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Purple - KS1

Welcome to KS1 - Purple Class!

Also Year 1 and Year 2 Home Learning

smiley Hi.

We would just like to say thank you for our thoughtful and generous gifts and cards. We are very grateful and hope you all have a lovely summer.

Mrs Munro and Mrs Roberts x


Also thank you for the best wishes for me leaving the school. I will miss Morpeth All Saints greatly!

Mrs Munro x

Purple Class 2019 - 2020


Please find below information about your class


Hello from Mrs Munro and Mrs Roberts.

Please take a look at all the interesting subjects we learn about in Purple class.

ENGLISH: LETTER WRITING: Writing and editing letters in response to the librarian.

ENGLISH: POETRY: Really looking: BIRDS We have been writing and editing our bird poems.

D&T: Creation of a sleeping bag for a Power Ranger. Super sewing skills!

English Home Learning: Describing what a superhero can do.

Learning about Christian & Jewish Symbols (Home Learning)

Outside Learning - Portraits using natural materials

A poem inspired by Spike Milligan. Our new English topic is humorous poetry.

Thank you for sharing your Maths Home Learning

History: Work inspired by our topic this term on Seasides - Now and then

Lovely book review on the book 'Traction Man'

SUPER story writing about having a VERY BAD DAY!

We have been making our own owl posters using all the facts we gathered during our Non-fiction work this week:

Outside Learning - Making bug hotels, planting vegetables and fruit trees. FANTASTIC recycling of cardboard tubes for pots to grow seeds. Well done.

Maths - some fabulous maths including some great measuring. Neat diagrams too. Well done.

Celebrating the Queen's birthday - A lovely cake design which I am sure the Queen would like!

In English the topic is Information Texts about Owls - Here are some great questions with clear punctuation. Well done.

English: Poems about SHADOWS

Art - Collage in the style of 'Kurt Schwitters'. Well done for this super work. (Love the mask too!)

'My Bed' poems - Well done for these fabulous, descriptive poems!

Geography At Home - Look at this fabulous display contrasting a farm and a town. Well done!

Science Week - Fantastic turnout to Purple class to do experiments with the children - Thank you all so much for your support.

Science Week - Mrs Dewhirst visited to talk about Wind Turbines and the children got to make one of their own.

Science Week - Mr Naylor came to talk about engineering and machines which are used at the bottom of the sea bed.

P.E. Week 3 - Kicking with the side of your foot, the aim was accurate kicking, so the small ball knocked the big one off the cone!

Music - Week 3 - Purple class played the glockenspiel to the beat of UB40s 'Kingston Town'.

The start our Grow Your Own Potatoes competition. KS1 are competing to see which class can produce the most potatoes. Who will it Be?

RE : SALVATION - Today we told the Easter story using a PASS THE PARCEL. Each layer revealed a different part of the story. The reward in the middle was shared by us all! Mini-eggs and a box of decorations to decorate our Easter tree.

CELEBRATING WORLD BOOK DAY - We have been so imaginative - from Wilbur the cat in Winnie the Witch to Mr Bump in the Mr Man stories. FABULOUS and THANK YOU for dressing up.

PE: The sports leader this term is teaching us 'Multi Skills'. Today we looked at agility and movement.

ICT: This week we started a new topic on 'Preparing to use Turtle'. we learnt about how to move the turtle forwards and turn. If you can why not log in to Turtle Academy at home.

This week in one of our assemblies we had the NSPCC to visit. Children loved 'Buddy' the speech bubble and they learnt who to talk to if they had any worries. A letter was also sent home for your information.

Spring 2 Week 1: This week in MATHS we have been learning how to draw 2D shapes using 'dotty paper'. We drew squares, triangles, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons and rhombus. The children were challenged to show their parents how to do this a home.

ART: We really enjoyed our last art session this term on painting. We used an idea brought in by a member of the class. We flicked primary colour powder paint onto a wet piece of card and watched the colours change. We had LOTS OF FUN!

We have really enjoyed the topic 'I wanna be in a band'. We listened and appraised the music of Queen, Status Quo, Deep Purple, The Beatles, Chuck Berry... The children have loved the music and we have had lots of parents telling us that they have shared this with them at home.

A visit from Northumberland Zoo to reinforce our work on livings things and their habitats. We had two invertebrates and two reptiles to discuss and hold (if we wanted)!

HISTORY: Work in class today was baout the scientist Isaac Newton. We tried one of his experiments and tried to make white light from spinning our home made colour wheels really fast.

Jim Grant the story teller was GREAT! He told us a very funny story about a royal family and a story about how the world was created - it linked well to our Eco School work. Thank You

Week 5 - P.E. fun. Purple class enjoyed parachute games!

