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Child Led Worship - March 2017

Child Led Worship - March 2017 1
Child Led Worship - March 2017 2
Child Led Worship - March 2017 3
Child Led Worship - March 2017 4

RE and Music Day - March 2017

We had a great day exploring 'big questions,' writing text messages to angels, exploring our own road maps for life and of course, singing!  Well done everyone, I can't wait to start using the resources and songs in Worship and RE.

World Maths Day - March 2017


Today we have had lots of fun solving maths problems in different classes.  The children were in mixed age classes from Year 1 to Year 4 and all worked together to solve a series of maths problems.  These included shape problems, addition and subtraction and place value problems. Each of the 7 problems were solved by the children and great fun was had by all.  Tritlington First School joined us for the morning so the children had an opportunity to make some new friends too!


Not to be left out, Early Years had some maths challenges too to complete.  Their favourite one was crime scene that had to be investigated in order to solve the crime!

KS2 Cello Lessons

KS2 Cello Lessons 1
KS2 Cello Lessons 2
KS2 Cello Lessons 3
KS2 Cello Lessons 4
KS2 Cello Lessons 5

Robinwood 3-5 October 2016

The Year 4s have had a great time at Robinwood this year.  Lots of challenges have been completed and everyone took part in some great team work.  Here are our photos...

90th Celebrations for the Queen

To celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday we planned an afternoon packed full of lots of exciting activities. From making a crown to playing God Save the Queen on the glockenspiel. We invited all the parents in and then had a picnic fit for the Queen, we even had cucumber sandwiches. Thank you for your support, another great afternoon.



"Learning with Love and Laughter"