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Spring 1

Collective Worship Week Commencing 07.02.22


Theme: Thankfulness


Monday 7th February 2022

Today we gathered together and thought about thankfulness. We share what it is we are thankful for. We thought about school, friends, family and the COVID vaccine. Mr Reeson shared the story of the 10 lepers which told us the importance of saying thank you. 


Tuesday 8th February 2022

Today we had Rev. Paul Rusby join us on a video call to talk to us about thankfulness. We thought about 5 things to give thanks for and sang a hymn together. 

Wednesday 9th February 2022

In Green Class we gathered together by listening to the song 'Thank you Lord' by Don Joen. 

We listened to the Bible story 'Being thankful to God' taken from Matthew 11. We reflected on this as a class.


Thursday 10th February 2022

For prayer and praise during Collective Worship this week we practised the song 'Thank you lord for this new day'. We reflected on how this song shows us to say and give thanks in different ways. In Green Class we shared ways we are thankful and used ideas from the song to help us too. 


Friday 11th February 2022

Today's Celebrating Gifts and Talents Collective Worship we gathered together and reflected on all our gifts and talents. We share proud achievements that have happened during the week both in and outside of school. We then celebrated those who had received and Outstanding Achievement. 

Well done everyone! 

Collective Worship Week Commencing 10.1.22


Monday 10th January 2022: Flourishing in the New Year 

As we gathered Mrs Baker reintroduced the theme of what it means to flourish. We talked about New Years resolutions and how these don't always have to be about making ourselves better but that they can be ways that we want to help others flourish. The children thought that the best ways we could flourish was by showing love and care to those around us.

We discussed whether we had to be "perfect" ourselves before helping others flourish and engaged with a Chinese folk tale about the cracked pot. 

We reflected on how even in our brokenness and weakness we can help those around us to flourish and as we were sent out we considered ways we could do that individually and as classes.



Tuesday 11th January 2022: Epiphany

We gathered virtually to hear our visitor, Val, share about the story of the Wise Men and their journey celebrated in the Christian calendar as Epiphany. We reflected on what a unique and special part of the nativity story they played and how we too are stars, with a unique and special role to play in God's big story and the stories of those around us. 

We considered how we could use our unique gifts and talents to play that special role really well, loving those around us and helping them to flourish. 

As we were sent out we considered how we might uniquely help someone at school or at home to flourish.

Wednesday 12th January 2022: Flourishing by being Good News

In class collective worship today we gathered to discuss more ways we could help one another flourish. We discussed how Christians believe that Jesus brought Good News with what he told people about God's love and with his actions of caring, loving and healing people. We shared the story from Matthew 4: 18-22 when the first disciples Simon and Andrew were called to follow Jesus and how they left things behind to be part of sharing good news with Jesus. We talked about how sometimes there are things we have to leave behind in order to be Good News to those around us, but that being Good News can really help people flourish. 

Yellow class suggested that they could leave their playground games to help someone who was hurt or lonely, give up some food or money to share it with someone in need, give up some time to visit someone in hospital and many more fabulous ideas. How will you be Good News and help someone flourish this week?

Thursday 13th January 2022: Prayer and Praise

Today we gathered to sing in our classes for our prayer and praise collective worship. We sang songs that showed different ways God helps us to flourish called "King of Me" and "Be Bold, Be Strong". We reflected on ways that these songs suggest that we can flourish and then we turned our attention outwards to how we could help others at home flourish. In Red Class, children came up with many fabulous suggestions from helping their grown ups make the dinner to being extra kind to a neighbour who needed some help. 

How will you help someone flourish this week?

Friday 14th January 2022: Flourishing Throughout The School

Another knock at the door of Mr Reeson's office... who could it be? Another very proud pupil coming to receive their outstanding achievement award for flourishing in different ways this week. From wonderful writing to marvelous maths, awesome art to magnificent music, heavenly history to courage and kindness- all were celebrated because "Together We Flourish!" Well done everyone! 

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Together We Flourish (John 10:10)
Together We Flourish (John 10:10)


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