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Autumn 2: Week 5: INDIGO class experimenting with 'joining' materials. We created our own Christmas decorations, using sellotape, staplers and PVA glue.

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 4: Orange Class work in the style of Georgia O'Keefe (Art & Outdoor Learning)

AUTUMN 2: Week 4: Expressive Arts & Design: Printing in the nursery during 'Occupations Week'. We used Duplo bricks to print a wall and had to follow a repeating pattern.

CONGRATUALTIONS to one of our pupils in Purple Class for being a runner up in RAF Boulmer's Christmas card competition.

A message from the organiser at RAF Boulmer

I just wanted to send a quick note to say a massive thank you to Mrs Roberts and all the kids who sent in an entry for our recent competition. They were lovely and I’m so grateful for the effort they, their parents and you all went to!

 Thank you again for your participation and we hope to see entries from Morpeth All Saints again next year.

 Kind regards (and an early Merry Christmas!)

 Jennifer Robinson


Autumn 2: Week 2: Yellow Class: Work completed over two weeks (please see Yellow Class class pages). Week one and then week two.

AUTUMN 1: ART: DRAWING: Celebrating the work covered this term in KS1, KS2 and the EYFS. Displayed in the Performing Arts Room.

Autumn1 2021: Yellow Class: Observational drawing skills

CONGRATULATIONS to all the children who entered the Royal Mail Stamp competition. You got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Nursery Outdoor Learning Art

Pictures made out of found, natural materials.  Can you tell what they are?  Castles and people.

ORANGE CLASS: Outside Learning: Looking at objects in detail and using them in our landscapes.

Jade Class - Responding to a story using art 

Yellow Class - DRAWING: Reflecting and improving our previous art work.

KS2 ART collaborative work using the artist John Brunsdon as our inspiration.

Summer 2021 A celebration of our work in Art and D&T this term

ART: COLLAGE: Summer Term 2 

Our assessment focus this term has been on collage, a skill we covered in Spring this year.  All children were asked to make a sunflower head using collage materials.  The finished sunflowers were used to make replicas of one of Van Gogh's famous sunflower paintings.

Jade Class (Year 1)

Purple Class (Year 1 / 2)

Green Class (Year 2)

Yellow Class (Year 3)

Orange Class (Year 3 / 4)

Red Class (Year 4)

Celebrating our core values 2020 - 2021. Every class designed and made a picture that expressed one of our values.

Harvest Collections for Wansbeck Valley Food Bank October 2020

School Council Peace Pole Project 2020

Remembrance Path 2019 created by our pupils

LEGO club - Friday dinnertime (Mrs Steel / Mrs Roberts). Today our letter of the week was 'o'. We made oceans, octopodes, Octonaut vehicles and the letter 'o'

Year 4 Tennis Team - Morning Winners 30.4.19

Food Bank Appeal January 2019 with our School councillors

Spring 1 LEGO CLUB is Jade Class. Today we made objects that begin with a 'r' and a picture of their face.

Talk Like a Pirate Day and Captain Raggy Beard

Today at LEGO club the lucky dip challenge was to make a house for a Lego figure to fit inside.

LEGO club started today. This term it is Green Class. Our 'Lucky Dip' challenge was to make a picture of a face.

Royal Wedding Street Party 18 May 2018