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Autumn 1 Week 4

Crafts in Outside Learning. Yellow class made God’s eyes today.  They needed to listen and persevere.

Week 3 Yellow class ART.

Today we used our imaginations to think about what the Iron Man might have looked like. We made some pencil sketches and then produced a large drawing using oil pastels.

Week 3 GREEN Class

Fantastic observational drawings of leaves from our Outside Learning lesson today.  Look at the great detail and use of line.

Week 1 Yellow Class

Our new topic this term is drawing.  Exploring marks and looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh for inspiration.

Week 1 (Autumn 1 2022)

Outdoor Learning with Jade class today was cut short by the thunder and the lightening (Plus torrential rain). We still managed to identify some trees that grow in our outside are by looking at their leaves. Look at their fantastic sketches.

WELCOME BACK 2022-2023

Week 7: Summer 2 2022: Figure drawing in nursery today. We talked about all the different parts of our bodies and then the children were encouraged to draw themselves independently.

Week 7: Using ICT tools for our art work. We know how to change colour, get a new page, rub out …

Week 7: Completing our model castles.Adding features: draw bridges, arrow slits, flags …. Using different joining techniques: glue, sellotape

Week 5: Summer 2 2022: Nursery tarted making their own model castles. We started by printing the walls with large and small sponges.

Week 4: Summer 2 2022: Yellow class have been using the artist Francis Bacon as their inspiration for their collage work today.

Summer 2: Week 4: Observational paintings of dragons by Indigo class.

Summer 2: Week 2: Super collage work from ORANGE class. They looked at the work of Henri Matisse for inspiration.

Tweets from our Morpeth Mayor about our Art exhibition last term:

Summer 2: Week 1: Junk modelling and painting in Nursery class

Winner of Art competition. Work completed at home.

Platinum Jubilee Collage - Yellow Class May 2022

ART Exhibition 2021 2022: Landmarks of the North East

Entries to our art competition: Landmarks of the North East. Please come and look at the art and D&T work produced in school in the Art Exhibition in the Performing Arts room on Friday27th May 2022.

Summer 1 2022: KS2: Fabulous finished designs showing our linear sketches, tie-dye and mono prints. WOW!

SUMMER 1 WEEK 2: Today we dipped our fabric in dye, in preparation for adding mono prints next week.

SUMMER 1 2022: Yellow Class are exploring TEXTILES this term. We investigated linear lines in wood grain and used them to make our own mono print on fabric.

SUMMER 1: ART: 3D / Sculpture: Celebrating the work covered this term in KS1, KS2 and the EYFS. Displayed in the Performing Arts Room.

Spring 2 2022: Yellow class have planned, made and decorated their own cast of a piece of footwear.

Our entries into the Royal Academy Young Persons Art Competition 2022 - please see below

Sycamore Gap JADE CLASS - Year 1

Purple Class COQUET ISLAND - Year 1 / 2

Bamburgh Castle GREEN CLASS - Year 2

The Tyne Bridge YELLOW CLASS - Year 3

Orange Class LINDISFARNE - Year 3 / 4


SPRING 2: WEEK 4: Independent picture frames made by Purple class using natural materials.

GREEN CLASS OUTSIDE LEARNING: Using art & outdoor learning to show the different parts of a plant.

Spring 2: Week 3: Nursery: Using shapes to create our own picture ideas

SPRING 2 2022: ORANGE CLASS: This term we are investigating SCULPTURE. Today the children learnt how to make a coil, clay pot. we love how differently they all turned out.

SPRING 2 2022: Week 1: INDIGO CLASS have been making sculptures from natural materials in their outdoor learning today.

Spring 1 2022: Week 7: NURSERY CLASS: Investigating prints made by different objects.

SPRING 1 2022: WEEK 5: Yellow Class made their own 'COLLOGRAPH' print blocks.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 6: Jade Class made their own printing blocks

SPRING 1: WEEK 4: ART in KS2: Designing and making our own Press Print Relief blocks.

SPRING 1: WEEK 4: ART: Exploring figure drawing in the nursery. We talked about how to hold our pen (nip / flick / grip) and all the different parts of our bodies.

SPRING 1: ART: PAINTING: Celebrating the work covered this term in KS1, KS2 and the EYFS. Displayed in the Performing Arts Room.

AUTUMN 2: KS2 PAINTING: Turner inspired landscapes

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 7: Examples of art work for Blue Sea & Blue Sky this term

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 6: Our Christmas cards this year. We have used techniques learnt in both drawing and painting this Autumn term.

Autumn 2: Week 5: INDIGO class experimenting with 'joining' materials. We created our own Christmas decorations, using sellotape, staplers and PVA glue.

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 4: Orange Class work in the style of Georgia O'Keefe (Art & Outdoor Learning)

AUTUMN 2: Week 4: Expressive Arts & Design: Printing in the nursery during 'Occupations Week'. We used Duplo bricks to print a wall and had to follow a repeating pattern.

CONGRATUALTIONS to one of our pupils in Purple Class for being a runner up in RAF Boulmer's Christmas card competition.

A message from the organiser at RAF Boulmer

I just wanted to send a quick note to say a massive thank you to Mrs Roberts and all the kids who sent in an entry for our recent competition. They were lovely and I’m so grateful for the effort they, their parents and you all went to!

 Thank you again for your participation and we hope to see entries from Morpeth All Saints again next year.

 Kind regards (and an early Merry Christmas!)

 Jennifer Robinson


Autumn 2: Week 2: Yellow Class: Work completed over two weeks (please see Yellow Class class pages). Week one and then week two.