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Week Beginning 3rd April

This week in Nursery we have been thinking about Easter and the importance of new life. We were visited by Mr Rylle's lambs and enjoyed looking at them and talking about how Mr Rylle cares for the new lambs. We also talked about the life cycle of a chicken and some children chose to handle the new chicks which had hatched in Blue Class. Our caterpillars have not emerged yet but we are watching closely each day to see if there is any change.

Our seeds are shooting well and will be ready to plant out after the Easter holiday.

We have read the Easter story and made splat Easter eggs to represent new life. we also enjoyed making chocolate nests and counting eggs to match to numerals.

Ms Cameron took children out on an egg hunt, which proved very popular as the eggs the children found had mini eggs inside which were very tasty. On Earth Day we discussed the importance of recycling and walked to the recycling area at the school gates to see which items can be used again. We enjoy recycling boxes, tubes and cartons in our cut and stick area. Therefore if you have any we could use we would be very grateful.

After Easter our first week back will be observation week so there will not be a colour, letter or number of the week. These will continue in week two. We will welcome our Easter new starters and would like to ask if you can chat at home about the ways the older children can help their new friends to settle into Nursery.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter break and would like to thank you for your continuing support.

"Learning with Love and Laughter"