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Outdoor Learning

SPRING 1 2022: Green Class Outdoor Learning

In OUTSIDE LEARNING Green class found out all about The RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch.  They learnt how to identify birds that they might see and made bird feeders, to take home.  They took part in the BBC Winter Watch Live Lesson and identified the different parts of birds, read and used information off bar charts and learnt how to use a classification key

SPRING 1 2022: WEEK 4: Exploring 'LIGHT' through nursery rhymes and outside learning.

SPRING 1 2022: Yellow Class: Learning how to use a spade

Digging over the old herb bed

SPRING 1 2022: Week 3: Purple Class Outdoor Learning today. We have learnt how to identify birds that we might see in our school grounds. We learnt new words to describe and classify them, such as crown, breast, claws .. We made bird feeders and also completed a bird survey.

SPRING 1 2022 2022: Red & Orange Class Gardening Club: When uncovering the herb bed today we found a family of field mice. We left the bed so they could move and find a new home.

So we started clearing the EYFS yard vegetable area.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 3: Nursery: Using the ipads to take and edit videos and photographs.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 2: JADE CLASS Outdoor Learning: We learnt all about the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. This involved identifying and counting birds, making bird feeders for home and school and how we display data in bar charts

Spring 1 2022: Week 2: GARDENING CLUB with Red and Orange Class. Today we helped to tidy and prepare the 'Quiet Area' of our school playground for the children in Jade class. i

SPRING 2022: A beautiful start to this year. A robin sang to the afternoon nursery. WOW!

Getting ready for the:

Enticing the birds into our Outdoor Learning area.

AUTUMN 7: Gardening Club: Blue Sea and Blue Sky: Thank you to all of reception class for such great help this half term. We ended our last session by weeding the pots at the main entrance and adding a few new flowers.. They look fantsatic

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 7: Indigo Class 'Outside Learning' session. We enjoyed a number of activities today - decorating a stick Christmas tree, making bird food, icicles and planting trees. the children were very creative with their own independent play too!

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 7: Nursery class helped Ms Cameron plant a row of Silver Birch trees. These saplings have been donated by Northumberland county Council.

AUTUMN 2: Week 6: BLUE CLASS helped to clear the nursery wildlife garden. Hard work but lots of fun.

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 5: Tree Planting. Today Orange class helped plant a copse of Rowan, Wild Cherry and Hawthorn as part of our creation of an outside learning area.

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 5: Orange Class: Outside Learning / Science: Investigating soil formation and carrying out a 'fair test'.

AUTUMN 2: Week 5: BLUE CLASS: Preparing the circle for our planting of a copse of trees

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 5:Investigating how ice is made

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 4: Gardening Club with Blue Class

Today in gardening club we were preparing some branches to make a wooden, natural Christmas tree for our Outside Learning area.  The children helped select and strip the branches of whips and then thread them into the frame made of string.  Great job and lots of fun pretending to be reindeers on our way back to class.  can you see them galloping through the arches?

AUTUMN 2: Week 3: Celebrating INTERFAITH Week by making our Mandala symbols out of natural materials.

AUTUMN 2: Week 3: Indigo Gardening club

AUTUMN 2 : Week 2: Indigo Class Gardening Club

Clearing the KS2 raised bed and harvesting the squash.  We found lots of wiggly worms like in the song 'There's a worm at the bottom of the garden'.

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 2: Harvesting our carrots planted by last years GARDENING CLUB. Thank you - now you get to eat your own 'school grown' carrots.

Autumn 2: Week 2: BLUE CLASS Gardening Club

Today we were so busy.  We had a new group of children from Ms Thwaites class.  The boys helped cover the pond to stop it filling with leaves.  Planting cabbages and harvesting sweetcorn.

Autumn 2: Week1: the first meeting of our Eco Committee this term. Please see the attached meeting agenda and job for this first terms meeting.

The pictures above show the area at the front of the school just behind the Early Years yard.  Mrs Roberts already uses it on a weekly basis with the nursery but we would like to develop it more so that the whole school can use it as an Outside Learning space.

Each class has been asked to answer the questions below:

What would you like to see built here?  We already have the hard standing for a fire pit.  What else could we add?  Let your imaginations go wild!  Write a list or draw pictures /or a map?

Autumn term Meeting 1 (04.11.21)

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 1: A visit from a very cheeky, tame magpie. He even had a drink out of one of our tyres, only a metre away from the children watching


Thank you for all your help this term.  You have been a fantastic gardening team.


We started work on the garden in EYFS beds.  We stripped the rotten. wooden edging from  around the garden and then started weeding and digging up the soil.  Lots of ‘finds’ - empty snail shells, mint, strawberries, earwigs...


WEEK 6: OUTDOOR LEARNING: An Autumn Walk for the nursery children

Today we went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds.  We each had our own bucket and were asked to collect any items we found.  We talked about the changes we could see happening and after we had eaten our snack we emptied our buckets and took a picture of what we had collected.


Green class helped strip and plant whips to make new arches for our outdoor learning area.  These are an experiment to see if they will root and grow.  Thank you - you worked hard, stripping the leaves from the whips.



Our first Outdoor Learning session this year!

