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Week beginning 15th May

This week we have been watching our 'mystery eggs' each day but they have not hatched yet. We don't know if they are dinosaur eggs, alien eggs or some other kind of eggs! Watch this space!

A naughty pirate stole Ted from our Nursery this week. He left a message in a bottle for us to read. We decided we would send messages in bottles back to the pirate to ask him to return Ted. Lots of children wrote messages and Mrs Jennings took the bottles home to float on the sea in search of the pirate. The next day, when we came to Nursery, the pirate had returned Ted but had hidden her in the yard. We went on a Ted hunt in the outdoor area and read the clues in the numbered boxes. We are happy to say we found Ted safe and sound in our reading den.

This week has also been about 'e' for elephant. We made a huge patchwork Elmer for our hall display using square patches. We also created patterns on our own elephants and they were added to the display. Our sun catcher elephants are on the windows in Nursery and they look beautiful.

Mrs Crush came in this week to help us with our planting and gardening. We planted potatoes, garlic, Asta and Marigolds. Thank you Mrs Crush. We have beetroot and cauliflower seeds to plant straight into the vegetable plot and hope to plant these soon. Please have a look at the cucumber plants and tomato plants indoors, they are growing really well.

Our 'Secret Storyteller' this week was Mr Wilson. Thank you for sharing your book with us.


We are trying to collect items to make a wooden mud kitchen at the moment. If you have any old pans, kitchen utensils, plastic plates, plastic cups, jugs we would be very grateful. We are also looking for an old metal sink. If anyone knows of someone who is renovating a kitchen or has an old metal sink that is no longer used please see a member of staff.


Next Week:

Letter of the week - 'h' - please chat with your child about items that begin with 'h'. If you are out and about can your child spot things that begin with 'h'?

Number of the week - 10 - Try collecting 10 objects around the house. Can your child touch count up to 10 correctly? Can they count 10 objects when they are not in a straight line? Can they count 10 objects out of a container that contains a larger amount?

Colour of the week - pink - please bring a pink object (named) into Nursery for our colour of the week table.

Last week we mixed black and white to make grey. Therefore we are continuing this theme this week and mixing red with white to create pink. 

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Together We Flourish (John 10:10)
Together We Flourish (John 10:10)


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