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Outdoor Learning

Week 4: Summer 2: Blue class gardening club helped clear and water the onion bed. We found some beetroot plants hiding! We also picked a box full of gooseberries.

Summer 2: Week 4: 2022: Today in nursery we went on a walk around the school gardens and playing field to find natural materials to go in our potions. We had read 'What is in the witches' kitchen?' by Nick Sharratt

"Make a potion, Make a potion, Stir it round, Stir it round, Sprinkle on some __________, Sprinkle on some __________, Whizz, Bang Pop, Whizz, Bang, Pop".

Week 3: Summer 2: Blue class planted nurseries bean plants and planted up the pots in our reflection area.

Week 3: Summer 2; Blue class gardening club. Today we cleared a bed in the main school garden preparing it in readiness for putting in the nurseries bean plants. We also dead headed the beautiful calendula flowers to make more grow!

We also spotted: gooseberries, strawberries and black currants. We gave them a water. With a little more sunshine they will be ready to eat soon!

Week3: Summer 2: Using maps in Indigo class today. The bear had hidden some treasure for us to find. We then made maps and hid our own treasure chests. 'X' marks the spot!

Week 2: Summer 2: THANK YOU to our local BEAVER (SCOUT) colony..

The Beaver colony offered to come and help in our Outside Learning area.  They moved wood chip to mulch the new tree saplings, increased the habitat pile, dug the trench and played lots of games.  We are looking forward to the next time you visit..

Week 2: Summer 2: Using SPOTTER books and sheets to record what we find in nursery Outdoor Learning.

BLUE CLASS: Gardening Club: Week 1 Summer 2: Today we added new seedlings to the EYFS raised beds.

Red class - Week 1 Summer 2: OUTSIDE LEARNING

Summer 1 Week 5 2022: Nursery Outside Learning: Using the outdoor space - creating houses for the three pigs (last weeks nursery theme), creating obstacle courses for jumping and balancing, hiding in the long grass, moving logs, going camping and even eating pizza! Wow - we were busy today.

Summer 1 Week 4: Look what is growing in our school garden; wild flowers, cabbages, carrots, leeks, beetroot, onions, strawberries currants ...

Summer 1 Week 4 2022: Today Jade & Purple class combined for Gardening club and helped weed the KS1 cabbage patch. We found some oak and calendula seedlings hidden in amongst the weeds. We also raised the netting to try and stop butterflies laying their eggs on our cabbage leaves. Look at the 'before' and 'after' shots. Well done.

SUMMER 1: Week 3: GREEN class Outdoor Learning. Fabulous creations made to day when given the challenge of creating a 'safe' place to keep an egg.

SUMMER 1 2022: Indigo class: Today the children decided what activities they wanted to do. Look at what they selected:

SUMMER 1 2022: Purple class Gardening club: Today we mulched the butterfly garden. Lots of co-operation and super manners when walking through the EYFS yard.

SUMMER 1 2022: PURPLE class outdoor learning. Today we made 'safe places' for the mystery creature inside the egg. The children had to think about the materials they used and also how to keep the egg safe from predators.

SUMMER 1 2022: Week 1: JADE Outside Learning: Moving out 'mountain' of wood chip and making gifts for our creature (in the mystery egg)!

The children made nests, toys, musical instruments, homes, slime ...

SUMMER 1: WEEK 1: Jade gardening club helped clean out and replant the pots at the entrance to our school. They added bulbs for spring next year too!

Summer 1: Week 1: Nursery planted woodland plants kindly donated to us for our new Forest School area. Mrs Cameron dug a trench and had lots of helpers planting and watering.

We also noticed lots of new growth!

THANK YOU to the Woodland Trust: We applied and were lucky enough to be awarded with over one hundred new trees, which will arrive in November 2022.

RED CLASS: OUTDOOR LEARNING WEEK 6: Thinking about our new Forest School area and moving the wood chip to make our new wood floor.

SPRING 2: WEEK 6: Planting seedlings and dwarf green beans

WEEK 6: SPRING 2 2022: A fantastic song from a blackbird spotted whilst nursery were bird watching this afternoon..


Still image for this video

Spring 2 2022: Week 5: Eco Committee took part in the Keep Britain Tidy Great Spring Clean Up.

SPRING 2: WEEK 5: Nursery class went on a 'MINI BEAST HUNT'. What did they find? worms, earwigs, millipedes, woodlice, spiders, beetles ...

