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Jade - KS1

Friday 10th September 2021


What a lovely first week we’ve had in Jade Class! We’ve had a visit from an alien, made our own slime, completed a commando joe mission, found objects from the Great Fire of London, produced some art work AND we’ve started to learn about labels in English and place value in maths.


We’ve been so busy!


Mr O'Halloran

A Year in Jade Class 2020-21 

Friday 25th June 2021 


In Jade Class this week we have continued to learn about chemical reactions. We were shocked that our experiment this week didn’t react! We have also been getting ready for sports day which will now be on Friday.


We have been locating the Arctic in geography and the children loved holding our own baptism on Thursday! Thank you again for your support with this.


Mr O’Halloran

Friday 18th June 2021 


This week in Jade Class started with a science experiment! Thank you to those parents who provided a plastic bottle to support this. The children made their own active volcanoes! We were all so excited to see them erupt!


We have spent some time practicing for next week's sports day. We have also started to make our own sports day posters in computing.


In maths, we have began to learn about time and in music we have been playing as part of an ‘ensemble’. I wonder if the children can remember what this word means?


We were also very lucky to have another secret reader. If you’d like to be our next secret reader then please get in touch with myself or Mrs Taylor!


Have a lovely weekend Jade Class!


Mr O’Halloran

Summer 2 Spellings - Jade Class


Please see the spellings for our final half term below. The spellings for this half term are focused on sound variations (different ways of reading and writing the same sound. For example: ai, ay and a - e all make the same sound). The spelling 'tests' and spelling lessons are again spread out as this seemed to work well last half term. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Mr O'Halloran  

Friday 28th May 2021 


Click on the link below to see the amazing children in Jade Class reading their adverts. The children created adverts for George Stephenson's rocket train. I am so proud of them all! 


Mr O'Halloran 

Friday 21st May 2021 


On Monday, we were fascinated by colour changing flowers! We added food colouring to water and we watched the plant absorb the water and eventually change colour! 


We have also been exploring timelines in History. We used toilet roll to create a huge timeline which went from 1780-2021! 


In maths, we enjoyed exploring numbers to 100 with lots of different practical activities. We also tried golf for the first time in PE! 


Mr O'Halloran

Friday 14th May 2021 


This week we went on a walk around Morpeth. We visited the Millennium Garden and went to Carlisle Park. The children even had time to play at the park with their friends.


We are loving our ‘Striking and Fielding’ topic in PE. On Friday, we worked on hitting the ball with a tennis racket. Some of us can hit the ball really far! We then played rounders against Purple Class. Purple class won 13 - 11. We showed amazing sportsmanship. It was lovely for the children to see (socially distanced) their friends in Purple class. I have told Mrs Ramshaw that we will be having a rematch!


We have continued to enjoy playing the glockenspiels in music. In maths, we have been learning about positional language. In Year 1, this is learning about half, quarter and full turns as well as left and right. We found this tricky, but we persevered until we all became experts! We also had time to fit in another secret reader!


Mr O’Halloran

Friday 7th May 2021 


This week in Jade Class we re planted our sunflowers as they have grown so quickly! We showed fantastic teamwork to do this! We have also had our first 'Secret Reader' and we have another one next week too!


We have started learning about recounts this week and what happens to a word when it is about something which happened in the past. We were very excited to receive yet another post card this week too! In RE, we created our own booklets with lots of information about what Christians can to show god that they love him. 


Please can all parents check their emails as Mrs Taylor has sent an exciting letter to you all about our trip next week! We have also continued to learn about fractions in maths and we have been solving problems using our knowledge of quarters! 


Mr O'Halloran 

Friday 30th April 2021 


This week we have received lots of post! Greenpeace replied to our postcards and sent us all a poem and a calendar for our classroom! We also received post cards from three of our families this week! We have been learning about sharing and halving in maths, postcards in English, George Stephenson in history and we have started to play the glockenspiels in music. We even have some new class caterpillars! The children are so excited to see them grow into butterflies! 


Mr O'Halloran 

One of our friends was on the news this week! We loved watching him and we are all so proud!

Friday 23rd April 2021 


Jade class have had two very busy weeks since coming back from our Easter holidays! We have started learning about postcards and looked at lots of different examples of them. We have also wrote our own to Greenpeace. Fingers crossed that we get a reply!


In science we have all planted a sunflower seed and we are excited to see them all grow. We also enjoyed PE this week where we were improving our throwing and catching skills ready for our PE lesson with NUF on Wednesday! We have also had time to act out the 'Lost Son' story in RE and learn about sharing, doubling and equal groups in maths. 