PSHE - Children were set a challenge and they all achieved whatever they chose. Well done Purple class!

Beautiful cards with lovely words!
The Owl and the Pussycat recital.
French numbers & nos. in Mandarin (sorry no photo)
The Macarena.

Week 4 - Art work on Kandinsky. We mixed our own colours to make concentric circles.

Science this week involved making our diaromas. There are many different habitats that have been created: oceans, woodlands, deserts, the arctic, forests...

Week 4 - P.E. involved team work and map reading skills. Fantastic fun!

Purple Class Liturgy - Thank you to all the parents who attended our class liturgy today. We were very proud of the children's confidence in speaking out loud.

Mixing the primary colours in our Art lesson today. We also learnt about how to paint complete circles.

P.E. Newcastle Academy this week involved lots of running, turning and some rock, paper scissors! Also team work was required for 'Who was going to build their Hula hoop house first?'

Science w.c. 13th January, children went outside to see what micro habitats they could find and what lives there. Under logs leaves and on rocks, they found snails, woodlice, worms, slugs and moss. They recorded what the habitat was like (e.g. damp, dark..).

This term in ART we are looking at the skills involved in PAINTING. We looked at different sorts of paints today and how we can use both thick and thin paints to create different tones.

Spring 1 Science is about Living Things and their Habitats. First lesson was deciding whether something was dead, living or never been alive. Children went outside to record everything they could see. In the classroom, they used this information to classify it into the three headings.

Spring 1 - R.E. This half term is about 'Gospel'. This week Purple class learnt about Jesus being friends to the friendless. Here, children are acting out the story of Jesus choosing Matthew the tax collector as one of his disciples.

SPRING 1 2020


This term in history we will be learning about FAMOUS PEOPLE.  We started off by looking at Beatrix Potter.  The children drew their own illustrations in the style used by Beatrix Potter.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from all the staff in Purple Class. Thank you for all your kind words and gifts. May we wish you all - A VERY PEACEFUL AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS

Week 4: SCIENCE:We have been exploring the term 'absorbtion'. What does it mean? Which materials absorb water the best? We have completed lots of different investigations.Take a look at our photographs.

Week 4 - Our Newcastle Academy Sports Leader showed the children the importance of quick direction turning so not to get 'caught' in a game. He also got children to practise both overarm and underarm throws. They had to do a catching challenge with clapping, remembering also to catch and bring the beanbag into their body to make sure it wasn't dropped.

Week 2 (Autumn 2) This week we started our gymnastics lessons with the Sports Leader. We had to explore using different large body parts (shoulders, tummy, back, bottom ...) and use our hands and feet in different directions.

Week 2 (Autumn 2) - Year 2 Multi-skills Festival. Children enjoyed going to Chantry and completing 10 different fun activities. More photos to follow....

Week 2 (Autumn 2) Anti-bullying week - Children showed off their odd socks to support Anti-bullying. We watched a short video and talked about it. Purple class agreed that we should treat everyone the same. They also said to treat people how we would like to be treated ourselves.

Week 2 (Autumn 2) - Remembrance Day - We had a special worship outside planting the poppies and reading prayers the children had written. We also made our own poppies out of paper. These were tricky but we did it!

Week 8 - Introducing 'hatching' to add tone to a picture. We looked at individual objects and then drew them as a group.

Week 7 - Adding texture to our drawings. We used the characters from Hairy Maclary to show how lines can make the different textures on the dogs coats.

Week 5 - Celebrating National Poetry Day 2019. We wrote our own Autumn poems linked to our work on the four seasons in Geography.

Week 5 - Making a controlled drawing from a different angle. We looked very closely at the detail in the natural objects and drew what we saw.

Week 5 English - In groups, children wrote sentences about why "Not Now Bernard!" was their favourite book or "Oscar Got the Blame". Each "camp" had to convince me which was best!

Here are some of the sentences the children wrote about "Not Now Bernard!" and "Oscar Got the Blame".

Purple class are loving Newcastle United Football Club coming in every week to do P.E. Here they are doing some warm up games, some races and practicing some catching and throwing skills!

Week 4 Music: We have been listening to and learning songs from South Africa. Today we used the glockenspiels to accompany our new song 'Hand, Feet, Head'.

Week 4 ENGLISH (Stories in Familiar Settings) We have been reading Not now Bernard by David McKee: Today the children were set the following task: Predict what will happen when the monster wakes up in the morning and Bernard’s mum/dad come in to see him.

Outside Learning - linked to Science. A walk looking for signs of AUTUMN.

In ART this term we are exploring 'DRAWING'. The children listened to Mrs Roberts word and drew a line in response.

Yoga started today - We followed the story of Jack hunting for the fruit from the Flum Flum tree. Great listening from all the children.

