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Autumn 1

Week commencing: 18th October 2021


Monday 18th October 2021


Today we gathered in the hall and lit the candle. We listened to a story about three children sharing a biscuit. Two that gave half of their biscuits but one that gives it all. We then heard the True Giving story from the bible (Mark 12:41-44). We thought about the theme generosity and how we can be generous to others.  

Tuesday 19th October 2021


We gathered for collective worship. We had our visitor Val from Open the Book who came and shared the story of Adam and Even and the fall.

Wednesday 20th October 2021


Today we gathered in class. We listened to Gods Story: Generosity. We reflected on the stories shared together as a class. 

Thursday 21st October 2021


Today we gathered in the hall listening to the song 'My Lighthouse'. Mr O'Halloran led the assembly by asking us the importance of a lighthouse. We talked about the importance of being bright and being see in the dark and shared images of people wearing bright clothing when walking, cycling or scooting to school now that the mornings and evenings are getting darker. Visitors from the COOP brought in relfective badges to wear to help us be 'bright'.


Friday 22nd October 2021


During Fridays celebration Collective Worship we celebrated our gifts and talents. We celebrated outstanding achievements, the pumpkin design competitions and class attendance winners - well done Green Class! 

Week commencing 11th October 2021

Monday 11th October 2021

Today, we celebrated all of our Outstanding Achievements from last week.  The children amazed everyone with their knowledge of number bonds, their amazing writing and beautiful attention to detail.  We celebrated together and shared a prayer to thank God for our gifts.

Tuesday 12th October 2021

Val, from Open The Book, came to Collective Worship today and shared the Creation Story with us.  She told us all about how God created the world and wants us to make sure we look after it.  Not only that, but reminded us how we should care for each other, and the animal too.  How are you going to keep the world safe?

Wednesday 13th October 2021

In Red Class today, our class based worship focused on kindness to each other.  One of the children had written a story about a monkey called Charlie who had no friends, and who was ostracised by the other animals because he was so energetic.  Even though he was treated so badly by others, he was exceptionally kind when he found another animal who felt the same.  He showed that being different is not such a problem and that kindness shines through no matter who you are.  We thought about how nice it is to show kindness to everyone and said a prayer to show our thanks for each other and the kindness God shows us.  đź™Ź

Thursday 14th October 2021

Today, in Prayer and Praise, we thanked God for his kindness and for giving us the world to look after. We used our beautiful singing voices to sing Praise Him and He’s got the whole world in His hands. 
We all really enjoy this time together in collective worship. 

Friday 15th October 2021

Well done to everyone who was awarded an Outstanding Achievement today. It was amazing to see so many awards for lots of different areas of the curriculum. 

Week Commencing: 4th October 2021


Monday 4th October 2021


Our collective worship theme on Monday was resilience. Mr O'Halloran talked to us about different people that have shown resilience such as athletes and Walt Disney. He then asked us how we can be resilient and gave us a challenge. For the first week in the walk to school month we were asked to walk to school. There will be a prize for the class who walks the most across the whole week. The second week is wheel to school. The prize will be a breakfast on Thursday morning. The third week is be bright be seen with a non-unifrom day on Friday. 

TUESDAY: Special visitor Kirstine Davis

Our assembly today focused on being special. Kirstine talked about harvesting apples and how we are similar. We all have a star inside us, just like the apple. On the outside we are all different but remember that :  We all have the star inside.

Thursday 7th October 2021

This week in Prayer and Praise we gathered in the hall and Mrs Roberts led our worship.  We practiced Harvest Samba, Our God is a Great Big God and also learnt some new verses for This Little Light of Mine.


Friday 8th October 2021


We had a special visitor Val today who celebrated Harvest with us.  She made us think carefully about what, where and how our food is grown.  She also told us about the Wansbeck Food Bank and where our donations of food were going and why.