Mr O’Halloran

Friday 19th March 2021 


We have had a very exciting week in Jade Class! This week has been 'DT week' where the children have designed, made and evaluated their own pizza. We also had a pirate surprise at the start of the week and on Friday we dressed up as a pirate to celebrate all of our hard work! 


Mr O'Halloran 

Friday 12th March 2021 


Wow! What an amazing first week back. I am so proud of how well everyone has settled back into school.


We started our week with a 'welcome back coffee morning' (hot chocolate!). The children have been learning about weight in Maths, exciting adjectives in English and we have made some amazing maps for our bee bots to follow in computing. We loved having a 'virtual visitor' to talk to us about Scotland in geography too. A very busy and exciting week in Jade Class! We even had a new handwriting super hero!




Mr O'Halloran 

We can't wait to see our friends on Monday!

Still image for this video

The children at school made this video for our friends at home.

Handwriting at Home 


I am currently uploading handwriting videos daily for the children who are learning at home. They will also be very useful to any children at school who want to practice their handwriting after school or on the weekend. 


Mr O'Halloran 

Thursday 14th January 2021 


The Jade Class children in school loved playing in the snow at break time today! 

Tuesday 12th January 2021 


Our Jade key worker children are experts at re telling the story 'Grandad's Island'! 

January 2021 


Follow the link to our home learning page to see what we've been up to at home! 

Friday 18th December 2020 


What an amazing final week before Christmas! We had a visit from an elf, a Christmas party, made Christmas cards, watched our nativity with our parents, took part in a Santa dash and we still had time for some amazing work in all of our subjects. I have attached some photos of our Santa dash, our amazing maths work and photos of our Christmas party. The children loved dancing with their friends and playing party games. 


I hope that everyone has a lovely Christmas and new year. 


See you all in 2021! 


Mr O'Halloran 

Friday 11th December 2020


I'm glad to be updating this page instead of our home learning page! We have had an amazing first week back at school. The children have been a credit to yourselves in the way which they have adapted to all of the changes and challenges of home learning, and the way which they have slotted back into school life. 


This week has been very busy. We filmed our nativity on Wednesday which will be shown to you next week. We are all so excited for you to see it! The children did so well to perform with only two school days to practice. I am so proud of them and I'm sure that you will be too! 


Thank you again for your support to make the nativity happen!


We also finished our instructions topic in English by making some toast and we wrote a 'hot write' about the process. In RE, we have continued to talk about Christmas and we made some christingles! 


Friday 20th November 2020

Our highlight this week as to be dressing up as a nursery rhyme character as part of National Nursery Rhyme week. The children all looked amazing in their costumes! 


We have begun to learn about instructions and when Mr O'Halloran tried to make a jam sandwich we learned that our instructions had to be very clear! We have also had lots of fun in PE this week. We developed a range of skills on Tuesday and on Friday we did some dancing! 


In geography this week, we continued to learn about our local area. We studied an aerial photograph of Morpeth and spotted so many interesting features! 


Have a lovely weekend Jade Class and I'll see you next week when we will start to prepare for our Christmas nativity! Everyone now has their script and we all have speaking parts. I hope that all of the parents are excited to see it streamed live! 

Friday 13th November 2020

Another fantastic week in Jade Class! On Monday, we did some outdoor maths looking at taking away. We learned that when we take away the number always gets smaller.


We also had fun with NUF in PE this week. We worked on lots of skills including throwing, kicking, balancing and jumping. 


In computing this week, we have been practicing logging on and using paint. It is quite a hard job when you're 5 or 6 to log onto a desktop computer! When we logged on, we used paint and started to create some digital art work. 


Mrs Baker brought in her five guinea pigs to visit us on Friday! This was linked to our current topic in English: Information texts. We all held them and we were so brave (Even Mr O'Halloran and Mrs Hawkes who may have been more scared than the children!) 


Have a lovely weekend Jade Class! 


See you on Monday, 


Mr O'Halloran 

Friday 6th November 2020

Welcome back Jade Class! We have had a fantastic first week back. We were so excited to see that Sir Mo Farah had replied to our letter and sent us all autographs! 


This week we also enjoyed 'Outdoor Classroom Day'. We had a competition to build our own bonfire to celebrate bonfire night. We also went on a walk around Lancaster Park and observed some of the features of the area. We talked about which features were natural and which features were human features. 


We have had our first session in the ICT room too. We found it hard to log in but we persevered and in the end we all managed to log on to the computer and began to use paint. 


Thank you to all of the parents who joined the 'Google Meets' this week. It was an amazing turn out across the two sessions. Please let me know if you have anymore questions about supporting your child at home. 

Friday 23rd October 2020

Well we've finished our first half term in Year 1! What a fantastic time we've had! 