SPRING 2: WEEK 4: Yellow class gardening club. Helping to move more wood chip and feeding the birds.

SPRING 2: WEEK 4: Red & Orange gardening club helped move the woodchip around our new saplings. They have been given a cardboard collar which will hopefully control the grass. The woodchip acts as a mulch to cool the soil and reduce evaporation. Plus it looks wonderful!

SPRING 2: WEEK 4: Purple Class have been using natural materials to make their own framed pictures of plants. This work is linked to their work in science about naming the different parts of plants.

THANK YOU to Mrs Baker for securing us a mountain of woodchip! We are going to use it to create a large shrub bed alongside the EYFS yard and also in the new raised beds in the EYFS area. Yellow class gardening group moved six loads. What a great job!

RED & ORANGE CLASS GARDENING CLUB: Clearing the herb beds together.

NURSERY OUTSIDE LEARNING: Today we used the story about Zach the duck as a stimulus to build nests. The children led their learning and we ended up making a nest for a pterodactyl!

RED & ORANGE CLASS Gardening Club: Week 2: SPRING 2: Working on the EYFS 'NEW' raised beds.

THANK YOU to all parents who donated their points to our school. We have bird boxes, bug hotels, new trowels, trugs and seeds to plant in the spring. Thank you to Ms Cameron for also putting them up in our outside area.

SPRING 2 2022: Nursery tried out a new way of hunting for mini beasts. We lay a white cloth under a tree and then shook the branches with long sticks. We found ladybirds, spiders, flies ...

The first day of SPRING - what a wonderful sight of new Spring bulbs in the EYFS yard.

SPRING 2 2022: WEEK 1: Red & Orange class GARDENING CLUB. Working on the EYFS new raised beds.

SPRING 2 2022: WEEK 1:YELLOW CLASS: Outside Learning. Today we found out all about how to recognise birds we might see in the school grounds. The children took part in a bird watch and made their own bird feeders.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 7: YELLOW CLASS GARDENING CLUB: Super help given tidying up the reflection area.

Spring 1 2022: Week 7: RED CLASS outdoor learning today. We made our own bird feeders out of natural resources and took part in some bird watching.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 7: Orange & Green Class Gardening Club. Today we worked on tidying the strawberry beds and continued our work on the new EYFS raised beds

SPRING 1 2022: Week 7: Investigating materials suitable to make an umbrella for Incey Wincey Spider.

SPRING 1 2022: Green Class Outdoor Learning

In OUTSIDE LEARNING Green class found out all about The RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch.  They learnt how to identify birds that they might see and made bird feeders, to take home.  They took part in the BBC Winter Watch Live Lesson and identified the different parts of birds, read and used information off bar charts and learnt how to use a classification key

SPRING 1 2022: WEEK 4: Exploring 'LIGHT' through nursery rhymes and outside learning.

SPRING 1 2022: Yellow Class: Learning how to use a spade

Digging over the old herb bed

SPRING 1 2022: Week 3: Purple Class Outdoor Learning today. We have learnt how to identify birds that we might see in our school grounds. We learnt new words to describe and classify them, such as crown, breast, claws .. We made bird feeders and also completed a bird survey.

SPRING 1 2022 2022: Red & Orange Class Gardening Club: When uncovering the herb bed today we found a family of field mice. We left the bed so they could move and find a new home.

So we started clearing the EYFS yard vegetable area.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 3: Nursery: Using the ipads to take and edit videos and photographs.

SPRING 1 2022: Week 2: JADE CLASS Outdoor Learning: We learnt all about the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. This involved identifying and counting birds, making bird feeders for home and school and how we display data in bar charts

Spring 1 2022: Week 2: GARDENING CLUB with Red and Orange Class. Today we helped to tidy and prepare the 'Quiet Area' of our school playground for the children in Jade class. i

SPRING 2022: A beautiful start to this year. A robin sang to the afternoon nursery. WOW!

Getting ready for the:

Enticing the birds into our Outdoor Learning area.

AUTUMN 7: Gardening Club: Blue Sea and Blue Sky: Thank you to all of reception class for such great help this half term. We ended our last session by weeding the pots at the main entrance and adding a few new flowers.. They look fantsatic

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 7: Indigo Class 'Outside Learning' session. We enjoyed a number of activities today - decorating a stick Christmas tree, making bird food, icicles and planting trees. the children were very creative with their own independent play too!