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Red - KS2

Welcome to KS2 - Red Class!

Your Class Teacher is:  Mrs. McLaughlin

Mrs. McLaughlin will shortly be filling this page with lots of information and pictures.

Please let Mrs. McLaughlin know if  you have any ideas for your class webpage.

WE 18.5.18

Well what a busy week we have had!

This week has been Mental Health week, Christian Aid week and British Value week (as a build up to the Royal wedding this weekend).

The children have worked hard all week on the activities they have been set.

In Maths we have started learning our Roman numerals and although this has been tricky for some people, 100% effort has been used.  We have also consolidated our knowledge on decimals and used this in problem solving involving money.

In English we have begun a new text called Henry's Freedom Box and the children have been enthralled by the story so far.  They have asked to explore the origins of slavery as a result of this text so we will try to incorporate this somewhere the rest of this term if we can.

The children have also been allocated their role in the end of year play after audition on Monday afternoon.  All children are happy with their parts and now we just need to work on our LOUD voices!

There is a letter going home tonight regarding walking to Chantry on Wednesday so please ensure you fill this in a return to school on Monday.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend in the forecast sun!

W.C 5.3.18

I hope you have all had fun in the snow over the past few days!

This week we have had lots of fun planning our own narrative poem.  We will be creating our own plate version of this too as we were inspired by the Willow Pattern Plate story.

In Maths, we have been looking at equivalent fractions and how to simplify them.  We have had lots of fun working these out.  A plea please... Please support your child in leaning their times tables.  The children who are not confident (or fluent in them) struggle in fractions, so as much practise at home as possible would be greatly appreciated.

We have also managed to get our Roman purses finished this week after a busy World Maths Day (look on the gallery page for some great photos of us working together with children from Year 1-4).  They should have all come home now for any adaptations that the children may want to make.


W.C 5.2.18

We have been learning to skip!

W.C. 29.1.18

This week we have been continuing our topic of Romans.  The children have designed and made their own mosaics.  They had great fun thinking of what design to use!

On our trip on Friday, to Live Tales, the children began planning a story together that they will be finishing next week.  The ideas they had were fantastic and all children were engaged in their writing.  It was lovely to hear the ideas that they children had and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We have been working hard at our pocket trumpet lessons too and are looking forward to performing for you at he end of the Summer term! 

Mosaic Making

Live Tales Writing Workshop

W.C. 22.1.18

This week we have been busy with our English genre of fairy tales.  The children have identified the features of a fairy tale and been able to write their own openings and improve the works of others.  We have also been focusing on addition and rounding of numbers in Maths.

The children have been researching Roman Emperors in books and using their ICT skills.

Don't forget to learn your spellings and hand in your homework books!

W.C. 8.1.18

Welcome back everyone!  It has been great to hear stories about such fantastic Christmas holidays that the children have had!

In English this week we have started the genre of Fairy Tales.  The children enjoyed sharing their favourite stories and exploring the language used in them.

In Maths we have been investigations decimals (to 1dp) and using them in our addition facts.  We have also been comparing them using our < and > signs.  Ask you child if they can give you the correct name for these signs as sometimes they get a little stuck on which one is which.

We have also started our topic of The Romans (more information will be added onto this page soon about what we will be covering).  We have identified the main cities, rivers and mountain ranges of Italy on a map using an atlas and have begun to create our own travel brochures of places of interest to visit.  A suggestion of a class trip was mentioned however I fear Miss Halliday might not quite agree to that one!

Keep your eye out on this page for the spellings for the term and extra homework sheets if you require them.

WC 13.11.14

We have been very busy this week focusing on imperative verbs in English.  We have explored their use and investigated when they are used.  The children have been asked to use them when talking to each other and see the effect they have!

In Maths we have been looking at time and applying our knowledge to problem solving.  It has been quite tricky and we have worked hard to change analogue time to 24 hour digital time.

We have been allocated the country of Malawi for our Christmas play so we have been practising our song and a letter came home this week regarding costumes etc.


W.C 11.9.17

Welcome back everyone!!!

