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Indigo - EYFS

Welcome to Nursery - Indigo Class!

Your Class Teachers are:  Mrs. Jennings and Mrs. Roberts



We would just like to say thank you for your thoughtful and generous gifts and cards. We are very grateful and hope you all have a lovely summer.

Mrs Jennings, Ms Cameron, Mrs Hawkes and Mrs Roberts x


We hope you all had a HAPPY EASTER and are enjoying the HOME LEARNING we are posting on the Home Learning tab under Menu on this website.

Remember these are suggestions.  Do as much as you can / have time for but also remember that we learn through everything we do especially when we are young!

PLEASE CLICK on the big yellow star underneath for examples of what you are doing and also log in to your Tapestry account.  We are posting and responding to your posts daily.

Thank you for your support

The Nursery Team

Please click on the link at the bottom of 'Class Pages' labelled 'Class Pages Archive 2017-2018' to find the information about Nursery (Indigo Class) starting from September 2018.  Thank you
Summer Term 2 / 2019

Week 7 - 'X' marks the spot. Today we did some investigating in our OUTDOOR LEARNING. We hid treasure in the playground and marked the spot with a 'X'. Guess what happened? The crosses disappeared! We learnt all about why and how the water disapperas.

Thank you!

We raised a huge £352.00 for Barnardo's with our Big Toddle.Thank you to everyone who collected sponsors, you have made a big difference for children who need support.

Week 6

This week we have continued our interest in pirates. We made treasure maps and discussed positional language whilst placing the pictures on the map. We talked about the 'X' and why we have this on a treasure map. We also played 'Captain's Coming' in the outdoor yard and had to remember all the actions when the music stopped. These are the actions:

  • captain's coming
  • sweep the decks
  • scrub the decks'climb the rigging
  • lights out

​​​​​​​Can you remember the actions?

Week 6 - This week we followed the success of the light box small world sea play with a trip on the high seas. We listened to a 'Listen & Play' BBC Schools radio programme all about pirates. This sparked lots of activities linked to a pirate theme. We had a treasure box full of golden numbers, a wreck in the tuft tray, eye patch and telescope making in the workshop. We have been very busy! Yo Ho Ho!

This week in Nursery we have followed on from our Big Toddle with a physical theme. The children were set physical challenges to complete in 1 minute. We felt our heart beating before exercising and afterwards and discussed the difference in our heartbeat and why our hearts need to kept healthy.

At home please discuss with your child what happens to the blood in the body as the heart rate increases with exercise and why exercise is so important to keep our bodies healthy and happy.

Week 5: This week our new starters came to visit ready for starting school in September 2019. We have been thinking about 2D shapes - especially circles today! We have used different size circles in the workshop, used circle stickers in the Funky Fingers area and turned our light box into an underwater ocean (complete with glass bubbles / bubbles and sound effects). On the tuft tray we also had the chance to experiment with the way different toys moved. We had to decide if they needed: a push, a pull, a twist or a turn to make them work.

Week 4

The Big Toddle

Thank you to everyone who came along to join our Big Toddle for Barnardo’s. We had a fantastic time and could not have wished for better weather! It was great to see so many ‘plastic free’ picnics. Could you please return your sponsor form and sponsor money by Friday 5th July, to allow us to total our fundraising and bank the money. Thank you for helping us to support Barnardo’s.

Morning Children
Afternoon Children

Week 4 - We have been using our new light box. We made the rainbow fish with transparent counters and used different shaped transparent counters to make our own shape pictures.

Sports and Well being week - we practiced our Circus skills in the hall today. We traveled on the high wire and used the streamers to perform a routine.

Week 3:

This week we have been practising lots of pre writing skills within Nursery. We have access to pre writing activities in Nursery, daily. Pre-Writing skills are needed before any letter formation or other handwriting skills are mastered. To allow children to master writing they must first have:

  • Strong core muscles
  • Cross midline skills
  • Bilateral coordination skills
  • Visual motor skills
  • Fine motor skills

Have a look through our pre writing photographs this week and try some of the activities out at home with your child.

Useful website:


Sports and Well Being week - this week we were asked to complete a challenge where the children competed against the adults. We had a DUPLO tower building competition. We recorded the results on a large block graph.

