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Autumn 2 2021

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 6: How do we make ice? Today we prepared the ice trays, filling them with water and then left them over night in the freezer to make ice.

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 6: Outside & Inside Learning today. We went on a magnetic materials hunt around our school. MORNING CHILDREN

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 5: Investigating ice: Inside and in outside learning today.

AUTUMN 2: WEEK 5: Step into CHRISTMAS or step into the nursery: using magnets, exploring fine motor skill activities: tweezers, whiteboard pens, decorating the wooden Christmas tree with pompoms ...

WEEK 4: FRIDAY: The Opticians

WEEK 4: THURSDAY: The Dentist

WEEK 4: WEDNESDAY: The Fire Service

WEEK 4: TUESDAY: The Doctor . Today we had a visit from a parent who is a GP. She showed us all the tools she has her in her medical bag and we compared it with our toy medical kit.

WEEK 4: MONDAY - The Building yard. Playing cooperatively, building and printing walls, constructing buildings ...


This week in nursery we are going to be talking to the children about occupations.  What do people do when they go to work?  What is their job called?  We will be looking at builders, dentists, the fire service, nursing and the opticians.  These have been selected because of there obvious interest to children and they are occupations that the children can see around them in their local environment.
Can you talk at home about the jobs you do, as parents?  As you walk around Morpeth can you stop and look at what is happening on  building site?  Could you talk about past experiences of visiting the dentist , doctors or opticians?
We will hopefully be having visits in the next few weeks from the fire service and the community dentist too.
Thank you

WEEK 2: Expressive art & design: completing our Autumn Leave collages and painting our poppy jars for Remembrance Day

We have been talking about - MATERIALS. We discussed what things are made: glass, plastic, wood, fabric, bricks, stone …

The children had to mark off each of the objects they found on their clipboard.  
After our snack we made our own musical instruments using natural materials and any other  objects we could find outside.

WEEK 2: Afternoon Children

WEEK 1: Morning nursery

A 'snap shot' of the busy day we had in nursery today.  Lots of lovely activities made for us by Mrs Ramshaw.  We can make our own bonfire, match the fireworks on the light box, explore the tuft tray to find the hidden fireworks, trace firework patterns, mix powder paints...  A fun time was had by all and some fabulous learning took place.  We also had a visit from a cheeky, very tame magpie.

Afternoon Nursery:

Today we looked around the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn.  We had talked about the seasons and the changes that might happen in the next few weeks.  We noticed that some trees had already lost most of their leaves.  Some trees had changed colours. 

In our play we made natural sculptures, created dens, became animals that might hibernate in the leaves and went fishing.

REMEMBER to look out for signs that the seasons are changing.

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