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Autumn Term 1


To end our 'Walk to School Month', we learned how to stay safe when walking or cycling. We held a non uniform day to remind us of the importance of 'Be Bright Be Seen.'

Be Bright Be Seen


We have really enjoyed our yoga sessions this half term. We have been practising our balances, coordination and stretches through lots of different stories. Thank you Debbie, it was great fun. 

This week, Blue classes had Mrs Stabler in to talk about the important and various jobs that she has carried out and still does to help us. She told us lots about her time in the army and how she helped people in countries overseas. She showed us her medals she received for military service. We even got to try on her military beret and we learned how to salute. In Mrs Stabler's present job, we learned that the police force is not just about catching the 'bad guys.' She showed us the 2 crowns worn on her shoulders indicated an inspector. Some of us were lucky to try on some of her police uniform. We listened carefully to learn that police are there to keep us safe and help us if we get lost.  Finally, we played a detective game to find poor teddy who was lost. 


Thank you so much Mrs Stabler for coming in and teaching us lots about people who help us. 


This week's visitor to talk to us about people who help us was Mrs Pauna. 

She's a dentist. We learned lots about keeping our teeth clean and healthy. We now know we have 20 milk teeth and as we grow older, we will get 32 adult teeth. Sammy the snake had great fun squirting us. We all had a go at cleaning Sammy's teeth or brushing the models. We learned which food and drinks are good for us and those that are not good for our teeth. Now we know why we have water to drink in school. We also have to visit the dentist regularly to have our teeth checked. 


Thank you so much Mrs Pauna for coming in and teaching us how to keep our teeth healthy.


This week we had a visit from a School Crossing Patrol Officer. He talked to us about his job and how he helps school children and other members of public. His main role being to keep the traffic flowing and to help children cross the road safely. We learned about the different positions he holds his stick. He holds his stick up high to inform the traffic he is about to stop the traffic. He holds his stick horizontally to stop children crossing the road. He also talked about his reflective coat so he could be seen in the dark. 


Thank you so much for teaching us lots about your job.

We had Mrs Ramsay in today to talk to us about the role of a nurse and how she helps people. Lots of children wanted to share that their mum was a nurse too. We learned that nurses look after people when they are poorly. They have to take notes about the patient, make sure their hands are clean and feed patients when they can not feed themselves. Nurses also teach trainee nurses too.  


Thank you so much Mrs Ramsay for teaching us lots about nursing. 


In maths this week, we have been learning about patterns. We learned we could make patterns with objects, sounds and actions. We practised making patterns with percussion instruments. We played 'In and Out the Dusty Bluebells', we made patterns with fruit and we created our own action patterns for all of Blue class to follow. It was so much fun!


In maths, we continued with shape but this week the focus was on 2D shape. We used the painted faces to show the properties of 2D shapes. We marked on the shape the number of sides and the number of corners.

 This week, we painted trees ready to add our family pictures, to show our family trees. Some children brought in photographs and others posted their photographs on Tapestry.  The children loved talking about their family members. For physical development, the children had another yoga session showing off their balances and stretches. Also, Dave from NUFC played tag games with the children, followed by some jumping and hopping, finishing in a balance. Another busy week. 


This week, we decided to role play our class rules. We took photographs to remind ourselves of the rules. We learned about 3D shapes, naming a cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder and a sphere. We sorted 3D shapes into those shapes with a curved surface, a flat face and those shapes which had a curved surface and a flat face. We found and matched objects in our environment to the 3D model and we painted the faces on a 3D shape to identify the 2D shape which makes up the faces. We loved our first yoga lesson in Blue Class too.


We read 'The Colour Monster Goes To School' and identified some of the emotions that we felt too in our new class. We drew our own faces to show how we are all different and used playdough to express our feelings. In maths, we counted lots of objects and found the numeral to match. We spent most of this week getting to know our new teachers and building new friendships. 

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