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Week beginning 6th March

This week we have started to clear our garden plot in preparation for planting our flowers and vegetables. The children found potatoes from last year as they searched through the soil so we enjoyed counting the potatoes back in Nursery. We also found a wiggly worm and a wiggly caterpillar which prompted lots of discussion.

In the Nursery we planted cucumber, carrot, pea, sunflower and Nasturtium seeds. We talked about all the things seeds need to grow. We will be watching them closely as they grow and will enjoy planting them outside very soon.

Our cookery was very popular this week! Everyone tried the pizza and thoroughly enjoyed it with our milk at snack time! The children have asked to make cup cakes next week. Therefore we will be making butterfly cakes to link in with their interest in butterflies and caterpillars.

Child interests this week have included:

Tomatoes, butterflies, worms, princesses and planting/soil. We will be linking this into our planning over the next days and weeks. Following on from the interest in hairdressers, we now have our salon open. The children were asked what they would like the salon to be called. We wrote all the suggestions down and pulled one from the hat. Our salon is now called The Cutting Shop. Thank you Ellie for your suggestion. We talked about all the things we needed for the salon. The children have listed all the things needed, which included, gel, shampoo, hairbrushes and most importantly.... lollipops! We have made the lollipops out of junk modelling and will continue to add to the salon over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to the parents who came on Friday for their Stay and Play Session. We hope you enjoyed experiencing part of our Nursery day.



Next Week

Letter of the week is 'd'

Number of the week is 10.

Colour of the week is Gold. Please bring something (named) gold into Nursery for our Gold table. 

We will also be welcoming a group of our new Nursery children this week for their stay and play visit in preparation for them starting Nursery after Easter.


Thank you for your support.


"Learning with Love and Laughter"