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Autumn Term 1 2017

Happy Diwali!

We have been finding out all about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. We watched children preparing for and celebrating Diwali. We then made our own Diva lamps and Mehndi patterns. Our lamps were very twinkly!

Celebrating our 'Autumn Day' with the Morning Children. We painted autumn trees on our cards, made leaf puppets, threaded cheerio bird feeders ... We also performed our autumn and harvest songs for our parents.

The Afternoon children performing in our Autumn Day celebration

NEXT WEEK (wb: 16th October)


Number of the week - 5.  Mrs Jennings favourite number!  At home you can support your child to touch count objects, find the number 5 around the house or whilst you are out and about and why not try to collect objects in sets of fives. Try making a number 5 with leaves/twigs/pine cones etc.



Letter sound of the week - 'i' - How many things can your child think of that begin with i? Do you have a toy that begins with 'i'?

Try making lots of letter 'i's for your child to decorate or make something that begins with the letter 'i' with Playdough/saltdough.



Colour of the week - green, - please bring something green into Nursery (named) for our Colour Of The Week display.



Activites Linked To Autumn
Some of our children had an interest in masks so we made pumpkin masks and pig masks, linked to our letter of the week. Other children made bear masks, wizard masks and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle masks. We used a variety of 2D shapes to decorate our masks.

The AFTERNOONS children's trip to Scots Gill wood - What did we see?

Snip, snip, snip! We have been using our scissors for lots of activities this week. We have chatted about how we hold scissors and have practised cutting straight lines and snipping natural herbs and flowers.
To link in with Autumn we have linked some of our activities to scarecrows. We have enjoyed building parts of a scarecrow, matching numbers to scary crows and made our own scary scarecrow faces. Our scarecrow stories have included The Scarecrow Who Couldn't Scare, The Lonely Scarecrow and The Scarecrow Wedding.
We have collected leaves for our new bear cave. We really enjoyed throwing and kicking the leaves. We ran through them and listened to the sounds they made. We made bear footprints to add to the cave and we love using the torches to read bear stories inside the cave......... Boo..... It's a bear!

In the afternoon the children also decided that their favourite porridge topping was syrup.

Which topping do we like best on our porridge? Milk, jam or syrup? At nursery today we made our own porridge. We then created a pictograph from the results of our tasting. The morning children preferred SYRUP.

This week we have had lots of bears invade the nursery. We have been talking about size - with the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Counting bears with the compare bears. Hiding bears in different place and giving directions on how to find them ...

Rain, rain go away, come back another day!
We have been learning how to use our electronic toys in Nursery. We now know how to turn them on and off, using the switches. We need to turn them on so that the electricity in the batteries makes them work. Lots of children enjoyed the robotic dog, the remote control train and the Beebots......beep beep!

The Afternoon children during our Outside Learning session - we went on a walk around the school.

Today we had a fantastic walk around our whole school grounds. The children were delighted by all the things we saw and found. At the end of our walk we played Hide and Seek in the trees. BOO!

Leaf printing - Today we looked at some autumn leaves. We produced our own prints and added autumn colours to finish the art work.

LOOK at what we do outside. The children today all selected their own activity (Child Initiated). You can see scooter and bike play, role play (Who would like an ice-cream?), construction, physical co-ordination (with hoops), invention and investigation (building runs for the small balls) ...

Week 3.

International Fairy Tea Party Day

We were visited by a fairy who left us a rhyming note. She told us that she had set lots of fun fairy activities set up in Nursery for us to enjoy, then we were very surprised when we went outside because the fairy had also left a 'fairy tea party!' We enjoyed eating tiny fairy cakes, crispies, sandwiches and mini treats. A fun day was had by all!!

Week 3 - This week we have been preparing for International Fairy Day. Today we baked fairy cupcakes. We used lots of interesting words: stir, mix, whisk, bake ... We also watched Boogie Beebies. They made up a song about cupcakes which we enjoyed dancing to. Morning Children's photographs:

Afternoon Children's Photographs:

Please remember from week 4 (WB: 25.09.17) we will be using the whole of the school grounds fortnightly on a Tuesday for Outdoor Learning experiences.  

Your children will need to bring appropriate clothing to keep warm and dry and please ensure that they have their wellington boots at school.  

Thank you for your co-operation.


Why are we doing this?


  • An approach to outdoor learning that considers experiences rather than equipment places children at the centre of the provision being made. (taken from The Early Years Foundation Stage - Effective Practice: Outdoor Learning)

  • Effective practice outdoors involves providing opportunities for children in meaningful, engaging experiences that support their development in all areas of the curriculum.This will include opportunities for children to:

  • be excited, energetic, adventurous, noisy, messy

  • talk, listen,  interact, make friends

  • imagine, dream, invent, fantasise

  • create, invent, construct, deconstruct

  • investigate, explore, discover, experiment with their own ideas and theories

  • make sounds and music, express ideas and feelings

  • find patterns, make marks, explore different media and materials

  • investigate concepts and ideas

  • be active, run,climb, pedal, jump, throw

  • dig, grow, nurture, cultivate

  • hide, relax, find calm, reflect

  • have responsibility, be independent, collaborate with others.


Outdoor learning will happen throughout the time your child spends with us at Morpeth All Saints.  Every child experiences this in the curriculum on a fortnightly basis.  The children have access to the school garden which includes raised vegetable and fruit beds, a butterfly garden, a pond, the wildlife garden and the 'new' reflective area.  We are adding to our provision all the time!


Please look on the website in the menu - Our School - Outdoor Learning for photographs and links to experiences your child may have had.

OUTDOOR LEARNING - Why do we do it? Information on Effective Outdoor Learning

Week 2 - Tasting and exploring fruits from the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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