Art work from Transition Day. We looked at the work of the artist Joan Miro. We drew our own self-portraits.

Purple Class 2018 - 2019


Please find below information about your class


Hello from Mrs Munro, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Hawkes.

Please take a look at all the interesting subjects we learn about in Purple class.

Please click on the 'Archive - Class Pages 2017-2018' link below to see the start of the year information you will need for PURPLE CLASS.

Rocket Fund

Through the organisation Rocket Fund, we are trying to raise money to buy exciting and innovative IT equipment for our school. As ICT coordinator, I want to provide children with technology that is fun, interactive and different to iPads and computers, which most children have access to either through school or home. Any support or publicity is greatly appreciated, this can be done via word of mouth or any social media outlets.

Please have a look at our Rocket Fund page below.

**PLEASE ask a member of staff if you are unsure of any information given out from class / school.  Any homework given has a date that it is due back into school.  Outside Learning happens every other Thursday.  In a school term we always start in Week 2.  Children will need wellington boots on their pegs.  We thank you for your co-operation and appreciate your help if you feel information is not clear.

Beach Party Fun Day - July 2019

Winners from our design a 'Get Well' card competition. Well done Amelie (Year 1) and Alfie (Year 2)

Football photos - children enjoyed playing games of football against each other!

Sports and Well Being Week 2019 - This week we were ask to think of a challenge where the adults could compete against the children. With running LEGO club in KS1 Jade and Purple Class had a Lego tower building competition. We held group heats in class and then competed against each other in the hall.

Outside Learning - Helping to clear the vegetable beds of weeds.

Athletics and Cricket Week 4

We decided our treat for Friday Afternoon. We asked for an ART and CRAFT activity and BAKING. Look what we made!

Newcastle Academy had Purple class playing some cricket in the glorious sunshine yesterday! (15.5.19)

In ICT children have been learning to use Scratch Junior. This week they were trying to get the car to move or make a new scene with different items on.

Football with Newcastle Academy this week was about thinking ahead - finding space & teamwork.

In Science children chose natural or man made materials, depending on whether or not they had an N or M to make a collage.

Art & Design - We made hot air balloons linked to our Topic work this term about TRANSPORT.

ATHLETICS - this term. Today we looked at different ways of travelling.

Our first Cricket session today. (Friday 25th April 2019)

Our topic this term is transport. Today we have been looking at paintings of boats. We created our own pictures using different painting techniques and collage. They are so colourful!

Today (Thursday 25th April) we had Kidditch taster session. There were LOTS of instructions but the children listened well and learnt lots of new skills. One of which was how to ride a broomstick!

During British Science Week we had a poster competition. Two children have been selected from Purple Class to enter the national competition. Well done

African Face Mask making in Art - the children are painting their own design and making lollipop sticks with feathers to add to it. Some of the finished results will be shown next week.

Year 2 Cricket - Some photos from the energetic cricket morning at Morpeth Leisure Centre. It is good to see lots of children using their free water bottles in school too.

In art we have been painting African Sunsets and cutting out silhouettes to add to our picture. We are sure you will agree the children have done an amazing job!

Celebrating Science Week 2019 - We followed this years theme: JOURNEYS

Science week has been lots of fun. My Naylor has been in showing some brilliantly engineered machines. In the classroom we have looked at how static electricity works with balloons and tissue paper newts! Some tried it on their hair too!

Science week this week has included a treat of being able to use some Virtual Reality headsets to go up into space and explore some planets. We all learnt lots of facts and were very excited about looking in space. You will have to ask your children what we saw though, as we haven't got any photos of what we were all looking at!

Also in Science week we have looked at the way the colours & sugar from the skittles dissolve in warm water, diffusing through the water to form a pretty pattern.

Proctor and Gamble kindly visited us this week. Children got to wear lab coats and feel like real scientists, as they were shown how water can be cleaned to help those in places that don't have a fresh supply out of a tap like us.

World Book Day 2019

Week 2 - To celebrate World Book Day we read 'Me ... Jane' by Patrick Donnell. It is a story about the British scientist Dr Jane Goodall. We learnt all about her life and work with chimpanzees. We made our own chimpanzee puppets and learnt how to make them move, working in teams of three. The puppets can now be seen hanging around our classroom.

Week 1 Spring 2 - In RE today we discussed what 'nature' meant to us and how it made us feel. We combined the: creation of a card illustrated with nature and our handwriting to produce a card for someone special to us.

Week 1 Spring 2 - ICT. We have been writing our own algorithms telling us how to build our Duplo models.

English - We have been reading "The Whale's Song" and as part of this listened to real whales and the sounds they made. Together with the pictures of some whales (and Orcas) children had fun writing extended noun phrases about whales!