Week Commencing 27th September: PATIENCE

Monday: Together We Flourish (John 10:10)

In Collective Worship today we considered our school vision "Together we Flourish" and how we might flourish by living life to the full (John 10:10) We looked at how with the right nourishment, light and care plants can flourish and we considered how we can flourish by living life to the full at school and at home. We know that flourishing is something that's easier to do together, with help from one another and with help from God. Red class lead us in some prayers. You might want to make this prayer your own too: 

Lord God, 

Help us to be the best version of ourselves by flourishing each and every day. 

Let our school be an environment where our children, staff, parents and carers can truly flourish.

Help us to use our gifts and talents you have given us to do good each and every day.

Let me see the good in everyone around me and let me help others flourish too.



We talked about how flourishing doesn't happen in just one moment but like the growing plant, it requires time, care and patience. Patience will be our theme for the rest of this week as we learn how it can help us flourish. The children left with a challenge to consider how they might flourish and help others to flourish this week.


Tuesday: Patience in Flourishing

During Tuesdays Collective Worship we Gathered  together listening to a popular song about Patience. We Engaged with this value through hearing the story of the Hare and the Tortoise to help us understand what Patience could mean. Some budding actors helped to bring this to life.  We Reflected on times when we need help to be patient , with children sharing many examples from their lives. We were sent out thinking about how being patient can help us flourish and live our lives to the full.


Wednesday: The Lost Son and the Loving Father (Luke 15:11-32)

During our class Collective Worship we Gathered together and lit up our class reflection area. We Engaged with the story of the Loving Father and the Lost Son (Luke 15:11-32).  We used drama to Reflect  on the different ways we can wait (with sadness, with frustration and with hope) We discussed how the Father showed Patience because he waited with hope, not giving up or getting angry but living his life to the full (flourishing!)  We were sent out in prayer as one of the children led us asking for God’s help to be patient at home and at school.


Thursday: Prayer and Praise

This week prayer and praise we Gathered together singing a school favourite, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”. We engaged with the news of the upcoming Harvest Celebration where after months of hard work and patience  farmers (and we!) enjoy the good harvest gifts that God gives us. We Reflected in Song, learning and singing the Harvest Samba and thanking God in prayer for all the good gifts he gives u and asking for patience when we find it hard to wait for these good things. We were Sent out, listening to a new song about ways we can praise God, not just in song or dance, but even in every part of our lives, even through our patience and waiting times!


Friday: Celebrating the Fruits of Patience

In our Friday assembly we love to celebrate the God given gifts and talents that have been enjoyed across the school that week. We remembered that these Outstanding Achievements are gifts and talents given to us by God and nourished by us and those around us as we patiently persevere in being the best version of ourselves. Two children showed super patience and perseverance in some marvellous mathematics work. Well done and keep on flourishing! 

Week Commencing 20th September: LOVE 

Monday: The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

Today in our Collective Worship Mr. Reeson launched the theme of 'Love'. Our children discussed what love means to them, how we know we are loved and how we show love to those around us. Our children listened to the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) and discussed how love was shown by the Samaritan man to the Jewish man. The children were sent to think about how they would show love to those around them. 

Tuesday: Visiting Collective Worship leader

Today our children were very fortunate to be able to welcome a visiting collective worship leader from St. George's church. She talked to the children about love. 

Wednesday: Class Based Collective Worship

During Jade class' Collective Worship…

· We reflected on the theme of love and talked about how we could show people that we loved them.

· We sang the song ‘My Lighthouse’ and talked about God’s love for people and how he guides people ‘safe to shore’.

How are you going to show your love to those around you? 


Thursday: Prayer and Praise!

Today Mr.McLeod led our 'prayer and praise' focussing on the song, Harvest Samba! This is to prepare our children for the upcoming Harvest Celebration assembly we will hold in school in a few weeks time. Throughout our Collective Worship we thought about those who are less fortunate that ourselves and how we can support them. How can you help out?...

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Together We Flourish (John 10:10)
Together We Flourish (John 10:10)


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