting with revising days in each month before moving onto hours, 5 minutes and minutes. Please support you child at home by asking them the time as often as you can smiley. In English we are looking at classic stories from imaginary worlds based upon Fantastic Mr Fox. The childen loved seeing my battered , yellow copy from my childhood which cost all of 65p! We have explored the first three chapters looking at seetings and characters. Next week we will be doing a lot of work buiding up word walls and devising our own villainous charcters to join the story ! In RE we have started to look at Sikhism and learnt all about the life and teachings of Guru Nanak. We enjoyed geography where we are starting a local area study . This week saw us drawing some amazing sketch maps ! In French we are learning all about the family and this weekwe learnt some new vocabulary. Music saw us revisiting some of our songs from this year and critiquing a piece of medieval music! We all agreed it was very different! In ICT  we are starting to plan a presentation thinking back on our whole year in Year 3. I am so proud of you all !

Week commencing 17th May 

KS2 enjoyed a royal visit this week from a 'virtual' King Alfred The Great to consolidate our learning on the Anglo Saxons. It was really good fun and we all learnt lots more about him. He could only stay with us for a short while as he was watching the cakes wink

In maths we have continued with fractions including finding equivalent fractions. This has proved tricky but we all kept trying. In English we devised our own calligram  and then used ICT to create them. They were anmazing ! We also read and recited poems and learnt how to use the possessive apostrophe. In ICT we used Scratch and this week learnt how to use the repetition command to draw all sorts of shapes. In French we learnt how to say and write some plant adaptations. I think our favourite involved the Venus Fly Trap! In PSHE we made some wondeful appreciation streamers and carried on with printing in Art. Our cricket skills continue to improve with our PE sesions.

Spellings for 24th May

Week commencing 10th May 

We have had another busy week. I am so proud of you all! Here are a just a few snippets of what we have been up to!

In English this week we wrote our own mystery stories which were amazing before moving onto shape poems. We started by investiogating calligrams, discussing, reading and writing our own. We thought about why some peple may think they are not poems but works of art. We all articulated our preference.In Maths we carried on with fractions inlcuding looking at tenths,decimals and fractions of an amount . We used ICT to plot fractions on a number line. In History we found a starnge mound had appreared in our school and examined the artefacts found in it while we learnt all about the mystery of Sutton Hoo. We used the artefacts to try and determine just who was buried in the grave ! In french we learnt how to write and say the adaptations some animals have to live in their habitats whilst in RE we thought about the parable of the Mustard Seed and what it tells us about the Kingdom of God. 

Spellings for 17th May

Spellings for 10th May

Week commencing 3rd May 

This week in class we continued with fractions in maths including revivisting some Year 2 learning. We investigated unit and non unit fractions, looked at equivalence of halves and quarters , counted in fractions and investigated making the whole. Please continue to work on maths activities at home as this will really benefit your child. In English we used alliteration, collated ideas for our own mystery story and wrote our story map/ plot to help us next week. We also wrote our own biography linking to the learning we had done in  French around Jacques Cousteau. In history we explored Viking beliefs including the nine worlds and their gods whilst in RE we explored the role of the Church. In Music we are continuing to look at the body of work by the Beatles. We enjoyed PE with the SSP and tennis with NUFC ! 

Week commencing 26th April 

This week in English we have described settings trying to always incorporate WOW vocabulary, learnt about reguar and irregular past tense verbs and we finished the week holding a class debate! Everyone tried so hard and I was super impressed with the arguments and counter arugements they presented. In Maths we are continuing with fractions and this week looked at equal parts, finding half and thirds and enjoyed fraction stations in class ! We took part in an activity linked to money to mark the birthday of Captain Tom on Friday . In French we learnt all about the life of Jacque Cousteau. We loved the song Calypso  named after his boat! In RE we used role play to think about how Christians would act according to the Holy Spirit and compared these to how people would act if they were ' looking after number one.'  In ICT we are continuing to look at Scratch and this week learnt the pen up and pen down commands. We enjoyed our throwing and catching session with NUFC and PE with the SSP on Friday too !

