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Attendance & Punctuality

School attendance Guidance May 2022


Who is this guidance for?   This guidance is for:

• local authorities

• all school staff, head teachers, governors, alternative provision providers

• independent schools for pupil registers


This guidance may also be useful for parents and carers.

To read this Guidance document please click here

Compulsory School Age

A child reaches compulsory school age on or after their fifth birthday. If they turn 5 between 1 January and 31 March, then they are of compulsory school age on 31 March; if they turn 5 between 1 April and 31 August, then they are of compulsory school age on 31 August. If they turn 5 between 1 September and 31 December, then they are of compulsory school age on 31 December. A child continues to be of compulsory school age until the last Friday of June in the school year that they reach sixteen.   (DfE July 2019)


If your child is absent due to illness, please call the absence line and leave a message, on each morning of the absence. If the school considers the level of attendance to be of concern we will request medical evidence for each absence in order to avoid each missed session being marked as unauthorized.   “Headteachers have the discretion to grant leave, but they should only do so in exceptional circumstances. If a Headteacher grants a leave request, it will be for them to determine the length of time that the child can be away from school”.  This leave is unlikely, however, to be granted for the purposes of a family holiday parents/carers will need to complete an absence request form which is available from the school office/main foyer or Forms section of our website.


The Headteacher (Mr. Reeson) works with the school's Attendance Officer (Mrs. Taylor) to promote excellent attendance, reduce levels of absence and work with children and families to promote high levels of attendance.  It is important to promote and support high levels of attendance, to support students in achieving their full potential and to promote a positive attendance and punctuality culture.  Schools should monitor attendance and address it when it is poor or irregular.  All schools must inform the local authority of any pupil who fails to attend school regularly.


"Where school staff have concerns about a child, they will use their professional judgement and knowledge of the individual pupil to inform their decision as to whether welfare concerns should be escalated".  (DfE guidance September 2018).




It is most important that the children are able to begin their day calmly and on time. Registration takes place immediately when pupils have entered the classroom. This is often the time when teachers give them notices and information. We thank all those parents whose children are on time. If your child is late, their lateness may be marked as unauthorized for that session. The Educational Welfare Officer tracks any late arrivals to check for patterns of poor punctuality; those families causing concern will be contacted to arrange a formal meeting. Persistent absence from school is a serious problem.


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Attendance 2022 / 2023


Which class will be

"Attendance Superheroes"

this year and win a free school trip?

September winners:       Blue Sky Class     

October winners:            Red Class     

November winners:        Green Class

December winners:         Blue Sky Class 

January winners:             Purple Class

February winners:           Orange Class

March winners:                Blue Sky Class   

April winners:                  Purple Class

May winners:                   Blue Sky Class   

                                                          2022 / 2023


  Oct     Nov  




Blue Sea95.4490.8291.0788.0395.4292.6298.2695.0098.72  
Blue Sky98.5296.1995.6197.4593.0890.6793.4398.6099.26  

Attendance 2021 / 2022

PJ Masks are superheroes for little ones: by day, they go to school everyday like all the other children.

By night, this brave band of heroes dons their magic pyjamas, and set out to face fiendish villains to stop them messing with your day so you can arrive at school on time and attend everyday!

September winnersYellow Class

October     winners:   Green Class

November winners:   Purple Class

December winners:   Yellow Class

January     winners:   Purple Class

February   winners:   Red Class

March        winners:   Orange Class

April           winners:   Orange Class

May            winners:   Red Class

June           winners:   Purple Class

July            winners:   Purple Class










PJ Masks attendance achievers:

Purple class achieved the best overall attendance and celebrated with a trip to Treasure Island in Morpeth.  All pupils individually achieving 100% were awarded a gift voucher as too.

