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Week Beginning June 5th

This week we have been observing the children and we will now be following the interests of Fairytales and the seaside, for this half term.

The children really enjoyed making potions this week. We had a floral potion day, a herb potion day and a spice and natural object potions day. Some children also wrote potions to make a fairy, dragon's blood Godzilla and a chilli!

We introduced a small fairy garden and this has had great interest so this will be extended. A fairy had visited us overnight and left a golden fairy tin with a tiny note inside for us to read. We needed to read it with a magnifying glass. The fairy had written to ask if she could be Indigo Class's friend. This sparked lots of mark making and the children wrote letters back to the fairy to add to the tin. We also added a tiny piece of chocolate as we have been advised that fairies love chocolate!

On Friday we made Rapunzel's tower and we will be making mini versions next week. The tower will begin our Fairytale Land role play which will be added to each week. Next week we will add props to support the story of Rapunzel and Jack & The Beanstalk.

If you have any fariytale items that we could use for this role play we would be very grateful.

This week we also measured lots of objects using cubes, cuboids and rulers. We really enjoyed measuring  our plants,smelly socks and stinky shoes! Measuring will continue next week.


Our outdoor role play will become a beach and an ice cream parlour as the children have been using the petrol pump as an ice cream shop. If you have any of the following items we could use for the beach and ice cream parlour that would be fantastic.

  • postcards that we could laminate.
  • mini flags.
  • plastic sunglasses.
  • empty (washed out) suntan lotion bottles.
  • beach bags/towels
  • bucket/spade/rubber ring/arm bands
  • roll up beach mat.

Letter of the week: 'u'

Number of the week: 6

Colour of the week: Brown.


Thank you for your support.

"Learning with Love and Laughter"