Afternoon Children

Week 3 - This week we have been using 'Instruction Cards' to build models. We had to select the bricks we needed first and then use the photograph to know where to attach the bricks. We did a fantastic job. Well done.

Week 2 - Look at how our plants have grown! We planted sunflowers, nasturtiums, coriander and basil. Today we transplanted them into the Early Years yard. We also weeded and added some flowers. Whilst working outside today we went to look at the new 'Swift' bird boxes in the school garden. The children found out all about swifts and why we have had the boxes fitted.

Week 1: This week we have been using socks to help us with our counting. We sorted them into the correct pairs, made long lines to help with 1-1 correspondence and even counted in twos!

Getting ready for the Big Banardos Toddle. We moved in different ways around the zoned area on our school field.

Our new role play area. Come and visit Morpeth Market. We have a Fruit and Vegetable stall, a Cake stall and a Bread stall.

Summer Term 1 (2019)

Week 5 - This week at nursery we have been playing counting games. The children had to pretend to be spiders. They had to move up and down the drainpipe depending on the number of dots on the dice and if it was raining or sunny.

Wiggle while you Squiggle - using our fine motor skills to make lines that go up and down. Can you do this at home?

Week 4 - This week we have been focusing on 'Scissor Skills'. First of all we snipped the edge of the paper. Then we cut in straight lines. If this was done with control we then moved on to cutting a curved and zigzag line. Can you do this at home? We would love to see it on TAPESTRY. Make sure that you use child friendly scissors.

Week 3 This week we have been reading The Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle. The children enjoyed joining in with the repeated lines in the story. We went out looking for our own ladybirds. The morning children didn't find any but the afternoon children found LOTS!.

Week 2 - This week in nursery we have been talking about keeping our bodies healthy. We made our bodies work hard in our hall session and tasted all the different foods we get at snack time in nursery.

Welcome back to a new term at nursery. Hello to both our new starters and our current cohort of children. This week at nursery we have started preparing some plants to grow in our vegetable bed, in the main school garden. We have planted sunflowers, nasturtiums, coriander and basil.

Spring Term 2019 


  • We will be changing activities on a Friday after Easter. Therefore Talk Time will stop at Easter.
  • At the moment we have lots of junk modelling so we do not need any donated. However we will let you know when this runs out.

Thank you


We have been exploring all things linked to Easter. We read the Easter story and discussed why Christians celebrate Easter. We have been on an Easter egg hunt and also decorated Easter baskets. We hope you all have a fantastic Easter break. Thank you for your support.


Following the interests of the children, we have been investigating shadows this week. What is a shadow? When can we see shadows? Can we always see a shadow?

At home try and find some shadows and investigate them. Add your shadow observations onto Tapestry.

Week 5 OUTSIDE LEARNING - Hunting for different mini beasts. Can you do this activity at home? Let us know if you do - on Tapestry.

Week 5 - Getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. Look at all the different activities we can access in the EYFS yard.

Week 4 - This week we have continued to discuss recycling. We linked this with our ICT learning. We used a recycling program on 2Simple, on the computer  to sort objects at the recycling centre. We needed to remember to hold down the left hand side of the mouse as we moved it to guide objects across the screen. We also set up a recycling sorting centre up in the classroom. We enjoyed sorting the objects and discussing what each item was made from. Do you know where the local recycling centre is? You could visit to see if it is similar to the recycling centre we watched together.

Week 4 This week we are using the colour and size tools on 2Simple to make pictures on the iwb. Morning children

Afternoon Children

Week 3 - British Science Week. Exploring materials and properties of materials.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Nursery this week to investigate. We had a super time. Which experiment was your favourite?

Morning Children - Making giant bubbles!

Morning Children -

Investigating and trying out experiments with adults.

Afternoon Children - Our visit from an engineer

Mrs Dewhirst came to visit Nursery in the afternoon. She is an engineer and her job is to help to design and build special things. She also problem solves when things go wrong. Mrs Dewhirst talked to us about electricity. She told Nursery what electricity is, where electricity comes from and what items need electricity.

Afternoon Children - investigating and exploring experiments with adults.

Week 3 Celebrating BRITISH SCIENCE WEEK 2019 Exploring colours that can be seen or reflect light even in the dark.