Over the next three weeks Orange class will be learning ART and FRENCH through OUTSIDE LEARNING.  In art we have been continuing our work inspired the artist John Brunsdon and looking really closely at objects and then the wider landscapes.  In French we have been learning our colours and numbers in a 'colour' treasure hunt.



With the weather being bad and all the torrential rain we decided to look forward to next year.  We thought about all the fruit and vegetables we might like to grow in our raised beds.

It made us think about where and how certain fruit are grown.


Today we have been clearing the leaves from the beds in the Reflection Area ready to plant bulbs.  We found lots of interesting creatures and talked about hibernation (ladybirds, frogs, hedgehogs ...)


In gardening club today we worked on making the Reflection Area look neat and tidy.  We dead headed the flowers and planted some bulbs, that will hopefully grow next Spring.

GREEN CLASS - Gardening Club

Today we have been planting pansies (as requested by the children last week) in the planters we cleaned out in Wk2.  We also planted strawberry runners in a new trough.  This is a great idea - you do not need to buy new plants!

PURPLE CLASS - Gardening Club

Today we weeded and cleaned out the KS1 raised bed.  It now looks fantastic and is all ready for winter.  We even added a layer of manure to improve the soil.

We also snipped off the runners from the strawberry plants.  this mean we can grow new ones next year.

WOW - this hedgehog had a lucky escape from being trampled on! He was curled up in the leaves on our school field. Thank you to the Dinner Nanny who rescued him!

LOOK what we found hiding in the raised beds. Some of the sunflowers have also grown taller than Mrs Roberts!

GREEN CLASS - Gardening Club

Thank you Green class members for helping Mrs Roberts clean out and replant the bulbs in the planters at the entrance to our school.  Good job!

PURPLE CLASS - Gardening Club

Todays group helped Mrs Roberts take all the dead flowers off the plants in our Reflection area.  We call this 'dead heading'.  We had to be very careful with the scissors and also make sure we completed the challenge Mrs Roberts gave us.  The challenge was to make sure they counted three dead flowers before they put them in the bin.  Great counting team!

JADE CLASS - Gardening Club

Today we worked in the fruit garden and harvested the plums.  We picked some off the tree but also sorted them into those that we could eat (edible) and those that had gone rotten.  W had so many that we took them back into school and gave a bowl to Jade class and a bowl to nursery.

NEW SCHOOL YEAR 2021 - 2022

Harvesting our produce - Week 6 (2021)

Broad beans harvested by Nursery children. Thank you

(Mrs Roberts is unfortunately isolating this week so cannot be in school).  

The red and black currants will be ready in the next few weeks so Mrs Ramshaw and Mrs Roberts will harvest and make jam to bring in to school for the children in September.

Why not take part in the 'Big Butterfly Count'?

The Big Butterfly Count is a nationwide citizen science survey aimed at helping us assess the health of our environment. It was launched in 2010 and has rapidly become the world's biggest survey of butterflies.

The Big Butterfly Count 2021 runs from Friday 16 July to Sunday 8 August. Just ask Mum or Dad to download the app.  It takes 15 minutes to complete and can be done as many times as you want. 

Even if you see no butterflies the data you log is really important.

Over 111,500 citizen scientists took part in 2020, submitting 145,249 counts of butterflies and day-flying moths from across the UK.

SUMMER TERM: Week 5: Green Class weeding the vegetable beds. We found lots of new growth: courgettes, strawberries, black currants and red currants

SUMMER TERM: Week 4 Red Class: We have had no rain for five days so today we watered the raised beds and the butterfly garden. We also weeded in amongst the vegtables.

SUMMER TERM: Week 4 Green Class: We have had no rain for five days so today we watered the reflection area and the raised beds.

SUMMER TERM 2: WEEK 4: Purple and Yellow group weeded the Reflection Area and planted oxe-eye daisies and penstemon plants that we had grown.

Summer Term 2: Yellow Class take part in the Radio 2 Design a Bee Garden competition

SUMMER TERM 2: Week 3: Orange & Red Class Gardening Club: Last term red class planted sunflowers. Only a few of them grew so today they were transplanted into the nursery bed of wild flowers. We have given red class some more sunflower seeds to have another go, growing at home!

SUMMER TERM 2: Week 3: Green Class Gardening Club: Today we helped water all the raised beds and tubs around the school ground. We have had no rainfall all week.

SUMMER TERM 2: Yellow Class Week 3: Planting seeds: Spring onions and outdoor cress.

SUMMER 2: Week 3: Purple Class: Planting out baby leeks and looking after the vegetable and fruit beds. Our first harvest of radishes. Where do the weeds come from?

SUMMER 2: Week 2: Green Class: Today we filled the planters around school with summer bedding plants.

SUMMER 2: WEEK 2: Red Class: Today we continued working on the Butterfly Garden.

WOW! Gardening club have been doing a FABULOUS job. Look at all the fruit and vegetables we are growing in our school garden.

Wildflowers in the Nursery Flower bed

SUMMER 2: Week 2: Yellow Class: Staking out the sunflowers and weeding the Nursery wildflower bed.

Summer 2 Week 2 Purple Class: Potting up lupin seedlings and watering the 'Reflection Area',