We have begun or topic of Ancient Egyptians.  We have enjoyed exploring the roles of different member of society and trying to pronounce the names of some of the pharaohs.  In English we have begun out genre of Fables and we are currently punctuating speech correctly.  Maths has been concentrating on place value and addition using number bonds. 

Please keep your eye on this web page for spellings and extra homework.

WE 7.4.17

We have had a busy week this week before the end of term. We have completed our Greek topic and the children have been busy. We've had tag rugby training today too so our skills are improving each week.

theres no Easter homework as such but please make sure you read each day, log on to Abacus and Sumdog and complete the maths sheet if you decided to take it home. 

I hope you all have a lovely relaxing break and I will see you all bright and early on Monday 24th of April. 

WE 31.3.17

This week we have been busy finishing and evaluating our labyrinths.  We have made them into a game so look out for them on their way home tonight.  We have also taken part in the NSPCC fund raising challenge of playing board games together.  We have all had so much fun.

We haven't managed to get our spelling test done so be warned ... they will take place on Monday!

Hope you all have a great weekend and get plenty of rest for our activities next week,  Don't forget we are going to church on Tuesday so you will need to make sure you have comfortable shoes on for walking down.


Playing Board Games to Raise Money For NSPCC

WB 20.3.17

This week is STEM week. We have been taking part in a lot of activities. Here are some pictures of us carrying out some investigations. 

7.3.17 Can you light a bulb or make a buzzer sound? (Science Topic)

Electricity Safety Posters

WE 9.2.17

This week we have been busy again. On Tuesday it was e-safety day and we made some posters to help remind everyone how to stay safe online. The children in Red class paired up and went to Reception to work with the children in the iPads and reminded them how to stay safe. 

We have worked with Green Class this week too reselling them the story of Icarus and using our role play skills to act it out together.  Everyone did a fabulous job. 

In Maths we began looking at decimal numbers and what they represent. Some of us found it difficult to imagine what the number should like so, using our fraction skills, we used our tents and worked them out. This will be extended to next week. 

I hope you all got your letter about the Multi Skills Festival that we are going on on the 15th of Feb. remember your trainers to change into and your packed lunch. 

WE 3.2.17

We have finished this week all safe and sound as we have begun our sawing marathon for our labyrinths. I can't believe how much wood we have needed!

In maths we have been looking at equivalent fractions (which are really tricky!) and recognising acute, obtuse and right angles. The children have worked very hard on this and I am proud to say they are all showing how resilient they are when learning new things. 

Our 500 word stories will coming home tonight too so don't forget to get them typed onto the  website if you would like to enter the competition. 


WE 27.1.17

This week we have been very busy bees. In English we have begun our Greek Myth genre and looking at the use of powerful verb. It makes the texts so exciting when the language is so exciting! We have also been experimenting trying to pronounce all the Ancient Greek names. Did you know that there is a pattern to the spelling (at the end of the names at least!)?

in Maths we have been finding fractions of a number and we've realised how important it is to know our times table facts. 

We have planned and designed our own labyrinth in D&T and have begun the arduous take of sawing the lengths of wood we need. 

WE 16.12.16

A well deserved holiday for you all now. Thank you very much for all your lovely presents and cards for Christmas.  I hope you all have a great Christmas break and I'm looking forward to all our new exciting times ahead in 2017. Remember to keep reading everyday and log in to Abacus and Sumdog to keep on top of you Maths and reading. Our next topic is The Glorious Greeks. 

Enjoy the holidays and I hope Father Christmas visits you all on Christmas Day!

See you back at school on 3.1.17

RE Jesus is the Light Of The World

WE 9.12.16

Thank you to everyone for coming and supporting our Christmas Carol concert this afternoon. I'm sure you'll agree that the children sang brilliantly and really did themselves proud. 

We have been busy this week doing Christmas English, Maths and topic work. We have researched Christmas traditions around the world and are working on who stole the mince pie from Mrs Clause's kitchen. We have made an excellent Christmas card to bring home next week.  

On top of all that we have finally finished sewing our frog beanbags and evaluating our work. 

