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Nursery (Indigo Class) 2019-2020

Autumn 2 - Week 2

This week at nursery we continued our investigations into how our food changes when we heat it.  Last week the children talked about what happened when we put bread in the toaster.  They had to made a decision on what topping they would like to spread on their toast, this week in baking.  We used this information (displayed in a pictogram) to make a shopping list for Mrs Roberts.  As you can see from the photographs the children really enjoyed making and eating their toast.

We asked lots of questions:  Why?  How?  What if?

This week we also had outside learning and the children had to collect the last of the autumn leaves from our school field.  We used then to make rainbows.  What colours did we find?  Why are they on the ground and not on the tree?  How do we sort them?  Shape, colour, size.  Sorting objects is a great starting point for a discussion that encourages the questions above.  Can you do this at home?

Autumn 2 - Week 1

This week we have been learning about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. We dressed up in a Salwar Kameez and a Sari and discussed the difference to party clothes we would wear to a party. We explored colour by making Rangoli patterns, fireworks and sparkly Diva lamps. Pop into Nursery to have a look at our Diwali display.

Week 8 - A celebration of our first term back at nursery! We welcomed our families to come and watch us perform our Autumn songs. THANK YOU to everyone who came along. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Week 7

This week we have been talking about Harvest. We talked about being grateful for the food we receive and we made a prayer to thank God for our wonderful food. We discussed what Harvest means and watched a combine harvester harvesting the crops on a farm. We also noticed that fruits can be harvested from trees. We read the story of The Little Red Hen and re-enacted the story. The children really enjoyed taking on the role of the characters! We passed wheat around the group and talked about how it felt and looked. We then looked at flour and bread and discussed the process of making bread. Try making a simple bread recipe at home and discuss the importance of being grateful for the food we have available. Please share your activity on Tapestry.

Next week we will continue our discussion around Harvest and will be tasting a variety of foods and baking bread, to follow on from our story of The Little Red Hen.

Morning Children
Afternoon Children

Week 6

This week we have been thinking about counting.  Mrs Roberts asked us to fill up our containers with different objects (bears, cubes ...). We filled them to the top and then had to guess how many were in inside.  Would it be a big or small number?

After we had made our guess we tipped them all out and to help us count them properly we put all the objects in a line.  As we counted them we touched each object once, saying the number name.

Can you do this at home?  You could count the sausages on your plate for tea, or the apples in your fruit bowl, or the shoes on the shoe rack...  Have a go!

Afternoon Children

Week 5

This week we have been looking at Autumn objects following the interests of the children. Thank you to everyone who collected an Autumn bag. We really enjoyed exploring and naming the objects. We talked about what they felt like and why they had fallen from the trees.

Morning Children
Afternoon Children

Week 4 (Autumn 1)

This week we have been looking at how to draw different sorts of lines.  We told the story of the little boat who sailed:

1. Across a calm, flat sea.

2. Across a rough, wavy sea.

3. Into a storm with lightening that zigzagged across the sky.

4. Then finally had to battle a whirlpool that went round and round and round.


The children enjoyed drawing the little boats journey and listened carefully to how to hold their felt tips.  You could have a go at telling a story with lines at home.  Where will the line go on its journey?

Tuesday is baking day. Today we made Danish apple pastries. The children had to use a rolling pin to roll their pastry out. They added apple and a squeeze of honey before rolling and shaping the pastry.

Week 3 (Autumn 1)

Friday 20th September is International Fairy Tea Party Day – an opportunity to celebrate children’s play and imagination around the world.

And of course we jumped in with both feet (and wands)

We joined the fairies in Blue Class and enjoyed a day of writing fairy letters, making and munching fairy cakes, making wands, fairy potions and fairy soup. We also made fairy suncatchers and realised that the fairies had left us all a message. We danced to fairy music and took part in a fairy parade

Here are some photos from International Fairy Tea Party Day in Nursery.


Morning Nursery

Finding Fairy Ribbon Gifts (Morning Children)

Afternoon Children


This week in nursery we have been finding out all about 'wild' animals.  We have had a visitor to the nursery yard - a HEDGEHOG.  So we found out all about what hedgehogs eat, how they hibernate and why we don't see them in the daytime.

The children went on a hedgehog hunt!  They had to find the ten hedgehogs Mrs Roberts had hidden in the School Garden.  We then made our own hedgehog using natural materials.  He is called 'SPIKE'.  Have a look below:

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