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Week Beginning 21st November

This week we have been very busy with lots of activities from the story Stickman. This is a very popular book with the children! Miss Cameron went on a Stickman hunt with groups of children in the outdoor area. Everyone was very good at working out the clues to find three stick men. Miss Cameron helped with hot and cold clues too. We also made a large scale Stickman in our outdoor area with a large branch and smaller twigs. We have all enjoyed making a chocolate Stickman. It was a bit tricky to assemble, with chocolate stick arms and white icing eyes but we thought of different ways to attach the arms without breaking the chocolate body. We even had tiny stick men on our Maths table, to pick up with tweezers and place on numbers. 

It was very wet this week so we have started to practise putting our puddle suits on and wellies independently. Even though it was wet we still enjoyed splashing in the puddles outside. 

On our funky fingers table this week we tried to wrap lots of pipe cleaners around sticks to make very colourful creations, this also helps us to exercise  our hands, wrists and fingers enabling us to begin to use a good grip with our pencils.

We have been learning about people who help us over the past few weeks and this week we had a very special visitor in Nursery. One of our parents is also a police officer and was able to come and tell the children all about the role of a police officer. It was very exciting and some children tried on parts of the police uniform.

We have also been welcoming our new Nursery children on their special Nursery visit. We helped our new friends around the classroom and showed them all the fabulous things they can play with when they join us in January. We have another group of new friends visiting on Monday and we look forward to playing with them.

We have started to discuss the Nativity and have been reading The First Christmas. We have talked about the stable and who was with Baby Jesus. The children worked together to create a Nativity collage.

Next week we will start to build our Nativity scene in our outdoor area and our Santa's workshop in the indoor role play area. We will also continue to practise our Christmas songs. 

"Learning with Love and Laughter"