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Outdoor Learning


Week 1 (12th January 2021)

Today was our first session working together.  Our task was to start pruning and clearing underneath the hedge, we planted two years ago (this runs adjacent to the EYFS yard).

We started the session with a discussion about safety – clothing and tools. 

Great listening and sensible suggestions made.

Whilst working we discussed what/ why we were doing this job (to promote growth at the base of the hedge, reduce its height and therefore encourage more wildlife to use it).

FANTASTIC work - we managed to clear half of the hedge.



NURSERY - The children in morning nursery helped Mrs Roberts pick the delicious eating apples off our miniature fruit trees. We hade a visit from a robin. Can you spot him? We even ate the apples for our snack!

We have covered the beds to keep the soil warm and prevent weeds growing over the winter period. We will be working in small groups to cut back the herb and fruit beds in the next few weeks.

The end of the growing season 2020 - empty beds!

Autumn 2: Purple class have been learning about how to record the weather. We made a rain gauge. We also noticed that we have wind vanes out in the playground. These measure wind direction.

School Year 2020 - 2021

Autumn 2 (2019) Out of tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow! In the nursery today we collected acorns from an oak tree on the school playground. We took them back to nursery and all planted an acorn of our own. We gave them soil, water and will keep them warm. We hope they will start to grow soon!

We have had two beech trees donated by a local firm to the school as part of the scheme 'Gift a Tree'. At the moment we have bedded them into a temporary home but are thinking of where they might fit in our school garden. THANK YOU

New school year - 2019 to 2020. Today the nursery children went on an AUTUMN walk around our school grounds. We found lots of exciting natural materials. We found conkers, acorns, beech nut shells, sycamore seeds ...

End of term - today we picked all our broad beans, strawberries and red currants. Thank you Purple Class for all your help!

Produce from our 'Fruit' bed - black currants and strawberries.

July 2019 Today we started to think about cleaning out our school pond. Unfortunately it is covered in duck weed and algae so we made and added barley straw 'sausages' to the water. This acts as a natural algaecide and kills the algae.

Week 5 - THANK YOU to Mrs Taylor for putting up our new OUTSIDE LEARNING posters in the 'Quiet Area'. They look great. Have a look next time your passing.

They are based on the five senses.

Week 4 - Today we planted some beetroot and leeks during our Outside Learning lesson. We also took part in the Woodland Windows and Summer Spotter sheet activities.

THANK YOU for all your batteries. We have had one barrel collected and the next is over half full.

Introducing the new posters and information for the Quiet Area of our playground.  Mrs Roberts showed us the new resources that will be displayed in the Quiet Area.  We talked about why they had been chosen, where they would be displayed and how we should look after them.

The display boards are based around the five senses: SIGHT / HEARING / TOUCH / TASTE / SMELL

Morpeth Swifts celebrate their collaboration with Morpeth All Saints.

THANK YOU to Mr Sorrie. Our Swift boxes have arrived!

Our school vegetable beds are starting to produce ??? KS1 are growing broad beans and have also planted a 'green manure' so that we can feed the soil for next year. The fruit bed plants are going to give us a bumper crop of black currants and strawberries. All we need now is lots of sunshine to ripen the fruit!

24.05.19: Mr Sorrie came to school to tell us all about SWIFTs. We learnt lots of information. In the half term holidays Mr Sorrie will be fixing them to one of our school walls. Can you spot them?

May 2019 - Setting up Fungus Lab. In purple class we were given a kit to grow our own Fungus. Today we set up the mycelium and stored it in a dark, warm place for the next four weeks. We are hoping to grow our own mushrooms.

WIINERS of the Morpeth Market Competition. We had to design a postcard celebrating and welcoming people to visit Morpeth Market. Well done.

We have been given four 'swift' bird boxes to hang in our school grounds. We have painted them four different colours and painted two of them black, inside. We will hopefully be finding out if the colours make a difference - will the birds nest in a particular box? W e can't wait to find out. Thank you to Mr G. Sorrie for the kind donation. We will be having a school assembly on Friday 24th May to find out more. Watch this space!

