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Outdoor Learning

SUMMER TERM 2: Week 3: Orange & Red Class Gardening Club: Last term red class planted sunflowers. Only a few of them grew so today they were transplanted into the nursery bed of wild flowers. We have given red class some more sunflower seeds to have another go, growing at home!

SUMMER TERM 2: Week 3: Green Class Gardening Club: Today we helped water all the raised beds and tubs around the school ground. We have had no rainfall all week.

SUMMER TERM 2: Yellow Class Week 3: Planting seeds: Spring onions and outdoor cress.

SUMMER 2: Week 3: Purple Class: Planting out baby leeks and looking after the vegetable and fruit beds. Our first harvest of radishes. Where do the weeds come from?

SUMMER 2: Week 2: Green Class: Today we filled the planters around school with summer bedding plants.

SUMMER 2: WEEK 2: Red Class: Today we continued working on the Butterfly Garden.

WOW! Gardening club have been doing a FABULOUS job. Look at all the fruit and vegetables we are growing in our school garden.

Wildflowers in the Nursery Flower bed

SUMMER 2: Week 2: Yellow Class: Staking out the sunflowers and weeding the Nursery wildflower bed.

Summer 2 Week 2 Purple Class: Potting up lupin seedlings and watering the 'Reflection Area',

Summer 2 Week 1 Green Class Gardening Club

Green class gardening club helped Mrs Roberts weed the KS1 bed today.  We removed all the weeds competing with our peas and broad beans.  We also had to cover up the radishes that had been uncovered by the birds.  After all our hard work we also watered all the vegetable beds.  We have not had any rain for ages!

Summer 2 Week 1 Yellow & Red Class Gardening Club

Yellow and Red class gardening club members helped Mrs Baker in the ‘Butterfly Garden’ today.  It has become very over grown and some of the shrubs need cutting right back.  They worked super hard and seemed to enjoy their work.

THANK YOU to a young man in Purple class who has donated a Yuka plant to his classroom. It is a stem that broke off from a larger plant. We planted it into a bigger container after carefully looking at the roots, stem and shoots. Hopefully it will grow as big as the plant it came from.

SUMMER 2 Gardening Club Purple Class

Week 1  Today we weeded the sweetcorn and courgette bed.  The lawn mower had thrown grass cuttings all over the soil so we cleared away that and all the weeds competing with our vegetable plants.  They did a great job and then helped water them.  It's hard to believe that the sweetcorn will grow as high as Mrs Roberts!

SUMMER 2 Gardening Club Yellow Class

Week 1

Today we spent our session clearing and weeding the KS2 vegetable bed after the half term holiday.  We talked about our own experiences of gardening - from planting sunflowers in nursery, broad beans in Purple class and also how we garden at home (sunflowers, strawberries, pumpkins ...)

The children also helped water a few beds due to the lack of rain recently.

Summer 1 Week 7

THANK YOU to both Red class and Jade class for your efforts in Gardening Club this term.  You have been great!  The Reflection Area looks fantastic and we have lots of fruits and vegetables starting to grow.

Good work

Mrs Roberts

Summer 1 Week 7: Yellow class Gardening Club

Summer 1 Week 7: Purple Class Gardening Club

Summer 1 Week 7

Purple Class

Today we weeded all the vegetable beds.  We have had lots of rain which has made the weeds grow tall.  We need to remove them so that are seedlings will have room to grow.  We are growing peas, broad beans, radishes, lettuce, carrots, squash and sweetcorn.

We also planted some flowers – Cosmos and Calendula and Jenson brought us a tomato plant from his Grandma’s greenhouse.  We put it in a bigger tub so that it has more room to grow.  Thank you Jenson (and your Grandma too!)


Yellow Class

Today the boys did some ‘GORILLA’ gardening.  They have planted sunflowers in a secret part of our school grounds (helped by Walter – the cat!)

See if you can spot them starting to grow.


NEW GROWTH - Look at what we are growing in the school garden:

Summer 1 Week 6 Yellow Class Gardening Group

Week 6 Gardening Club


Purple Class

Today we went on a 'secret' mission sowing seeds around the school grounds.  Hopefully you should spot lots of sunflowers in the next few months.