                                                          2021 / 2022


  Oct     Nov  




Blue Sea 93.5094.5791.4094.4896.0197.3093.9395.6589.93 89.86 94.06
Blue Sky 96.5796.2095.7591.2591.0693.9897.1393.8093.18 91.54 95.91
Jade 95.3495.6493.8394.4495.1695.3896.6591.6496.10 91.36


Purple 96.3096.4896.8495.2298.9098.1397.1791.0995.26 95.67 99.80
Green 94.9198.1393.1892.6294.1297.4796.2090.5295.74 93.10 91.03
Orange 94.7197.2992.0990.5494.6894.8498.8395.9193.92 93.77 91.61
Yellow 97.1297.60


96.1097.4195.3894.0695.4595.34 94.99 93.21
Red 96.9395.8094.7993.7293.0498.1997.3095.3096.67 94.81 99.22

Percentage of attendance out of 100% 
Our target for the year is                          96.50%
Attendance to 21/07/2022                        94.54%

Authorized Absences:                                4.28%
Unauthorized  (e.g., holidays)                    1.17%


Gender Attendance:                        Girls   93.28%  (4.28% authorized  2.04% unauthorized)

                                                        Boys   95.86%  (3.87% authorized  0.27% unauthorized)

                                                          2020 / 2021


    Oct      Nov  




Blue Sea 92.59 99.35 99.4798.7286.0694.3896.7299.0296.94   97.67 97.51
Blue Sky 90.83 98.86 96.5997.8576.5295.7999.1692.8894.91  96.43 98.09
Jade 99.45 98.72 99.7197.5482.0899.0198.8698.8897.47 97.11 94.50
Purple 97.54 98.14 95.2499.7088.4095.3497.8297.8297.14  98.18 95.67 
Green 96.95 98.58 97.7898.2690.1699.1198.5298.7797.43 96.24 95.14
Orange 99.05 98.19 97.3597.7178.2895.8695.7098.3998.16   97.58 95.70
Yellow 96.72 98.42


97.5282.2098.6098.8597.9696.48 97.75 94.42  
Red 94.71 98.45 96.4092.9678.9689.2998.2895.7796.18 95.29 93.09
Attendance 2020 / 2021

Percentage of attendance out of 100% 
Our target for the year is                          96.50%
Attendance to 16/07/2021                        96.44%

Authorized Absences:                                3.28%
Unauthorized  (e.g., holidays)                    0.26%


Gender Attendance:                        Girls   96.38%  (3.28% authorized  0.31% unauthorized)

                                                        Boys   95.49%  (3.27% authorized  0.22% unauthorized)

Attendance 2019 / 2020

Green Class achieved the best overall attendance.


September winner:       Yellow Class 

October winner:            Jade Class     

November winner:        Green Class    

December winner:        Green Class     

January winner:            Jade Class  

February winner:           Blue Sky Class         

March winner:               Green Class       

April winner:                   -

May winner:                    -

June winner:                   -  

July winner:                    -        

                                                          2019 / 2020


    Oct       Nov  




Blue Sea  91.78  95.07  93.91 88.75 94.80 97.78 96.14    -     -      -     -
Blue Sky  94.44  93.13  96.64 77.41 93.06 98.33 96.32    -     -     -     -
Jade  97.11  98.71  95.96 91.90 98.75 93.33 94.88    -     -     -     -
Purple  97.87  95.55  95.14 91.28 97.78 97.28 92.29    -     -     -     -
Green  95.30  98.12  99.34  93.33 97.24 94.60 98.81    -     -     -     -
Orange  97.37  97.26  95.68 91.20 96.70 95.87 98.45    -     -     -     -
Yellow  98.79  97.86


88.81 98.61 98.27 97.17    -     -     -     -
Red  96.69  98.31   96.36 92.65 97.79 95.14 92.75    -     -     -     -

Percentage of attendance out of 100% 
Our target for the year is                          96.50%
Attendance to 20/03/2020                        95.62%

Authorized Absences:                                3.66%
Unauthorized  (e.g., holidays)                    0.72%


Gender Attendance:                        Girls   96.05%  (3.21% authorized  0.74% unauthorized)

                                                        Boys   95.26%  (4.04% authorized  0.71% unauthorized)

Attendance 2018 / 2019

"Hero" attendance achievers.  Red Class achieved the best overall attendance and celebrated with a trip to Cramlington 10 pin bowling centre.  All pupils individually achieving 100% were awarded a gift voucher as too were pupils who attended SEND medical appointments.


