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Internet Safety Rules for pupils in KS1 and KS2 and Cybersentinel

At Morpeth All Saints CE Aided First School we follow safety rules when accessing the internet


Your school’s voucher is: NB058104 Paste it into the voucher box at www.cybersentinel.co.uk


Dear Parent,


As you may know, our school trusts in CyberSentinel to help protect your children online and now this software is available to you at home – free, for 1 year. Simply use our voucher above.  It’s worth downloading ASAP because it’ll help to protect your children before problems occur.


How it works
CyberSentinel helps to protect your children from bullying, porn, grooming, threats of violence and
a whole range of other Internet dangers. It lets you know if there’s a problem. It’s ideal if your children want to carry on enjoying instant chat, YouTube, Facebook and other social
networking sites – without you worrying about problems you can’t see. A version just for you
Download your FREE copy of CyberSentinel by using the voucher at www.cybersentinel.co.uk
You can use it for up to 5 PCs/laptops and protection lasts for 1 year.  Please note: Although our school recommends CyberSentinel, we do not provide technical support or manage protection for parents. The software gives you all the tools you need and the web site provides helpful advice and support.


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KS2 Internet Rules

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