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Welcome to Blue Sky and Blue Sea Classes


Welcome to the Blue Sea and Blue Sky class webpage. Your child's teachers are:

Miss Purves     (Blue Sea Class)

Miss Kennedy  (Blue Sky Class)


Please check the website weekly to see updates of all the fun things we have been up to in Reception!

Starlight Storyteller

This week we were visited by Chris Bostock, who is a fantastic storyteller and performer. This time he told us a story called Starlight. Starlight is the story of little possum, who went outside one night and saw bright stars shining in the sky. He collected some starlight to take home. The next day his mother was ill and little possum had to find his own food. He was afraid of going out alone, but his mother told him how brave and clever he was…and so his great journey began. He met other interesting animals along the way, who taught him all about friendship and family. He also discovered lots of things about science and nature. Lost in the dark he had to find his way home by starlight.


This week we have had a very special visitor come into the classroom. Elsa came to our classroom to ask for our help, she had accidentally frozen some of our toys and felt really bad about it. Together we worked on ways to free our toys. Elsa also left us Arendelle in the small world and trusted us with her castle! Have a look at some pictures below to see all the fun we had!

Remembrance Day

To commemorate Remembrance Day the whole school created a poppy sculpture outside of school to show our respects to fallen and current soldiers. We created the poppies by reusing plastic bottles. In class we talked about why we commemorate Remembrance Day every year. After our class input, some children decided they wanted to paint some of the poppy fields, others wrote about and drew pictures of soldiers. Have a look at some of our pictures below.

Celebrating Diwali

Last week we celebrated the Hindu holiday, Diwali. Together we learnt about how Hindus celebrate Diwali with their family and community. As a class we made our own Rangoli patterns, Mehndi designs and Diva lamps. We learnt about how Hindus use Rangoli patterns and Diva lamps to welcome their God into their homes. We learnt about the meaning behind Diwali and looked at the story of Rama and Sita, which is a Hindu story about good conquering evil. Have a look at some of our pictures below to see the fantastic time we had.

Exciting Visitors!

With it being Bonfire night this week, we were very lucky and had a very special visit from Morpeth Fire Department. When they arrived we were so excited to have a look at their fire engine, we had a look inside and even got to squirt water from the hose! After we had looked at the fire engine, the fire fighters talked to us about what they do everyday and how to stay safe, especially around fireworks and sparklers. This term we are looking at people who help us and have changed our role play area to a fire station. Have a look at some our pictures from this week below.

Soup Making

This week for cooking we made some soup. We talked about healthy eating as well as health and safety when using a sharp knife. The children were very careful with the knifes and took their time to cut the vegetables. We had a try of the soup in the afternoon with some mixed responses! Have a look at some of our pictures below.

The Little Red Hen

This week our book focus has been The Little Red Hen. All week we have read and listened to different versions of the book. In our continuous provision, we have looked at sequencing, retelling and acting out the story. We have even had a go at writing simple CVC words and sentences. In cooking this week we learnt how to make bread, just like the little red hen. After we had proved the bread we shaped the dough into our initials. Our favourite part was eating the bread! 

WOW Week

This week we have been celebrating Harvest and looking at the changes we are seeing in Autumn. We had a fantastic time with all the adults at Harvest Craft and we have loved dressing up as woodland creatures today! Have a look at some of our pictures below!

Humpty Dumpty's Visit

This week we celebrated National Poetry Day. All week we have looked at different Nursery Rhymes and talked about the rhyming words they contain. On Thursday, after singing about Humpty Dumpty, we couldn't believe our eyes when we went outside and saw a bandaged up Humpty sitting on the wall! When we got back inside we made our own Humpty Dumpty biscuits and bandaged our very own Humpty up to take home. Have a look at some of our pictures below to see all the fun we had.


During Outdoor Learning this week, we had a go at making our own slime! We made a gel slime and a slime baff. We talked about the different textures as we made it and how it felt in our hands. We thought it was really cool that the crystals gave the water a different texture. When we had explored the two different slimes we mixed them together to see what would happen. Have a look at some of our pictures below to see the fantastic time we had!

International Fairy Tea Party

We had a fantastic time celebrating International Fairy Tea Party day. As well as dressing up as fairies, pixies and elves, we also did lots fun activities that focused on developing creativity as well as pre-writing skills. Have a look at some of our pictures below, I'm sure you will agree we had a fantastic time!