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Autumn Term

Autumn Challenge 12:

This week’s challenge is all about colour. Below are a few fun activities to help support your child identify and explore colours.

  • Make a colourful collage – use a variety of materials e.g. bits of fabric, petals, leaves, cardboard, paper, paint etc. You could go on a ‘materials’ hunt to look for red materials, purple materials, soft materials etc. Support your child using scissors correctly. When making the collage ask your child to identify the different colours, which one is their favourite?
  • Can you find fruit and vegetables in all the colours of the rainbow? Can you put them in the correct order? Have a go at singing the rainbow song:

  • Ask your child to find out everyone in your family’s favourite colour.

Autumn Challenge 11:

This week’s challenge is all about spreading Christmas joy. We would like you to read/listen to The Jolly Christmas Postman. If you don’t have this book at home, please use this link below to listen to the story:

After reading/listening to this story, design your own Christmas card or postcard to send to someone of your choosing. Support your child to write their name inside the card. Please show us your card designs on Tapestry and tell us who you have sent them to.


As an extra challenge, can your child recognise any of the characters in the story from other well-known books? e.g. The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man, Humpty Dumpty etc.

Autumn Challenge 10:

This week’s challenge is all about family traditions. Leading up to Christmas, we are going to be talking about the different holiday traditions we have with our families. Talk to your child about the special things you do as a family around the Christmas holidays. We would love to hear about your family traditions, if you would like to share these with us, please post these on Tapestry. Pictures are also very welcome! We will be looking through your Tapestry posts as a class over the next coming weeks.

Autumn Challenge 9:

This week’s challenge is all about Nursery Rhymes. We would like you to practise some of the Nursery Rhymes we sing in school. Below is a list of some of the ones we have learnt so far:

Miss Polly had a dolly

5 currant buns

Humpty Dumpty

5 little ducks went swimming

Baa Baa black sheep

Jack and Jill

Hickory Dickory dock

The Grand Old Duke of York

Practise singing these with your child. They may be able to show you the actions we use in school, if not, have a go at making up your own actions for the songs.

The BBC website is a good tool to use to find videos of each of the rhymes above:


Autumn Challenge 8:

This week’s challenge is about representing numbers in different ways. Below are some short activities that can be done daily with your child. These activities will help your child understand that numbers can be represented in different ways and will give them a better understanding when using numerals.

  • When cooking or shopping, ask your child to count out a certain amount of ingredients e.g. can you please pass me 2 apples?
  • Go on a number hunt – shout out a number and ask your child to find the correct amount of objects. This can be done in the house, on a walk or in the garden e.g. can you find 2 leaves? Can you find 2 small objects? Can you find 1 large object? Can you find 4 red objects?
  • When playing with Lego, blocks etc. ask your child to build something using a certain amount of bricks e.g can you build a dog using 10 bricks? Together count out the bricks and then ask them to build.
  • Using water and a paintbrush, paint some numbers on the pavement or a fence. Ask your child

to put the correct amount of dots/lines underneath the numbers. Your child may need support identifying the numerals. Begin with 0-5 and then progress to 0-10.

  • Whilst on a walk can your child count their steps? Can they do 4 hops? 5 claps? 2 jumps?

Autumn Challenge 7:

This week’s challenge links to the letter sounds we have been learning in school. Over the past weeks your child has learnt the sounds ‘s’ (sssssss), ‘a’ (a-a-a), ‘t’ (t-t-t). You will find videos of the rhymes we use in school to teach these sounds on your child’s Tapestry. For your challenge, I would like you to go on a hunt around your local environment to find objects that start with these sounds. Choose one sound at a time e.g. repeat the ‘ssssss’ sound to your child and ask them to mimic it. Together, go around your house or garden and see if you can find anything that starts with that sound. How many objects can you find?


As an extra challenge can you have a go at writing it the sound?

Some fun ways to help your child with their formation:

  • Write the sound with their finger in foam
  • Paint the sound on large pieces of paper
  • Paint with water outside on the pavement
  • Write the sound with their finger in sand/soil

Autumn Challenge 6:

This week’s challenge is about having fun and enjoying your half term holiday.

Go on a walk around your local area. Collect some Autumn objects such as leaves, conkers, twigs etc. Can you make an Autumn picture using them?

As your child makes their picture, get them to count out how many leaves they have found etc. Which object have they collected the most of? Which ones the least?


As an extra challenge, linking to the sounds we have begun to learn in school (s and a), I have uploaded 2 videos onto Tapestry to help with your child’s formation of these letters.

These videos model the rhymes we have begun to use in school to help us form

the letters correctly.


Have a lovely half term holiday!

Autumn Challenge 5:

This week’s challenge is all about developing your child’s gross motor skills. We would like you to take part in our Autumn Movement challenge.

Can you crawl along the floor like a hedgehog?

Can you twirl and spin like a falling sycamore seed?

Can you creep slowly and carefully like a fox?

Can you rake some leaves outside into one big pile?

Can you search around to find a nut like a squirrel?

Can you flap and fly like a bat in the dark?

Can you jump in the puddles?


Have a go at making your own Autumn movements and show us them on


Have fun moving!

Autumn Challenge 4

Teddy is lost

This week’s challenge is all about listening and identifying different levels of sound.

Ask your child to choose any cuddly toy. Ask them to close their eyes or go into a different room as you hide it. Hide it anywhere around the room/garden. When your child enters the room you start to make a continuous noise e.g. beep beep, toot toot, clapping etc. If your child is far away from the hidden teddy you do a quiet noise, as they get closer to finding it make the noise louder. When they are very close to the teddy make your noise as loud as you can until they find it.

This activity is to support your child’s listening skills and to help them identify different ranges of sound.

The roles in this activity can be changed to allow your child to hide the toy and make the correct level of noises as your look for it.


Have fun searching!

Autumn Challenge 3

This week’s challenge is all about listening and identifying different sounds. We would like you to collect a range of objects from around the house or outside that make different noises e.g. crisp packet, keys, leaves, coins in a purse, a squeaky toy etc.

Allow your child to play with the objects and to listen to the sounds they make. Then gather your objects together and put them in a box or a bag.

Put your hand into the bag/box and make a sound with one of the objects. Can your child guess which object is making the sound?


To further challenge your child, can they identify which sound is the loudest and quietest?

Which sound is their favourite/least favourite? Can they explain why?


Have fun!

Autumn Challenge 2

This week’s challenge is all about listening and identifying different sounds in our environment. Take a walk around your local area. Ask your child to ‘turn’ their listening ears on. What different sounds can they hear? Can your child identify all of them? Ask them thought provoking questions such as:

Which is the loudest sound?

Which is the quietest?

What do you think is making that sound?

Can you see what is making that sound?


To further challenge your child, go on a few walks over the week. Can they

hear any of the same sounds as previous walks? Any different ones?


We hope you enjoy your walks together!

Autumn Challenge 1

Choose your favourite story, make some actions or sound effects for different parts as you read.

Some examples of this could be:

 Does your story have any animal characters in? Could you represent them with actions?  What noises do they make? Make those noises every time they are mentioned in the story.

Are there any lines in your story that are repeated many times? Can you make some actions to represent these?

Could you act out different parts of the story and show a member of your family?


We hope you enjoy bringing your stories to life!

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