World Book Day was great fun! We all dressed up as characters from our favourite stories. We used The Gruffalo within our continuous provision and some children made Gruffalo crumble for everyone to taste. Who is your favourite Gruffalo character?

Week 2  This week we have started to prepare for 'PANCAKE DAY' a day early.  We made the pancake batter as a whole class and then in smaller groups helped (and taste tested) Mrs Roberts fry them in the nursery kitchen.  Lots of children thought they tasted DELICIOUS!  We are going to eat the pancakes at snack time tomorrow.  Mrs Roberts might even have some 'yummy' toppings to choose from!

We also started looking at what happens when we mix colours.  We used vehicles in the tuft tray and mixed their tracks to see if other colours appeared.  We will carry this on tomorrow.  The children's knowledge of colours is very good.  Brown, grey and pink are the colours that some children need help with.  Perhaps you can point these colours out at home and as you come to and from nursery?

Week 2 The Afternoon Children in the Performing Arts room. We played games that involved 'good' listening.

This week we have been preparing for Mother's Day Sshhhhh!

We have sorted, counted, painted, planted and snipped sunflowers. We chatted about the life cycle of a sunflower. Can you remember what the super sunflower needed to grow tall?

Week 1 - Looking for signs of SPRING. We went on a walk to hunt for things that are starting to grow.

Morning Children

Afternoon Children

Welcome back to the second part of our spring term.  Today at school we listened to the story of 'The Magic Paintbrush'.  The children were given the opportunity to use large, A1 pieces of paper to paint on.  We started by using the three primary colours and added other colours on request.  The children selected long or short brushes and decided what they would like to paint.  Interestingly some children noticed the colours mixing and changing.  We will follow this up next week!

We would love to hear about all the wonderful adventures and journeys you take part in with your family over half term! Please upload your experiences onto Tapestry and the children will share their experiences with their friends when we return to school.

Thank you


After hearing the story of Daniel and the Lions, some of the children made their own lions using circles and painting with forks to make their manes.  We also learned about symmetrical patterns and tried to make them on the painting easel. We talked about Valentines Day and the children made cards for people they loved.

On Friday the children came dressed as animals and we talked about the work the PDSA charity do, and we made medals for our brave pets.

We have been talking about shape this week at nursery - is it straight, curved, long, short, fat, thin ......... MORNING NURSERY

This week we have continued our Chinese New Year theme by making Chinese Dragons. The children improved their fine motor skills with their brilliant scissor work cutting out their dragons then colouring them in carefully. The children used their Dragon puppets to put on a mini puppet show. We also used our gross motor skills when taking part in our Cosmic kids Dragon Yoga, the children had some great moves.

For Re this week we all learned the hymn 'Thank You Lord for this fine day', then used our listening skills to match the rhythm with our instruments.

Taste testing food. Today the children had to decide if they liked or disliked some different Chinese food. They tasted noodles, bamboo shoots and crackers. They had to draw a smiley face if they enjoyed the food or make a cross if they did not like the food. To add to the fun (and to help our fine motor skills) they used chop sticks! Morning & Afternoon Children

The children have been doing Yoga again this week, we also enjoy our wake and shake to Cosmic kids Washing Machine song, the children are great at following all the moves.

Friday was our spotty day in support of the NSPCC, so we had lots of spotty activities. Dot to dot, Mr. Tumbles spotty themed pictures to colour, buttons in the playdoh, spotty ladybirds to count, circles to cut and snip, circular bottle top collage pictures, dotty mosiac patterns and circles to trace with the push pins. All the children worked really hard so we had a special treat at snacktime.....spotty choccy chip cookies and pink milk.....of course we all had our healthy fruit too.

This week we opened up the 'BIRD HIDE'. the children have been very excited at wearing camouflage clotthing. They know they have to be PATIENT and wait! MORNING CHILDREN


This week in Nursery we learned about Jonah and the big fish in RE.Some of the children helped sponge paint a huge whale for our display, whilst others used the large Lego blocks to build a boat like Jonah sailed on.

We also decorated special boxes and added special fairy ingredients. The children then found lots of rhyming words to help make a magic spell to give all the fairy boxes magic powers.

The birds have been spotted using our bird feeders and we noticed that some of them were empty. Mrs Roberts has been teaching us the names of different birds and we have been making our own bird feeders. MORNING CHILDREN