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At Morpeth All Saints our children work extremely hard and continuously strive to display positive behaviours and attitudes.  We respect, value and celebrate these attributes in lots of different

ways both with class based and whole school reward systems and structures.  




Our rewards begin within the classroom with positive verbal praise and encouragement.  Stickers are given out by class teachers for lots of different reasons such as children completing outstanding work, for displaying positive attitudes and behaviours both in lessons and around school and so on.





Teachers are also able to give out ‘Outstanding Achievements’.  These are recorded in the children’s ‘Outstanding Record of Achievement’ booklet which is issued in Reception (or upon a child starting our school) and follows them up to Year 4. When an ‘Outstanding Achievement’ is awarded, the class teacher will log the reason for the award in their ‘Outstanding Record of Achievement’, sign it and send the child to the headteacher to present their award. The headteacher will give out a special headteacher sticker and retain the child’s ‘Outstanding Record of Achievement’.  Each Friday in Celebration Assembly, all children who have achieved an ‘Outstanding Achievement’ that week will be invited to the front, will share with the whole school what they did to achieve this award, receive a round of applause and will be given a very special ‘Headteacher Golden Award’ sticker.  Each time a child gains 5 ‘Outstanding Achievements’, they will be given a prize.  The prizes are items of stationary which will make up a complete pencil case after 40  ‘Outstanding Achievements’  have been achieved.  At least one child from each class will achieve an ‘Outstanding Achievement’ each week but there could be more!



At Morpeth All Saints we continuously strive for amazing presentation, handwriting and have high expectations of ourselves!  With this in mind, a ‘Handwriter of the Week’ and/or ‘Most Improved Handwriter of the Week’ may be presented in Celebration Assembly.  These may or may not be given out every week in all classes as these are reserved for exceptional work!   When a child is chosen for either of these awards, they must present their work to the headteacher before the certificate is signed and awarded. 











After October half term we will be introducing House Points.  Being Morpeth All Saints, our houses will be St. James, St. Aidan, St.. Mary (parish links) and St. Cuthbert.  When children display positive behaviours, attributes and/or outstanding work, they may be given house points.  Points will be added to a chart within classrooms over the week.  House points can be awarded by all members of staff and not just the child’s class teacher. Before Celebration Assembly each Friday, the points will be collected from each class, totalled and the winning house revealed.  An instant reward will be given in assembly and a termly reward given for the house which has won the most that term.  When allocating children into houses, siblings will be placed into the same house.    




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As Headteacher of Morpeth All Saints Church of England First School, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our vibrant, caring and happy school. At Morpeth All Saints we strive to enable all children within our care to achieve their very best, fully utilising their God given gifts and talents.

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Together We Flourish (John 10:10)
Together We Flourish (John 10:10)


A very warm welcome to Morpeth All Saints CE First School. We aim to provide each child with the opportunity to achieve his or her potential. We hope you enjoy looking at our website. At Morpeth All Saints we believe everyone should be treated with respect, friendship, forgiveness, love and honesty.