This week we have continued our work about Mo Farah. We have started thinking about non-fiction texts and the features that they have. We have also spent some time reviewing our work this half term in maths. 


In music, we finished our unit by doing a performance of our song 'Hey You'. We have also enjoyed listening to our favourite songs and  practicing some playground games which the Y4 School Sports Organising Committee videoed for us. 


Please could any parents who haven't already, indicate on the google form which Supporting Your Child at Home  'Google Meet' they will be attending after half term. 


I hope you all have a lovely half term! I can't wait to hear about what you have all been up to. 


Mr O'Halloran 

Friday 16th October 2020

Good afternoon! 


This week we were very excited to have some of our grandparents speak to us about their life as children on 'google meets'. It was amazing to speak to them and we were so grateful for their time! 


We have also continued to find out about our senses. This week we have focused on taste and we tried a range of different fruits which some of us hadn't tried before! 


In English, we wrote a story independently! The children's writing has improved so much since the start of Y1. I am so proud of them! Jade Class have also spent some time voting this week for their first ever school council members. We learned about how to vote secretly and we recorded the votes using a tally chart. Our new school councillors then signed their contracts! 


We have also been learning about Mo Farah as part of Black History Month. We have loved doing some Union Jack art work based on him. We also know so many facts about his life and the children have enjoyed taking part in our own 10,000 meters and celebrating by doing the Mo-bot. 


See you all on Monday! 


Mr O'Halloran 

Friday 9th October 2020 

Good Morning Jade Class! 


Thank you again for another fantastic week. This week we have had our first table points winners! Well done to the 'Persevering Parrots' table who earned the most Jade stones this week! We have also celebrated our handwriting and we have a new handwriting super hero for the week! 


The children loved using the glockenspiels in music. I'm not sure if purple class next door enjoyed it as much though! We have also had fun in PE thinking about different ways to move with a ball. 


It has been fantastic this week that the children have brought in so many lovely things to show their friends. The children have done a fantastic job at speaking in front of the class and asking some fantastic questions. 

We have also been thinking about staying safe on the computer. I have attached some photos of some of the amazing posters which the children have produced. In maths, we have started to learn about part wholes too. 


On top of all of this, we have continued to learn about The Tiger Who Came To Tea in English but this week we have changed the story to 'The Pig who came to School'. I wonder how many of our class could re tell the story to you over the weekend? 


Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday! 


Mr O'Halloran 


Friday 2nd October 2020

Good afternoon, we have had another very busy week in Jade Class.


The week started with Mrs Hawkes finding a box whist walking her dog. The children did a fantastic job at predicting who or what the box belonged to. On Tuesday, we received a letter from a tiger saying that it was his box and that he was so glad that we had found it. The tiger also sent us a book called "The Tiger Who Came to Tea". We have used this book to do some amazing writing. We have also spent time making a story map and learning the story. I wonder if we can all tell the story without even opening the book?


We have also been learning about the < and > symbols in maths. The children know that the crocodile is very greedy so his mouth always faces the biggest amount. In science, the children were product testers for the afternoon. We looked at lots of different materials using our senses sight and touch and we thought about how people might use them. 


PE this week has been tough. We were all sweating on Wednesday and Friday after our movement skills lessons!


Jade class also had FOUR of our children receive an outstanding achievement award from Mr Reeson. WOW! I am a very proud teacher. 


I have attached to our class page the 'Look Cover Write' spelling sheet as I know a few parents have asked for more copies of this. As always if there's anything else you need or would like to speak to me about, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Mr O'Halloran




Still image for this video

Friday 25th September 2020

This week started with 'Hoopstarz' visiting Jade class. We all loved learning a new skill and it was fantastic to see all of the children enjoying themselves! 


We have also wrote some amazing captions, learned four new sounds in phonics, enjoyed reading some of our favourite books and created some very detailed family trees! 


Have a fantastic weekend! 


Mr O'Halloran


Still image for this video

Friday 18th September 2020

Good morning Jade Class! Happy Friday! 


What a fantastic week we have had. We visited the moon and wrote some fantastic lists about what we needed to take with us. We've worked really hard in maths when we have been sorting lots of objects by colour, size and shape and we have learned the ch,sh and th sounds this week in phonics. We've also had time to fit in some PE with NUFC and some parachute games. 


We also loved watching one of our friends show us some Irish dancing and looking at how we have grown from being babies. Thank you to all of the parents who sent in a baby photo. We loved looking at them and the children have done some fabulous writing about how they have changed and grown up! 


Thank you all again for a fantastic week and as always let me know if you have any questions about life in Y1! 


Mr O'Halloran 

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