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Achievement Assemblies

Each week we have an achievement assembly in which each class teacher makes a nomination of children who have made an outstanding achievement, in either academic or social terms, within their class. These children are awarded a certificate to keep and their names are displayed on our achievement board for everyone to see. 



Star of the Term and Stars of the Week Awards

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Monthly Attendance Awards 2016/2017







Monthly Attendance Awards 2015 / 2016

The registration class with best overall attendance from September 2015 to July 2016

will win a free school trip. 

Congratulations go to YELLOW CLASS! 








Best Attendance Awards 2015/2016


Autumn Term 2015

September 2015    RED CLASS

October      2015    RED CLASS

November  2015    PURPLE CLASS

December  2015    YELLOW CLASS


Spring Term 2016

January     2016     RED CLASS

February    2016    GREEN CLASS

March        2016    YELLOW CLASS


Summer Term 2016

April           2016    ORANGE CLASS

May           2016     YELLOW CLASS

June          2016     ORANGE CLASS

July           2016     YELLOW CLASS



Stars of the Week

Muffins and milkshakes for all pupils who received star of the week this half term or got on our aiming high star wall which focuses on the Characteristics of Effective Learning - having a go, trying new things, working as a team.

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Monthly Attendance Awards 2014/2015

Monthly Attendance Awards 2014/2015 1
Monthly Attendance Awards 2014/2015 2

"Learning with Love and Laughter"