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Week Beginning 23rd January

We had lots of fun this week learning about the colour orange, the number 8 and the letter that makes a 'p' sound!

We made tiger masks and orange crabs. Some children made objects that begin with 't' from play dough. We did not have orange paint in Nursery...... So we made it from two other colours!

We enjoyed learning about Jonah and The Whale and we have made a huge whale for our wall. I hope Jonah did not sneak back inside the whale's tummy!

We introduced our finger football game and we are starting to learn how to keep score and count scores on a scoreboard.

The children who helped with cookery this week made chocolate chip cookies and they were very popular.


Next week we will be learning about things that begin with a 'p' sound. We will also be making different musical sounds from junk modelling. Our number of the week will be 7 as this links with Chinese New Year. Our colour of the week will be red which also links with Chinese New Yaer.

Following the interests  of the children, we will be learning about Chinese New Year and finding out which animal year the children were born under. We will also try and make a small volcano. Two children have asked to make soup. Therefore we will be making tomato soup.



From Monday 30th January our Nursery door will return to opening at the normal time of 8.45 for our morning session. Thank you.

Our Phonics Parents Session for the parents of new starters will take place this Tuesday (31st) at 3.30pm.

"Learning with Love and Laughter"