We are collecting old baterries as part of a recycling challenge. All the children have taken home a small cardboard box to fill at home. Please bring them into school at the end of May so we can return them in our large battery!

Today in KS1 we went on MINI BEAST hunts in three different habitats around our school. Look what we found:

We completed the RSPB bird Watch today. Before we started we made our own bird hides.

KS1 took part in the BBC Live lesson today from Winter Watch. We learnt about: Living things and their habitats /Seasonal changes and adaptations and Ecosystems

INDIGO class have been learning the name of different birds and making their own bird feeders.

KS1 are taking part in the BIG SCHOOLS BIRD WATCH at the end of January. We started to learn how to identify birds and how WE need to behave to watch them!

Nursery used the story STICKMAN as a stimulus for creating their own stick pictures. Can you guess what they have made?

Red Class - The children used natural materials from the outdoor areas to make their own skeletons.

Lunch time play - The boys created their own miniature house. They showed lots of skills especially of co-operation when others wanted to join them. Well done

Nursery afternoon children helping Mrs Roberts weed the vegetable beds.

October 2018 - Identifying trees using their leaves. Purple class had to find three different leaves: an oak, a horse chestnut and a beech leaf.

The Nursery children cleared all the vegetable beds. THANK YOU for all your hard work. Look at what they found?

Winners of the 'LOST WORDS' Competition. Well done.

This term PURPLE CLASS had to make the OUTSIDE LEARNING display board in the hall. We created our own 'NATURAL' ABC...

The Nursery Outdoor Learning Display Wall

Listening Walk - Today in Outdoor Learning the nursery used their ears to: STOP and LISTEN. We heard lots of interesting sounds and found lots of autumn objects around our school grounds.

KS1 OUTDOOR LEARNING COMPETITION - Your children will have brought home one of the letters below (see copy below). The deadline is: Friday 28th September 2018

What have we grown up this year?

Fresh strawberries from the school fruit and vegetable beds. Enjoyed by all the MORNING nursery children who have been looking after the school garden this term.

Taking cuttings from our mint plants to make plants to sell at the summer fayre. We also continued to work on weeding the school vegetable beds.

Purple Class planting, weeding and moving top soil. Preparing the KS1 bed.

OUR VEGETABLE BEDS at the start of the growing season. Now is the time for us to start planting out fruit and vegetables. Mrs Cameron and the nursery children have been hard at work clearing all the beds of weeds. THANK YOU for the kind donations of plants and seeds. Watch what will happen in the next few weeks. I hope we have green fingers!

CLEAN AIR PACKS - Today we have set up two clean air monitoring tubes in the school grounds. CAn you spot them? Over the next two weeks they will register the quality of the air around our school. The data will be sent off and analysed and then returned to us. What will it show?

MORNING Children preparing the nursery vegetable plot - planting carrots, lettuce, beans, sunflowers ...

AFTERNOON nursery children

Preparing the vegetable beds ready for spring planting

Outdoor Learning - Today we took part in a 'Rainbow Treasure Hunt'. The children had to find objects that match the colour on their rainbow strip.

Northumberland Hedgehog Rescue say 'THANK YOU'

After a visit from the Northumberland Hedgehog Rescue Trust we decided to raise money for the charity as a thank you. The children collected copper coins and we used them to make pictures of different British Wildlife. Well done & a great big THANK YOU

Thursday 1st February 2018 - Today we took undertook a 10 minute bird watch. We saw wag tails, crows, wood pigeons, seagulls ... The children were very excited. We camouflaged ourselves under the fort.

You can take part in the RSPB Garden Bird Watch at home. All children in Key Stage 1 have come home with a form explaining what to do. GET BIRD WATCHING!

Getting ready for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch - Jan 2018. Today we have been making cheerio bird feeders ready to hang out for the birds when we do our bird survey. This will be on Thursday 1st February.