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Red Class

Thursday 15.07.21


Well people, we finally made it to our last day of isolation.  You have all done an amazing job again and I am very proud of every single one of you (parents and children!).  You have all worked so hard and although we have all been at home, you worked together as a team in our story writing session with LiveTales and you have always turned up to the Google Meets with a smile.

I am looking forward to spending our last day of Year 4 together tomorrow, and seeing how we get through our Leavers' Assembly with only online practises so far!

See you later,


Mrs M 

Wednesday 14.07.21

Back to our 9am Google Meet!

Tuesday 13.07.21

Don't forget our Google Meet is at 10.30am this morning and you will need some paper and a pen, or pencil.

Don't forget our Google Meet starts at 10am today (12.07.21)


Well, looks like we find ourselves at the end of the year in a similar fashion to how we started it!  I do like consistency!  Good job we are so well versed with this format now. 

I will aim to upload the planning the evening before so that you have time to look through it ready for the next day.  Please feel free to email me as Mr Reeson stated in the letter that come home today, regarding any queries about the lessons planned.

I sent the children home with a copy of the script for the Leavers' Assembly today and if you could work with them to learn their lines that would be great.  You will find the songs on YouTube with the lyrics to help too.  Fingers crossed it stays dry so that we can actually finish our year together.


Whoo hoo!  We have made it to the final week before half term. 

I am so proud of you all (and your parents), and although I am missing you lots, I am so happy that you are all safe and well. 

This week we have Safer Internet Day on Tuesday so look out for an extra activity to work through.  You'll love some of the photos that Miss Hunt has put in there for you to explore.  Make sure you have your science investigation ready for Tuesday too!


Well, it's Monday again so we are all fresh and ready to learn!  We are starting our new genre today and will be focusing on poetry for the next two weeks.  We are going to have so much fun making our poems 'pop'. 

Keep up the hard work and hopefully Boris will let us all be together again soon!

Stay safe and be kind to everyone,

Mrs M


Welcome to week 4!

I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the extra time you are getting to spend with your families.  I am very much looking forward to us all getting back together again but in the meantime, stay safe and keep smiling.



Welcome to Week 3 of Home Learning.

I am totally blown away by how hard you are all working and the amazing work you are producing.  Make sure you keep uploading one piece of work a day to Class Dojo so I can give you some feedback too!

In other news, you will find the planning looks a little different from now on.  We have added a section at the end of each session which may contain a link to some extra guidance.  This will usually be in the form of a little video of you favourite teacher (me of coursewink) explaining a little more about what we are doing.  There isn't one for every lesson but you should see some popping up from now on, a couple of times a week.

Finally, remember that you are doing a great job (as are your parents!) and that it is ok if some days you aren't able to do as much as you would like.  We all feel a little overwhelmed at times and sometimes we just need to take some time out for ourselves and 'press our reset button'.

See those of you who come to the Google Meets later and for those who don't/can't join them, keep going, you are doing a fabulous job!

Stay safe and happy,

Mrs M 


Morning again!

Well, you guys did an amazing job last week.  You did amazingly well and made sure you did the work with a smile.  Well done to all the parents too, because without you, we wouldn't all be succeeding at everything.

Keep up the hard work this week and I will see you at 8.35am on the dot(ish!). 

Spring 2021


Well, we find ourselves here again.  I hope you are all keeping yourselves safe and well.

The planning you will see here this time reflects what is being taught in the classroom too, for the Critical Worker children. 

Please let me know if anything does not work etc.  Maths for Wednesday is rather tricky so please do not worry about not fully understanding it.  Just have a go and see how you get on.

Catch  you soon on the Google Meets!


Hello everyone,

I had planned to update our class page tonight but instead we find ourselves on this page!

Strange times indeed but, as we have made such a great start to your journey in to Year 4, it is essential that we keep up this hard work.  We will be back in school on Friday 25th September but until then you will find your online learning below for each day.

I am looking forward to seeing you all from Wednesday, on our Google Meets, for our class story and to talk through the completed Maths and English work each day.

Make sure you stay safe, stay indoors and work hard!


Mrs McLaughlin

Below you will find some extra activities that you can do which will consolidate your learning.  Please feel free to do as many as you choose.  They do not have to be completed but there are here if you choose to have a go.

They are all appropriate to this terms work for Maths, English and Reading.

They can be printed off if you wish however, they can also be viewed online and then you'd only have to write down the answers.


Thursday 24.09.2020

Back to school tomorrow everyone. How exciting!  Don't forget that you will need to be in your PE kit tomorrow too!

Message to parents 23.09.2020


Thank you so much for your feedback so far about our Home Learning.  I am pleased to hear that most of you are enjoying it.

In response to this I have made some small tweaks. 

There has always been a Daily Exercise section to the planning but I will add some PE on Monday and Wednesday too.

Please do not worry if you do not have a printer, all lessons can be completed without the use of a worksheet.  They are simply put there for those that prefer them.  

I have also changed the planning so it seems that I am talking directly to the children.  This will mean that if your child is self-learning they will be able to follow it independently but in the same token, if you are working with your child you will be able to follow it too.

I do hope that this helps.

As it is Monday, spellings need to be tested.  New spelling have been added to today's work ready for testing at school next week.

See you all at 10am 

Mrs M

It's Friday!!

So, who is up for a challenge?

I have set up a Battle of the Bands on Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) just for Red Class.

Just to make it interesting though, I have set it up as Boys V Girls for this one.  Just get yourself logged in between 9 and 5 each day and answer questions.  It runs until next Thursday evening so I will be able to reveal the results when we return to school on the 25th of September.

Keep up the hard work, and most of all, have fun!

Enjoy your self isolating weekend everyone and I will see you at 10 am for our story.  What will Tuffy get up to next I wonder?

Love Mrs M 

Thursday 17.09.2020

Well, well, well!  We managed our Google Meets!

Well done to all of those who joined us.  It was amazing to see how hard you are all working and it was lovely to hear you share all of your ideas.  It is very clear to see that my technology skills need some work but we got there in the end.

Keep smiling everyone and see you at 10am for more of The Return of the Killer Cat.

Mrs M

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