Yellow Class

Today the boys, very carefully potted on some Ox eye daisy seedlings grown by Mrs Roberts.  We looked carefully at the plant structure and discussed why we had to be SO careful when transplanting the seedlings.  All the boys followed the instructions well and all the seedlings survived.  Thank you.

Summer 1 Week 6 Purple Group Gardening Group

Summer 1 Week 5 Jade Gardening Group

Week 5 Gardening Club


Red Class

The boys and Mrs Baker have been doing a fabulous job replanting the 'Reflection Area'.  we have lots of new types of plants that should hopefully fill the space and give the children a more varied range of plants to study throughout the year.


Jade Class

Today the boys planted out the sweetcorn and squash that they grew from seed.  We know what they need to survive and linked our work to this terms topic in Science.

Summer 1 Week 5 Red Class Gardening Group

Summer 1 Week 5 Purple Class Gardening Club

Summer 1 Week 5 Yellow Class Gardening Club

Gardening Club Summer 1 Week 5

Purple Class

Today we renewed the pots of flowers that you see when you come into the main school yard.  We emptied all the existing beds and hunted / dug out all the bulbs that were hiding in the soil.  We then replanted the bulbs and  some geraniums that last terms gardening club grew.

Hopefully they will make a lovely display in a few weeks time.

Yellow Class

Today the boys planted lettuce and carrot seeds in the Key Stage 2 raised bed.  The boys watched Mrs Roberts explain and then did their own row independently.  They then split into two groups.  One planted some of the geraniums in the flower bed in the Early Years yard and the other planted some more radishes, kindly donated by Mrs Branwell.


Summer 1 Week 4 Gardening Club Red Class

The boys planted broad beans that had been grown for us by Mrs Branwell.  Mrs Baker showed the boys how to carefully transplant the beans into the correct position in the raised beds.  The boys watered them in and hopefully they will produce many beans.

SUMMER 1 Week 4 Gardening Club Jade Class

Today we moved the lavender plants and used them to line the path to the reflection area.  The boys helped to dig the new holes and carefully dig up the plants.  We found lots of worms, a sign of healthy soil.  

We also planted some primulas that have kindly been donated to school.

Summer 1 Week 3 Gardening Club Red Class

Summer 1 Week 3 Gardening Club Jade Class

Our work this week has been on tidying up and replanting the 'Reflection Area'.  The boys in Jade class planted some radish and broad bean seedlings today in the Key Stage 1 bed and the boys in Red class, plated some new shrubs behind the bench.  We will take another photo when all our hard work is complete.

THANK YOU to The Morpeth Litter Group for all the hard work cleaning up our town. A member of Jade Class was interview by Look North (29.04.21)

Nursery Class finding about about God's Beautiful World and cleaning up the litter that makes it untidy!

Summer 1 Week 3 Gardening Club

Today we focused our efforts on the 'Reflections Area'.  We have decided not to put the poppy stones back down and to recycle them in our butterfly garden (Which we are revamping this summer with the ECO COUNCIL).

Purple class helped moved the stones to a central area and then careful, using trowels dug up, any other stones they could locate, hiding in the butterfly garden.

They showed fantastic co-operation and quick thinking, using their own ideas to move the stones in a more efficient way.  We learnt about why some materials work well, because they are waterproof and also about bulbs.  We planted some grape hyacinths that had been taken out of a tub by nursery (recycling!).


Yellow Class  learnt how to use the large forks, to turn the compacted soil.  It was tricky and we had to remember our safety rules.  These keep us and others safe.  The boys helped clear leaves and prune the rest of the shrubs in the area.  It was hard work and we didn't quite finish but we worked well as a team and had great conversations about: why we kept finding worms, planting bulbs and plants that may be harmful to people.

Summer 1 Week 3 Gardening Club Yellow Class

Summer 1 Week 3 Gardening Club Purple Class

EXCITING NEWS - We think we have birds nesting in our swift boxes.  See if you can spot them.

