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Autumn Term 2 2017

Colour / Number / Letter of The Week

On the run up to Christmas we will be revisiting the number/colour/letters of the week that have been introduced. We will continue with new letters/numbers/colours  in January. Thank you

Photographs of our dress rehearsal for 'Hey Ewe'

Christmas Party Day Morning Children

Christmas Party Day Afternoon Children

The Firefighters


The Firefighters visited Nursery this week. They told us all about their important job and how they help people and animals. The firefighters talked about their special uniform. Then we all went outside and sat in the huge fire engine then we all had a turn at holding the hose.

The firefighters asked the children what they thought firefighters do........

" Save people from fires and save cats stuck up trees." (Oran)

"Drive the fire engine." (Lexi)

"Put out fires." (Jamie)


"What do we need to wear?"

"Special clothes or you will get burnt." (Grace)

"Wellies and a hat to keep your head safe." (Neve)

Parents As Partners

Christmas Craft Day

The Nativity

We have been reading The Nativity in Nursery. We then made Bethlehem from shaped card for our stable role play. We like to dress up and act out the Nativity.

Making salt dough Christmas decorations

This week we have been exploring the shape 'rectangle'. Please look below at the photographs we took on our shape hunt. We also made a wall for Humpty Dumpty to sit on - using rectangles to print with.

ICT - Today we went on a shape walk around our school to look for 'rectangles'. Look what the morning children found:

A Letter To Father Christmas


We have been writing our letters to Father Christmas this week. We chose one surprise we would like for Christmas and we drew a picture of our surprise. We then wrote our names at the bottom of the letter so Father Christmas knew who the letters were from.  We walked to our local post box and posted our letters and sang Christmas songs as we walked along. When we returned we enjoyed hot chocolate with squirty cream on top and a biscuit! It was very tasty and warmed us up. 

Our Visit From The RNLI


Graeme is a member of Newbiggin By The Sea Lifeboat crew. He came to talk to us about his role as a member of the lifeboat crew. Graeme told us all about helping people who get into difficulty in the water. He put on his lifeboat crew uniform which had a fleecy all in one suit underneath and a waterproof all in one suit on the top. He had a special helmet to keep his head safe when he is the water and it has a microphone attached so he can talk to the other members of the crew. He has a pager to tell him when he is needed at the lifeboat station. It stops in his house and buzzes when he is needed. We all tried on a life jacket and some children tried on the helmet. Thank you Graeme.

Week 5 OUTSIDE LEARNING - Today we compared the length of sticks we had collected and threaded leaves (to help our fine motor skills)

Activities inspired by our work outside - leave threading and head band making. We also used a construction set that had square cubes in it. The children used lots of shape language .

People Who Help Us

Freya's Daddy, Mr Debono came to talk to us today. He is a special doctor who can help boys and girls if they feel really sad or worried or upset all the time. Some people can't stop feeling like this by themselves so Dr Debono helps them learn how to change their feelings. Lots of other nurses and doctors work with Mr Debono, to help people. He brought a plastic brain in to show everyone and chatted about the job that different parts of the brain do. We use the front part for learning. The brain is very soft and that's why we have a skull to protect it. 


As part of our People Who Help Us theme we have been enjoying lots of firefighter activities in Nursery. We have dressed up as firefighters, made fire engines using lots of shapes, extinguished fires in the water tray, filled fire engines with pom poms in the Funky Fingers corner and Ms Cameron helped us make a fire engine in the outdoor area. We even rescued magnetic numbers from the flames at the number table with our horseshoe magnets!

Our Visit From The Dental Nurse

Ben's Mummy is a dental nurse. She came to visit Nursery and tell us how she helps us look after our teeth. Ben's Mummy demonstrated how to brush our teeth and told us how often we should brush them. She also told us what the different shaped teeth do when we are eating food. Remember to brush your teeth regularly!


We have been talking about friendship in Nursery. We read Share A Shell By Julia Donaldson and then talked about having lots of friends who are different being great! It does not matter if we are different to our friends, we are all valued and equal. We made a very long friendship chain together. Can you spot it in Nursery?

We made our sandwiches. They started off as a square but we changed them into triangles.

Week 4 Monday

Today with the wet weather the Morning Children took part in a Yoga session all about The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  In the afternoon the sun came out and the Afternoon Children used the bikes and scooters.  The boys made up their own superhero stories and acted them out.

Week 4

This week we have talked about the shape - TRIANGLE.  We have investigated how many sides and corners it has.  We made our own triangular sandwiches, printed with shapes, made our own triangles with lollipop sticks ...

People Who Help Us

This week we have been visited by police officers. The officers chatted to us about their job and discussed how they can help us. We really enjoyed sitting in the back of the police van, sitting on the police quad and stroking the police dogs.

Interfaith Week In Nursery

In Nursery we talked about the Hindu festival of Sankranti. 'San' means plenty and 'kranti' means change. During the festival of Sankranti people enjoy visiting the houses of friends, eating lots of sweet food and also go to bonfire displays. Children like to make kites to fly. In Nursery we listened to a story about a red kite which flew away and would not come back. We then made our own kites and tested them outside. It was great fun!

Outside Learning - Leaf Art using the work of Andy Goldsworthy. Look what we have made?

Today all the activities we undertook were linked to CIRCLES. Have a look:

Parachute Play - We made lots of circle shapes. AFTERNOON CHILDREN

Parachute Play - We made lots of circle shapes. MORNING CHILDREN

Following the interests of the children we have been learning all about bats this week and getting up to lots of batty things!  This has been linked to our theme of shapes. We have used circles, triangles and rectangles for our challenges.Ask your child this weekend one fact that they have found out about bats this week. We really enjoyed the bat challenge!


We have also been thinking of Remembrance Day this week. We made a Poppy wreath together and laminate poppies for the window. We sat for one minute in silence to remember all the soldiers who were hurt in the war. Click onto CBeebies and watch the Poppy clip together with your child at home.


This week at nursery we made our own butter. We poured some cream into a bottle and then shook the bottle for about half an hour. The cream split into butter and buttermilk. We spread this on our crackers at snack time. It tasted GREAT!!!

This week at nursery we have been exploring shapes - both 2D and 3D.  We made pictures and models of tractors.  Can you spot any shapes?  Next week on Monday we will be having a day all about CIRCLES.  Look around at home and see if you can spot any?  Round and round the circle, Draw one in the air, STOP LOOK FIND ONE, Circles are everywhere.


We have been talking about Bonfire Night. Welephant helped us remember how to keep ourselves safe on Bonfire Night. We also made Catherine Wheels and Rockets with 2D and 3D shapes. It was great fun using a salad spinner to mix the colours. Have a chat this weekend about the shapes of fireworks with your child.


OUTDOOR LEARNING - Colour Bingo. The MORNING CHILDREN Today we played colour bingo both inside and outside the nursery. Look at all the coloured objects we found. This task also meant we had to work with a partner. We tried very hard to share and take turns.

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