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Purple - KS1

Welcome to KS1 - Purple Class!



Your Class Teacher is:  Miss Kennedy.


Please let Miss Kennedy know if  you have any ideas for your class webpage.

Handwriting - warms ups for our lesson today.

SCIENCE: Discovering why we celebrate WORLD EARTH DAY (Thursday 22nd April 2021). We focused on our responsibility to look after trees.

ART: New topic skill: PRINTING. Today we experimented using the primary colours making 'direct' prints.

SCIENCE: Today we have been identifying, drawing and labelling plants that you might find in our school grounds.

ART: Today we finished the last of our activities related to COLLAGE. We worked in groups, using natural materials (that we had collected) to make our own bird's nests.

Summer 1 (2021) Welcome back. We started our new 'Morning Jobs' today. The children access these as they enter the classroom, from 8.45 until 8.55. This term we are looking at different settings and using our senses to write about how they make us feel.

Maths: Year 1 Investigating MASS. Discussing the terms 'heavy and light', using balancing scales and comparing objects.

SCIENCE: Habitats. Purple class have been finding out about the needs of Mrs Bakers pet guinea pigs. Thank you for talking and explaining all about how you care for them.

D&T: Making and eating our pizza dough. The children kneaded the dough and made it into either bread sticks or small, round baps. We also tasted and rated different pizza toppings ready to make and design our own 'healthy' pizzas.

SCIENCE: Clearing the pond habitat of dead leaves. We worked in teams of three, taking turns to use the rake and gardening gloves.

Computing - Algorithms

Repetitive Stories Role Play - 'No, David!'

PE - Beans Warm Up game and Ball Skills

COLLAGE flower cards for a special occasion on Sunday. You all did a fantastic job of creating a bunch of flowers out of paper.

MUSIC: Using the glockenspiels to play Round and Round

ART: Collage: Sculptures inspired by Richard Long. From our Home Learners. THANK YOU for sharing

ART: Collage : from school

MATHS: Ordering by length. We had to find two objects shorter / longer than our straw. we had to line them up so that we could compare their length.

Screen Free Scavenger Hunt

Computing - Algorithms

Maths 2D shape pictures

P.E. Ball Skills Active Northumberland

Maths - making 2D and 3D shapes

SCIENCE: New Topic: Living things and their Habitats. We went on a walk around our school to find objects that are 'ALIVE' and 'NOT ALIVE'.

MUSIC: Round and Round. Today we took part in a vocal warm up. We made some wonderful, funny faces.

ART: New topic: COLLAGE. Today we tore, overlapped and stuck paper to make our own pictures. Can you guess what they are?

Home Learning Collage

Chinese New Year Fun

SCIENCE - at Home. Experiments thinking about our topic this term 'Materials'.

Home Learning inspired by the artist Brendan Jamison. Can you guess the food each sculpture is made from?

MATHS: Yr1 one more / one less & Yr2 Pictograms

ART: Sculpture from 'Home Learning' based on the artist Jill Townsley

ART - Barbara Hepworth inspired sculptures from at home

ART Sculpture - We have been looking at the work of Michelle Reader. She makes sculptures out of recycled materials. We made our own families of 'silly cylinders' using recycled card. GREAT JOB!

Recycled monsters / aliens from home learning

Music - Our new topic is 'In the groove'. We played along to the beat / pulse with our musical instruments.

Art - making hand sculptures with salt dough.

PE - Yoga

Computing - Using WORD to write our alien descriptions

January Playtime Fun!

Christmas lunch, jumper and Christingle Day