Emerging new seedlings - sweetcorn and sunflowers

Summer 1 Week 2: Jade class - today we were finding the poppy stones hidden in the refection area border, ready to clean and replant. We also planted sweetcorn seeds.

Summer 1 Week 2 Red Class Gardening Club: Clearing the reflection area of leaves, pruning buddleia plants and weeding the border.

Indigo Class: Planting sunflower seeds in the nursery raised bad and the tubs outside their yard.

Summer 1 Week 1

Today the new members of club had a quick tour of the school garden.  They found out about all the different plants and what each raised bed was growing.

Today’s jobs involved weeding one of the fruit beds and watering the wild flower bed, strawberries, peas, lettuce and carrots.


The children found lots of interesting mini-beasts, discussed the blossom and what it might turn into and also their own ‘gardens’ at home.



The children helped finish off the weeding of the fruit bed, they gave the lavender a ‘haircut’ and then replanted them.  They also planted some flowers called ‘cosmos’.  The boys also helped water other parts of the garden that were dry.  The boys told me about their gardens and were asked to name a plant that grew there.  They talked about jasmine, sunflowers, strawberries, bamboo and apple trees.


Thank you for your help

Purple Class Group

Gardening Club: Purple Class members

Yellow Class group

Gardening Club: Yellow Class members

Gardening Club: JADE Class - Today we weeded the fruit bed in the school garden. We found a caterpillar hiding on the soil. RED Class: The boys had a choice of tidying the fallen leaves or repotting sunflowers and pumpkins.

Summer Week 1: INDIGO CLASS Over the past few weeks children in the nursery have been preparing the nursery bed in our school garden for sowing wild flower seeds.  Look at all their wonderful work.

THANK YOU to all last terms 'Gardeners' for all your help last term.

This week in gardening club we caught up with the seeds we'd planted before the Easter break.  Our sweetcorn, pumpkin and squash are growing well.  Our sunflowers have grown a little too tall due to too much heat but we should be able to recue them by keeping them cooler now we are back at school.  unfortunately our cauliflowers died due to lack of water (they were thoroughly watered before we broke up).

Today Purple class cut back the lavender and started to dig over the Key Stage 1 bed.  They planted peas.

Yellow class repotted some sunflower seeds and planted carrots and Lollo Rosso lettuce seeds.

Great co-operation, kindness and team work shown by all.  Thank you

Summer 1 Week 1: the last week of gardening for our Spring term group.

WEEK 5 GARDENING CLUB - No meeting this week due to staff changes.

Monday 22.03.21: Planting the potatoes we have been 'chitting; in Purple class. Which will grow the best? In a plastic bag or a metal pot?

Week 4 Gardening Club: Planting seeds and a sweet potato! Apparently you can grow a houseplant from a sweet potato. Just sit its bottom in water and watch it grow!

The children were all involved in assessments at gardening time this week so Mrs Roberts prepared some pots ready for sowing seeds and the children came and helped during their dinner hour (THANK YOU)


Purple class planted a huge tray of sweetcorn. 

Yellow class planted: sunflowers, pumpkins, squash and cauliflowers.

Hopefully after Easter we will see some new growth!


HABITATS: Purple class clearing the pond area of leaves after our class lesson about the pond and the creatures and plants who live in it.

Week 3 Gardening Group

Today we worked on the school garden.  Our first job was to plant some geraniums to cheer up the planters around the school.  The children were shown how to do this and then encouraged to do this on their own.

Our next job was to clear the strawberry bed, started on the herb bed and pruned the currant bushes.  The children found snails, millipedes, worms, woodlice ... and worked well taking the dead plant material to the compost bin and back.


WEEK 2 GARDENING CLUB - No meeting this week due to staff changes.

WELL BEING & NO SCREEN DAY (Friday 26th February 2021) Today we started to clear the Reflection Area of dead leaves and planted some trees / saplings into the patch of grass next to the rear yard exit.

YELLOW CLASS helped to plant a hedge of mixed evergreen and deciduous saplings at the side of the 'Quiet Area'. Here is a 'BEFORE' photo.

Here is what we did - and an AFTER photo.