September winner:       Purple class                    October winner:            Red class

November winner:        Red class    

December winner:        Red class

January winner:            Jade class

February winner:          Blue Sea class

March winner:               Jade class

April winner:                  Yellow class

May winner:                   Blue Sky class

June winner:                  Blue Sea class

July winner:                   Red class






Percentage of attendance out of 100% 
Our target for the year is                          96.50%
Attendance to 19/07/2019                        96.47%

Authorized Absences:                                2.57%
Unauthorized  (e.g., holidays)                    0.96%


Gender Attendance:                        Girls   96.62%  (2.51% authorized  0.87% unauthorized)

                                                        Boys   96.13%  (2.96% authorized  0.91% unauthorized)


Attendance 2017 / 2018

Purple and Yellow classes - 2 outstanding classes are joint winners with a trip to see" Incredibles 2 " movie.  All pupils who achieved 100% attendance were also rewarded with a gift voucher as too were pupils attending SEND medical appointments.  


September winner:  Blue Sky Class              

October winner:       Purple Class  

November winner:   Green Class 

December winner:   Orange Class 

January winner:       Red Class     

February winner:     Yellow Class        

March winner:          Yellow Class 

April winner:             Blue Sea Class    

May winner:              Purple Class   

June winner:            Yellow Class 

July winner:              Purple Class         




Percentage of attendance out of 100% 
Our target for the year is                          96.50%
Attendance to 20/07/2018                        95.52%

Authorized Absences:                                3.10%
Unauthorized  (e.g., holidays)                    1.38%


Gender Attendance:                        Girls   90.50%  (2.30% authorized 1.50% unauthorized)

                                                        Boys   94.30%  (3.90% authorized  1.20% unauthorized)



Attendance 2016/2017

Congratulations to Jade Class who won a trip to Treasure Island

September winnerYellow Class            

October winner      Orange Class   

November winner:   Purple Class

December winner:   Jade Class

January winner:       Jade Class

February winner:     Yellow Class 

March winner:          Yellow Class

April winner:            Jade Class

May winner:             Green Class

June winner:            Jade Class

July winner:             Jade Class





Percentage of attendance out of 100% 
Our target for the year is                          96.50%
Attendance to 21/07/2016                        96.44%

Authorized Absences:                                2.58%
Unauthorized  (e.g., holidays)                    1.00%


Gender Attendance:                      Girls   96.67%  (2.25% authorized 1.08% unauthorized)

                                                      Boys   96.17%  (2.90% authorized 0.93% unauthorized)


Attendance 2015/2016

Congratulations to Yellow Class who won a free school trip

                                                                                  September winner:     Red Class

     October winner:          Red Class

     November winner:      Purple Class

     December winner:      Yellow Class

     January winner:          Red Class

     February winner:        Green Class

     March winner:             Yellow Class

     April winner:                Orange Class

     May winner:                Yellow Class

     June winner:               Orange Class

     July winner:                 Yellow Class











Percentage of attendance out of 100% 
Our target for the year is                          96.50%
Attendance to 20/07/2016                       96.26%

Authorized Absences:                               2.63%
Unauthorized  (e.g., holidays)                   1.11%


Gender Attendance:                         Girls 96.40%

                                                         Boys 96.11%   


A very large majority (92%) of pupils have attendance above 90%

Attendance 2014/2015

Flying high award winners

            Percentage of attendance out of 100% 
            Our target for the year is                           96.50%
Attendance to 19/07/2015                         96.75% 
            Authorized Absences:                                 2.36% 
                                                                      Unauthorized  (e.g., holidays)                     0.89%


Gender Attendance:                          Girls  96.67%

                                                          Boys  95.57%


Attendance 2013/2014 and "flying high award winners"

                                           Percentage of attendance out of 100% 
                                           Our target for the year was                       96.50%
                                           Attendance for 2013/2014                         95.77%
                                           Authorized Absences:                                 3.67%
                                           Unauthorized ( e.g. holidays)                      0.56%


High Flying attendance winners 2013/2014


              All the pupils in the class who win best overall
                 achievement each half term win a KITE too  




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