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Week Beginning 13th March


Next week we will have a shape of the week instead of number of the week. The shape of the week will be a rectangle. Look for rectangles at home. What objects have rectangle shapes on them? Go on a rectangle hunt and upload your game onto Tapestry. Please bring named objects into Nursery which have rectangle shapes on them.

Our letter of the week will be 'g'. What objects can you find at home that begin with 'g'? You could bring an objects that begins with a 'g' sound in for Talk Time.

Our colour of the week is brown. Look for objects that are brown at home. What colours mix together to make brown? Can you paint a picture of brown objects to add to your Learning Journal in Nursery?


Next week is Science Week and we will welcome Mrs Sanderson, Mrs Burville and Mrs Dewhirst into Nursery to carry out a variety small Science experiments with the children. We will also be looking at changes throughout the week and we will have lots of interesting experiments to explore. Try and carry out a small experiment at home or take part in a small Science activity with your family. We would love to see what you get up to on Tapestry.


Due to our Ofsted inspection in school this week we have moved our new starter visits back to this Monday and Tuesday. (20th and 21st March) We are looking forward to sharing a session with them and I know our children will be very helpful.

Thank you for your support



"Learning with Love and Laughter"