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Spring 2 2018

Outside - Physical Development. Today we worked on our ball skills. We kicked, balanced, threw and caught the large balls. MORNING CHILDREN


Week Beginning Monday 26th March:


  • Letter sound of the week will be - 'J'
  • Number rhyme of the week - 10 Fat Sausages
  • Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle pattern - Waves

Sport Relief 2018

We had a 'Go Jetters' dancing challenge. We then ran around our outdoor area lots of times and added our steps to the Sport Relief total. We all received a Sport Relief certificate and gold sticker medal for taking part.


Following on from last week when we talked about Jesus visiting Jerusalem on a donkey and all the people laying palm leaves down for him, this week we talked about the Easter story. We watched the story together then made a giant cross that we will cover with flowers next week. As we were talking about the cross, we looked at hot cross buns and noticed they had a cross on them too which reminds us of the Easter story. They were very tasty!

We prepared for Sports Relief by: joining the Go Jetters and Danger Mouse in a ‘warm up’ dance, playing with the parachute, taking part in a ‘Hide and Seek’ Go Jetters game and adding steps to the Sports Relief 1 Billion Steps challenge. Haven’t we been busy?

British Science Week

We have been Scientists all week this week. We poured milk into trays and added two different food colours to the milk with a dropper. Then we added washing up liquid with a cotton bud and watched as the washing up liquid made all the colours move around the milk like magic. We also carried out a tasty chocolate experiment. We held two giant chocolate buttons in our hands while Mrs Jennings read the poem 'Chocolate' by Michael Rosen. At the end we opened our hands and the chocolate had changed! We talked about what had happened to the chocolate and why then enjoyed licking it off our hands!

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!

Mrs Sanderson came into Nursery and made giant bubbles with us that we could stand inside. She used a hoop as a bubble wand and mixed washing up liquid, cornflour and glycerine together to make a very strong bubble mixture. Have a try making giant bubbles at home.

BRITISH SCIENCE WEEK - We made our own volcano by mixing ingredients to get a reaction. Look at all the bubbles.

Welcoming spring - the children today started tidying the nursery flower beds ready for the coming year. They weeded and topped up the containers with soil. Morning Children

Afternoon children

BRITISH SCIENCE WEEK - How do we make bubbles? We followed The British Science Museum's recipe for bubble mixture. We added washing up liquid, glycerine and warm water. We mixed them together and then made our own bubble blowers - we could decide which shape we wanted. Have you tried yours at home?

We experimented with our bubbles during outside play. Can you spot any bubbles? We had lots of fun trying to cath them.

World Maths Day

We have linked World Maths Day to our current space theme. We read Q Pootle then tried to build our own rocket with junk modelling. We had to remember to count back from 10 to 0!

We have hunted for numbered alien ships in the outdoor area, weighed moon rocks, made aliens with lots of googly eyes, painted small and large aliens, jumped along a number rocket and lots more!


BRITISH SCIENCE WEEK begins this week and we have been finding out about MAGNETS

Enjoying the new Space role play area. What do astronauts need to wear in space?

We planted cress heads in week one. Look how they have grown. They need water, light, warmth and care to grow.

Phonics - using our space theme. I spy with my little eye ... Can you play this at home?

As part of World Languages Day we listened and joined in with a ‘Hello’ song in lots of languages. We also looked at flags from the countries that were in the song. We then joined in with a ‘hello’ song with Mr Tumble, using Makaton sign language. We found out that Freya’s Daddy would say hello as ‘bongu’ if he was in Malta with his Mummy. Neve taught us how to say hello in French.


We also read the story of The Good Samaritan from the stories Jesus told. We then made sure we were good friends throughout the day, to each other. We even wrapped each other in bandages to re-enact the story!


Following the interests of the children, we are continuing with our Space theme. This week we have been learning about rockets, which begin with our letter sound of the week 'R'. We found out how to launch a rocket and made rockets from 3D shapes to add to our space area. We have also started to make a lunar landscape using eggboxes. Watch this 'SPACE!' for more exciting activities.

Today we went hunting for 'Signs of Spring'. The children all filled in a spotter sheet. We found lots of exciting things. Ask them all about it.

Welcome back- This term we are continuing our SPACE theme. The children made their own starry backdrop to our new role play area, designed play dough aliens, made rockets using shapes and played space counting games.

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