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Principle Accountabilities and Key Tasks

Principal Accountabilities:

  • To work to improve attendance
  • To work with identified individual and groups of students, using regular attendance checks and contact with parents/carers and students to improve levels of attendance.
  • To collate information with regard to the attendance of students who may be experiencing attendance difficulties and work with Education Welfare Officer and  parents/carers to improve this.


Key Tasks:

  • To ensure all registers are completed and no missing marks or unexplained absences remain.
  • To follow School Policy of ‘first day contact’ within the school.
  • To check and remind any necessary staff to complete registers.
  • To ensure all unexplained absences are accounted for or send letter requesting an explanation.
  • To input timely information e.g., trips, sporting events, absence reports etc.,  and to keep staff updated.
  • To check accuracy and correct coding on registers before printing off official registers and filing away on a weekly basis.
  • To keep accurate registers daily and explained absences to ensure at hand in event of a fire.
  • To follow Attendance policy and send out letters as required.
  • To maintain an accurate system for students signing in/out of school.
  • To assist and check records prior to the Census to ensure school attendance is accurate and up to date.
  • To produce and interpret information relating to attendance patterns.
  • To provide updates for staff on student attendance.
  • To monitor the attendance of vulnerable groups of students and liaise with the staff.
  • To assist with the identification of students who will receive support in improving their attendance record. 
  • To work with parents/carers and other agencies in improving their child’s attendance record and  coordinating parental support and training where appropriate.
  • To work with a regular group of students using regular attendance checks and contact with parents/carers to improve levels of attendance.
  • To collate, maintain and update attendance data.
  • To produce reports for Educational Welfare Officer when required.
  • To undertake home and school visits as designated by the school/Educational Welfare Officer.


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