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Red Year 4

Welcome to Red Class!


End of year!

Thank you so much for all your support this year.  We finished on a high with our fabulous performances of Mystery at Magpie Manor and our final class assembly.  The children did themselves proud and I hope you enjoyed seeing our last ever performance for you. We all rocked it out! 

Thank you so much for your kind wishes and presents and I hope you all have a fabulous 6 weeks holiday and get prepared for Chantry and Newminster. Remember, always reach for the stars!

WE 23.6.16

One word to describe this week -BUSY! We had a brilliant day at Lifepath at Brinkburn Priory on Tuesday (photos to follow) followed by some of us attending the cathedral on Wednesday for the Leaver's Service whilst 9 children attended the Sports Games Tag Rugby festival. I am proud to say that the children behaved impeccably at all events I feel very proud to be their teacher.  Their singing in the cathedral was beautiful and lots of people approached Miss Halliday and I to comment on how good they were.  After the cathedral we explored the bridges of Newcastle and has lots of fun following a trail.  To top this off we won the Tag Rugby festival! Sports day and our cornet concert finished the week on Thursday! We defiantly need an extra day off in Friday! Thank you so much for supporting us all during these busy times. We all appreciate it. smiley

Chantry Technology Day 10.3.16


We have been so busy since returning to school this term. We have started our science topic looking at sound. Who knew that listening to loud music could be so bad for your hearing. To make everyone aware of this we have designed a poster and are in the process of using our ICT skills to transfer this to be able to print it off. 

In Literacy we have started looking at myths. We have explored the story of Can You Catch A Mermaid?

We have compared feelings and characteristics of the main characters and are now comparing them to the characters in Beowolf. 

Place value has played a large part of our Maths too.  We have used our know,edge to help with addition and subtraction. We have however, found rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 a little tricky so see if your child can tell you our little trick to help you remember which way to round.

This week we have also explored Hiduism as part of World Religion Day and had the pleasure of welcoming Jim, a fantastic storyteller, who has helped develop our story writing skills. 

WE 27.11.15

With all the success of International week last we I was unsure if the children would be able to muster up the energy for Friendship Week.  How wrong could I be!

All the children have excelled at being a great friend and used their skills to help others.  They worked exceptionally well with Reception as part of our Literacy genre of instruction writing and they worked together to make a dice for the children to keep and use in their classroom.

In Maths we have continued looking at subtraction and we will be consolidate this next week to ensure we have fully understand all the strategies that have been taught.

In Science we have begun looking at our teeth.  We can name them, describe what they are used for and explain their importance in the digestion process.  Biting into a polystyrene plate enabled us to compare our teeth with each other.  We found lots of differences!

Mrs Ritson and I will be choosing our 6 participants next week for the gymnastics festival so keep your eyes peeled for any letters that will be coming home.

Yesterday all the children were allocated a part in our Christmas Play (Straw and Order).  If you need any help with costumes etc just let us know. Have a great weekend! 

WE 6.11.15

This week we have been focusing on perimeter in Maths.  See if your child can explain what the perimeter of a shape is.  As a class we have noticed that our measuring skills have improved but we still need to work on our addition as some children were getting the answer wrong even after careful measuring!

In English we have  continued on the genre of Instructional and Explanation texts.  We have looked at how 'bossy' our language has to be to make a up of tea.  We will be extending this to an even more complicated set of instructions next week.

In Science we have been exploring food webs and changing them into food chains.  The children are enjoying sorting plants and animals into decomposers, producers, consumers and top consumers.  They really like the fact we are a top consumer.


WE 16.10.15

This week in Literacy we have been using out prepositional language to create complex sentences in our stories about Horrid Henry.  It has been lovely to see how far the children have come so far this term already with their writing skills. 

In Numeracy we have been focusing on converting measures. Ask your child if they can tell you how many millilitres are in a litre etc to see if they have managed to remember. 

In our topic work we have been making our own models of rainforest houses.  Did you know they are build on stilts incase of flooding?  Finally, our cornet lessons are continuing well and all the children have a good understanding of rhythm and are beginning to read music.

A letter came home on Friday (although there are lots of reading folders in the box this weekend!) about a football festival that some of the children have expressed an interest in going to.  There are only 20 places available (don't worry though, are other opportunities throughout the year to take part in other sport festivals too) so the letter must be returned ASAP so we can arrange transport and kit.  Thank you. 

WE 2.10.15

This week we have finally written our own fables. 8 will be chose and submitted to Kids Fables website so keep your eye out for when they are published! We have also the Numeracy area of multiplication. All the children have found this difficult so please try helping your child learn their tables 'off by heart'. In Year 4 we need to know all up to 12x12. 

In Thursday we measured out the length of the rainforest on the school field. We were amazed at how high the trees go. Can your child remember the heights of each layer?

Finally pleas remember your bling for tomorrow's Harvest Performace at 2pm.  

W.E 25.9.15

Well what a busy week we have all had!  All the children who attended Robinwood really excelled at all the activities and it was lovely to see them enjoy themselves so much.  You were all a credit to Morpeth All Saints and we were proud of each and every one of you!  After all that excitement (jumping off the Giant Swing, scaling the Climbing Wall and even Stream Walking) it was back to work on Thursday completing our second cornet lesson and creating posters for our new display.

In Literacy we have been planning to write our own fable based on a well known moral.  See if your child can remember the one that their story is based on.

Photos (all 200ish of them) of Robinwood will be uploaded soon.

See you next week after a well deserved restful weekend!

"Learning with Love and Laughter"