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Summer 1 2018


Welcome back to all our children especially our new starters.  The summer term is a busy one.  Please remember that as the weather improves (hopefully) that we would like the children to have:

1.  A sun hat  2.  A cardigan or light jacket with long sleeves 3.  Sun cream applied before they come to nursery.

Thank you for your help

Electronic Toys

This week the children have been introduced to a larger selection of interactive electronic toys. They have enjoyed learning how to control the toys to move in different directions. We have also explored the Walkie Talkies and BeeBots.

Special Places

In Nursery we have been thinking about special places over the past few weeks. The children thought about their own special place outside Nursery within our first week. We then talked about a church being a special place of worship last week and this week we have talked about special places at Nursery. The children took photos of each other in their special places on the I Pad and we talked about why that place was special to them.

Today we have been enjoying the nice weather outside. We played 'ring games'. These encourage: co-operation, taking turns, working together, listening, following instructions ... MORNING CHILDREN


Our Royal Garden Party Celebrations (Morning)

Our Royal Garden Party Celebrations (Afternoon)

This week we have been investigating EGGS. What animals come out of eggs? How can we cook eggs? Can we peel our own eggs? What are the different parts of an egg called? MORNING CHILDREN


Carrying on with our pirate theme, today we went on a treasure hunt in the large outdoor area.

We read the treasure map that had been left with Ms Cameron and looked for the places to match the photo clues on the map. We used lots of positional and directional language whilst we were hunting. When we found the treasure we counted it carefully and talked about different ways to make counting easier when we have lots of objects together.

Arghhhh Jim Lad!

GARDENING - Today we continued the work on the schools vegetable beds. We cleared away remaining weeds, dead headed the bulbs and planted new vegetable seeds and sunflower seeds. WATCH THEM GROW!

Inside we had a choice. We could select either a green bean or sunflower to plant in our own pot.



Following the interests of the children, we have been making treasure maps, using positional language. We also gave our electronic Beebot directions to move around a special treasure map, using positional language to help. In our outdoor area we have made a pirate ship role play area. Watch this space for more pirate adventures!


This week we have been reading the story of Jesus and The Miraculous Catch of Fish. We listened to the story then we made a boat and acted out the story again. We caught lots of fish with help from Jesus. We even made our own boats and decorated them. 

Our Garden Bird Watch happened today:

Preparing for our bird watch - we have been learning bird names and making our own binoculars

This week in R.E we have been thinking about friendship. We read the story of The Rainbow Fish then our Nursery activities became rainbow coloured! Take a look at what we have been up to.

Counting Shiny Scales

Today we have been using the fish from our Rainbow Fish story to help us count shiny scales. We also added shiny scales together from two fish to find the total of scales. Some children were able to find the numeral to match the amount of scales on each fish. Can you count some shiny objects at home? Try and find the numbers to match the objects you have counted. 

Today we have been talking about our pets. The children shared with us the pets they have at home but then were given the chance to choose the pet they would most like to have. Here are their results. Interestingly most children wanted a dog!

Summer 1 Week 2 Have you spotted our new bird feeders? Over the next few weeks we will be learning to identify different birds, hearing the songs they make and trying to spot them in the school grounds. Can you try and spot birds in your garden? Please tell us what you find.

Now the weather is warmer we have been using our outside area every day. The children can choose to work inside or outside. Look at all the different activities we have been choosing to do:

Summer 1 Week 1

Colour, Colour Everywhere!

This week we have been exploring colour. We have sorted coloured teddy bears and pom poms into the correct coloured pots. Some

children enjoyed mixing coloured paint on the tuff tray and in squishy bags. We also explored mixing shaving foam and food colouring. Then we made lots of coloured hand prints.



We have started to talk about our friends during our R.E time this week. We chatted about what makes a good friend. The children decided they would like to paint and draw pictures of their friends and they discussed why they were great friends. We will continue with this theme over the next few weeks.

Week 1 We have been building bird hides so that next week we can do a bird watch in the nursery yard. We talked about why we need to hide, camouflage and being very quiet. Morning Children

Afternoon Children

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As Headteacher of Morpeth All Saints Church of England First School, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our vibrant, caring and happy school. At Morpeth All Saints we strive to enable all children within our care to achieve their very best, fully utilising their God given gifts and talents.

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Together We Flourish (John 10:10)
Together We Flourish (John 10:10)


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