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Autumn 2

Collective worship week commencing 29th November

Collective Worship Week Commencing 8.11.21

Monday 8th November: Honesty

Mr Reeson led our collective worship virtually over google meet by sharing a story about an honest taxi driver. Zeenat Hussain could have sold the expensive concert players violin that was left in his car, but instead he showed honesty and integrity, returning it to the rightful (and very grateful) owner. We considered what we could learn by his example. 

Tuesday 9th November: Reflective Areas and a Visitor

Our visitor Kirstene from the Mustard Tree trust came to work with classes during collective worship time to set up our class reflective areas. She helped us think about two ways we can stop and reflect. The first was using the red for STOP poster and a 1minute timer. We talked about how when things are difficult or going wrong, it is good to have time to stop and reflect, to be calm and perhaps to pray. We practised being quiet and calm using the timer to help us stop and reflect. 

Then we used the green for GRATITUDE poster to think about all the things we were thankful for. We set up our own class thankfulness jar of things we can thank God for, like our families, our friends, good food, fun and learning. We'll be adding more things into the jar that we are thankful for in the weeks to come. 

Wednesday 10th November: A Dishonest Tax Collector (Luke 19)

We shared the story from the bible of Zacchaeus, a tax collector who had dishonestly taken more than his fair share of money to make himself rich. We read how he totally changed his behaviour, giving half his possessions to the poor and paying back four times what he had taken! We noticed how compassionate Jesus was with him when no one else wanted to be near him and reflected on the fact that anyone can change for the better. We thought about times when it is hard to be honest and how we can help each other with this, just like Jesus did. 

Thursday 11th November: Remembrance Day

Today was Remembrance or Armistice Day. We gathered for collective worship and reflection, one class at a time, in the hall where we placed our poppy jars and candles around the soldier. We spent a moment quietly reflecting on the sacrifices people had made for us to enjoy our freedom and how thankful we were for this. 

Friday 12th November: Celebrating our Talent and Achievements

We love celebrating one another's god- given talents and achievements. This week we celebrated these in class, where there were large applauses for people trying their best in so many different ways. When we celebrate together, we flourish together. Well done everyone! 

Collective Worship Week Commencing 1.11.21 

Monday 1st November 2021

Today we introduced our theme to the week, hope. Hope is such an important part of all of our lives and we hope by sharing our experiences with each other and sharing stories from the Bible which show how hope can conquest many things, we enable our children to build on their resilience and skill set they have already built within their Christian faith. 

Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Today, we shared the Parable of the Mustard Seeds (Mark 4 : 30-32) We discovered that few of these tiny seeds can grow into huge plants. We know that this shows us that although the Kingdom of God started with Jesus and his Disciples, it has grown to have such numbers. We know we can put our faith in God and he will guide us to make the right choices. We finished with a prayer and thanked God for all he does for us. 

Wednesday 3rd November 2021

We shared the story of Esther today, from the Old Testament.  We know she had to overcome many challenges in her life but she always had the hope that something better was going to come along.  She made some very brave, and bold, choices.  Have you ever had to make some brace choices and hoped that everything would turn out okay?

Thursday 4th November 2021

For Prayer and Praise this week, we have been learning some new hymns. We practised Shine Jesus Shine, This Little Light of Mine and My Lighthouse and reflected how God is a shining light of hope in our lives, no matter what happens during our day.


Friday 5th November

Friday’s celebration assemblies took part in our own classrooms today and Mrs Reeson came to visit us rather than us all gathering in the hall. It was so nice to welcome him in our classrooms. Well done to all those who achieved an Outstanding Achievement today 🤩

WB 6th December 2021 Christmas

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