There are more Christmas themed activities next week and don't forget our Christmas party on Thursday (a £1 donation towards the food would be gratefully received so that we can provide enough treats for everyone - thank you). 

WE 25.11.16

This week we have begun our D and T sessions.  We have designed and begun making our beanbags.  We have had so much fun designing them and looking at the patterns we could add.  

In Literacy the children have written their own Horrid Henry stories.  You would be amazed at the standard of work they have produced.  They have certainly given Francesca Simon a run for her money.  We  have some buddy authors in the class that's for sure.

In Maths we have begun looking at fractions of shapes and numbers.  We have compared fractions and using our knowledge to apply this to problem solving.

WE 18.11.16

What great week this has been. We have been busy working on our setting for Horrid Henry and focusing on the expanded method for subtraction. The afternoons have focused on Friendship and we've all enjoyed celebrating our similarities and differences. 

Apologies for the delay in putting up spellings in case you lose them.  The whole half terms will be posted on Monday morning at the bottom of this page. 


Child Led Worship - Keep the Faith

Sound Investigation 8.11.16

RE Light and Dark Poems

WE 4.11.16

Welcome back everyone! 

We have started our new genre in Literacy and we are focusing on Horrid Henry. We have written some fantastic sentences using our prepositional language and alliteration whilst looking at the character names.  In Maths we have been using the expanded method to add and subtract 2 3-digit numbers. Well done everyone who has worked so hard this week.  If possible could you bring In some drinking straws for a science investigation next week.  Thank you!

Please make sure you all stay safe if you are visiting a bonfire display this weekend.

WE 21.10.16

After a busy half term I think you have earned yourselves a week off!  We finished our week of times tables investigations, dictionary work and food chain quizzes with an excellent rendition of 'Let It Grow' for our Harvest Festival. We hope you liked our singing!

Remember to keep up with your reading, log onto Abacus and complete the comprehension sheet and handwriting practise during the weeks holiday. 

See you all on the 31st October ready for our new Literacy topic of Stories Set in Familiar Settings.  If you have any Horrid Henry books at home please bring them in too. 

WE 14.10.16

We've been busy again this week finalising our drafts for our fables.  Our redrafting skills has dramatically improved! IN Maths we have been focusing on patterns in the 9 times table and finding out if a 3 digit number is a multiple of 9 or not. Ask your child if they can remember the trick.

Our science topic has focused on databases and classifying animals.  We had great fun thinking of our own questions to sort out the animals.

Problem Solving sessions were focused on stacking beans today and using cubes we have managed to work out how many different ways there are to stack 6 tins.

Stacking Tins

WE 7.10.16

This week we have been out at Robinwood.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are absolutely shattered.  Once we got back to school we have developed posters, newspaper articles and a PowerPoint presentation based on our experiences.  We've had great fun recalling and recounting what we have been up to.

Back to curriculum subjects next week and normal spelling tests will resume too!


This week we have been busy planning our own fables. We've had lots of fun deciding where they should be set and what traits the main characters should have. We've also been extending our sentences using a range of conjunctions. 

In Maths we've been focusing on our 6 times table and exploring strategies to use with mental calculations. 

In topic we have begun Science and focused on classifying plants found in the rainforest. Who knew that there are over 20,000 varieties of orchids!

Everyone is very excited about our trip to Robinwood next week. Make sure your bags are packed (don't forget your toothbrush 😉) and I'll see you bright and early on Monday morning! 

W/E 16.9.16

Hello everyone and welcome to Red Class!We've been having so much fun over the last couple of weeks since we have been back.  We have started our topic for this term, The Rainforest, and you will have received your homework packs on it now.  In the classroom we have been focusing on being keen Geographers and finding out where the rainforests of the world are situtaed, their climates and the threats that are being faced by them. 

Our genre for English is Aesop's Fables and the children have enjoyed exploring the morals of the stories.  Ask them if they can remember why the characters are animals and not humans.

In Maths we have been focusing on place value and addition and subtraction.

Keep up the hard work!

Here are some things you can try at home...

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