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Blue - EYFS

Welcome to Blue Sea and Blue Sky Classes!


Your Class Teachers are:  Miss Kennedy (Blue Sky) and Mrs. L. Steel (Blue Sea)

Welcome back to the new school year. We are really looking forward to getting to know you all and can't wait to find out all about you. 

We have had a wonderful first week back and are so proud of you all.

Miss Kennedy and Mrs Steel


Movement and Dance - Autumn 23.11.20

This week, in movement and dance the children learned about rhythm and spatial awareness. They engaged as a team with the parachute and they expressed themselves freely with the ribbons. They were asked to be leaves falling from the trees being tossed around the wood, twisting, twirling and jumping. The music your child listened to was Swan Lake Scene from Act 11. The music started gently, so the children made small movements, as the tempo and volume increased, their movements increased. The children had great fun with the parachute acting as the wind to shake off all of the leaves. 

Odd Sock Day 16.11.20

We had great fun sharing our odd socks, we even designed some of our own. We talked about how we are all different, we are unique and we should celebrate this. It is good to be different. 

Children in Need 13.11.20

We had a special non uniform day to raise money for Children in Need. We joined in with Joe Wickes for the last 20 minutes of his 24 hour workout. We had great fun!

Fine Motor Skills

This week we have been working really hard on our Fine Motor Skills. We had lots of messy play fun, finding and cracking open conkers.

We like to use the pattern dice to make patterns in the glitter and sand. We have been working very hard to write our names too.

Our most popular activity this week was exploring the marble run. We took extra care to use our pincer fingers to pick up the marbles.

We have also been enjoying our daily dough disco sessions. Why not try it at home?

Week Two

This week we have been reading the book 'The Colour Monster Goes To School'. We have really enjoyed the story and have even explored some colour mixing of our own.

We have been exploring our indoor and outdoor environments and getting to know each other.

This week we had our first yoga session, we were really good at telling the story of the The Three Bears through our yoga moves.

Miss Kennedy and Mrs Steel are both very proud of you all.

Week commencing 5.10.20


This week, we have been reading the story 'Leaf' by Sandra Dieckmann.

Leaf is a polar bear who floats into a forest on an iceberg. The native animals have not seen a polar bear before and are rather scared of him. Leaf just wants to go home and in his frustrations he covers himself in leaves and tries to fly off the rocks but he lands in the water. The animals decide to help Leaf and the crows fly him home. The children completed some brave writing about Leaf. 


We walked around the school grounds looking for the signs of autumn. We found an oak tree with acorns and learned how acorns are the seeds for new oak trees.  We spotted a  horse chestnut tree with its yellowy orange leaves and we had great fun picking all the conkers that had fallen to the ground. Great for our natural resources. 


Most of the sycamore trees had black spots on the leaves, which did not look healthy. The children were challenged to see if they could find out why the leaves had black spots. These trees did not have their usual helicopter seeds either. Eventually, we found a sycamore tree with healthy leaves and it had helicopter seeds. I hope you enjoy looking at our pictures.


Autumn Photographs

Week commencing 12.10.20
This week our learning was based around 'The Enormous Turnip.' In maths, we compared the mass of objects using balance scales. We learned the mathematical vocabulary lighter, heavier, lightest and heaviest. We found out which vegetable was the heaviest and which vegetable was lighter. We compared size using big, large and small in our role play and we compared length using long and short when we drew worms on the yard. 

Yoga 12.10.20

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These short clips show some of the warm up activities.


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