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Rainforest Day

Well done Orange Class!


What a fantastic day we all had. We came in to find that it wasn't actually Rainforest Day and it was Rainforest Survival Day. Pupils had to learn all about how to survive in the rainforest, what could they eat? How do they know which plants are safe?  How do they build a shelter? Luckily we all made it through the day!


The second part of the challenge was to help a giraffe who usually lives in the savannah but had ended up in the rainforest. We had to design a transportation system to get her back, but we had to remember:


  • A giraffe's head must always be above its stomach.
  • Giraffes can't sleep for more than 40 minutes.
  • They have very high blood pressure.
  • They can't be sedated.


Well done Orange Class, we were very impressed with your presentations!



"Learning with Love and Laughter"