Spellings for 3rd May

Spellings for 26th April

Week commencing 19th April

This week in Maths we have been focussing on measurement learning all about adding and subtracting lengths and perimeter. In English we continue to usethe book Stone Age Boy and this week saw us devising story maps and writing and editing character descriptions. We are all trying really hard to make our writing detailed and enjoyable to readsmiley

In French we learnt how to identify and pronounce some key habitats in the world . There were some really tricky words but we had great fun! In RE we are continuing our work on Kingdom of God and this week saw us thinking about the church as a body and linking that thought to our own actions and behaviours. In history we learn tall about the Vikings attack on Lindisfarne. It was so lovely to see all the children so interested. I am sure wehave budding historians in our class. PE with NUFC saw us throwing and catching and Walter thecat did not join us this week as he usually doeswink We enjoyed listening to and learning about the Yellow Submarine by the Beatles in Music. We played lots of active games find the pulse !

Week commencing 12th April 

It was lovely to see you all and hear about your holidays!

This week we have started mystery stories in English using the wonderful book, Stone Age Boy. We made predictions, used adverbs and fronted adverbials and wrote our own sequel to the story. In Maths we are looking at measurement and managed to get outside for a lesson to compare lengths! We are doing spellings  and handwriting every day now and are trying really hard! In RE we started Kingdom of God by looking at the story of Pentecost. In history we learnt all about the Anglo Saxons- where they came from and why. Ask your children about it ...I think you will be amazed at their knowledgesmileyIn French we have started looking at habitats and this week learnt how to say, and write, what animals and plants need to survive. In Music we listened to and appraised Blackbird by the Beatles. We made wondeful links to prior learning about the Civil Rights Movement. In ICT we are looking at Scratch Jr and in Science we have started sound . Busy and fantastic week in class! Well done everyone. 

Spellings for 19th April

Spellings for test 12th April

Some additional statutory spellings...How many do you know?

Week commencing 15th March

Everyone tried so hard this week! We had such a lot going on including some quizzes, cricket taster session, PE with NUFC  and a week of DT. We learnt all about mazes and labyrinths...ask us what the difference is ! We designed our own and used our maths skills to work out the lengths of the straws we needed to make the walls before building our own maze games!

Spellings for 22nd March

Week commencing 8th March 

It was so lovely to see you all and for us to all be back in class together.  We spent some lessons  using the book, Here we are by Oliver Jeffers, reflecting and thinking about how it feels to be all in class again. I know everyone has loved being with their friends again even though we all said it felt a bit strange at first. You have all been amazing ! I am so proud of you all. 



Spellings for test 15th March


I cannot tell you how excited we are to welcome everyone back into class. We have all missed you !

This week remember PE kits on Wednesday and Friday and if you have any reading books at home please remember to bring them back as well. No big bags are needed, just a water bottle. Mr Reeson has sent all your adults a welcome back letter containing all the information you need to know. So, I will see you all on  Monday smiley



Summer 2: Week 5: D&T We have grown our own vegetables and garnishes for our 'healthy' sandwiches.

Yellow class ART: Making 'inlay' clay bowls

SUMMER TERM 2: WEEK 3: ART Adding our designs to our paper mache pots.

National Sports Week: Skipping: Independently, with a partner and with a large rope.

THANK YOU for our delicious ice-creams.

Summer 2: ART: Applying our designs to our paper mache pots.

Radio 2 Big Bee Garden Challenge - Design a Bee Garden Competition

Summer Term 2: Week 2: Art new topic: 3D Sculpture. We are making our own paper mache bowls. We have designed, built and next week will paint them.

Summer Term 2 Week 1: SCIENCE. This term we are looking at SUPER SCIENTISTS. We started this topic by looking at the impact man has on the world. We took part in a school grounds survey, looking at the positive and negative ways man has affected where we learn.

SUMMER 1 Week 7 PE Problem Solving Afternoon with Sports leaders

ART: SUNFLOWER COLLAGE CREATION. Today we were set the challenge of making our own collage of a sunflower head. We used Van Gogh's Sunflowers painting and real sunflower heads as our inspiration.

PSHE: Summer 1 Week 6: Appreciation streamers. We talked about how we could show our appreciation to our family.

PE: TENNIS with our Sports Leader. Today we got to rally!

SCIENCE: Investigating PITCH. We made our own junk, musical instruments and attempted to change both their volume and pitch.