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Parent Overview Summer Term 2

Phonics Files

If your child is in my class for English please can you send their phonics file to school with them each day.  Thank you !


All my maths class have their own log ins to the maths site. I am setting homework online via this site now. Any problems please get in touch.

Week commencing 4th July

In Maths this week we have looked at shapes and measures. In one lesson we sorted shapes according to their properties using a  Venn diagram. We made our Venn diagram out of hula hoops! We carried out all sorts of estimating and comparing of weights using objects and the bucket balance. We finished the week trying to learn the months of the year.

In English we have continued to look at Poems about Nature. We punctuated questions correctly using Who? by Pie Corbett and learnt all about Haiku poems including writing our own. We now know they have 17 syllables and can clap out the syllables in some words. We are working hard on handwriting.  

In Science we learnt about how humans cope with different seasons and in Geography we learnt all about the Pacific Ocean and the Great Barrier reef. In RE we are learning about the Qu'ran and why it is a Holy Book. On Friday afternoon we watched the Year 4 Leavers performance which was amazing !

Week Commencing 20th June 2016

This week saw the whole school take part in Sports day. A huge well done to all the children who took part. You were all amazing and I was so impressed with the attitude and approach of my class who tried really hard and supported each other on a very hot afternoon !

In English this week we continued to look at Information texts and enjoyed the book Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies. We used the facts to write labels and captions. In teams of three we made our own books called Fierce Creatures.

In Maths we looked at measurement including time and positional language.

In Geography we are looking at oceans and seas and this week investigated the seascapes painted by  J M W Turner. We used watercolours to create our own seascapes and experimented with different techniques including adding salt to our paintings. The results are amazing and will be on display soon!



Week Commencing 13th June

In Maths this week we looked at adding and subtracting 10 to 2-digit numbers, halving and doubling and fractions. Most of us are logging on to Abacus at home to complete tasks and homework but if there are any problems please let me know. 

In English we continued looking at information texts learning about tigers and polar bears. We wrote and illustrated our own Tiger Facts Books and started to think about similarities and differences between the two. We all wrote an original story about tigers and  the children produced some amazing work. 

In Science as we continue to look at the seasons the children used their senses to write a poem about the seasons. They all worked really well together brainstorming their ideas to start.

Please remember to have PE kits in school all week and to bring a water bottle filled each day. 

Week commencing 6th June 2016

It was lovely to see you all after the holidays!

In English we have started to look at information texts. We started the week with the poem, Dancing Tiger by Malachy Doyle spotting rhyming words and recording a conversation. We progressed to learning all about tigers and wrote some facts about tigers. We are starting to recognise when a text is fiction or non fiction. 

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting three small numbers. We are using our number bonds and number facts to help us and by the end of the week most of us could spot these ! We went to the ICT suite to log onto Abacus maths and completed some activities there too.

In Geography we have started to learn about Oceans and Seas and identified the seas around the UK.

In PSHE we are thinking about change and thought about things that will change over time. We drew some great pictures to show these. In Science we are looking at the seasons.

In PE we did three activities on a carousel and I was so impressed with the 'can do ' attitude the children displayed. In RE we are looking at the Bible and we watched the Marie Jones story and thought about our treasured possessions and why the Bible is special to Christians.

Week commencing 23rd May 2016

In Maths this week we have been trying to use our number facts to add pairs of numbers which have totals above 10. We are all trying really hard to learn our number bonds - please ask your child to recite our number bonds to 10 rhyme for you ! Some of us are already able to sort sums into ones we, 'Just know' and ones we have to work out.

In English a scary thing happened ! We all had animals appear in our gardens ! We all wrote letters to WWF asking for help and advice and thought about our sentence punctuation. Some of us even wrote a reply letter.

In Topic we enjoyed doing some weaving with all types of fabrics and in Science we had a first look at Space Travel.

We were sad on Friday saying goodbye to one of our classmates but wish her loads of luck in her new School !

Have a great half term everyone !


Week commencing 16th May

In English we have started to look at letters using the lovely book Dear Greenpeace by Simon James. We thought about all the types of letters you can receive and looked at how informal and formal letters are different. We enjoyed finding out about blue whales and the work of Greenpeace. I was so impressed with the facts the children already knew about our planet and ecological issues.

In Maths we started to look at number facts and tried to identify how we can use them to help us solve addition and subtraction problems. Some of us found this really tricky so we are working hard on learning place value to help us.

All the Year 1's took part in the Hoopstars session at Chantry Middle. Well done to everyone who took part. You all had  a super attitude and were a credit to your school!  

In RE we looked at Pentecost and the children produced some amazing artworks on this theme.

In history and D/T we finished our vehicles adding axles and wheels and had a 'race' in the hall to see who had produced the vehicle which travelled the farthest.

All the Year 1's are working hard in phonics so please ensure their file is in school each day so any  work can be added to it.

In PSHE we are continuing to look at relationships.

Week commencing 9th May

In English this week we continued with our theme of superheroes. We looked at verbs, talking about what our superhero could do, we wrote descriptions and dialogue between our superhero and their arch enemy and finally wrote our own superhero story.

In Maths we explored number patterns and worked on understanding place value in 2- digit numbers.To help us we drew a huge number line on the playground ! We also spent a lesson using the ICT suite to access our abacus site and complete some short tasks.  

In PSHE we are continuing to look at relationships whilst in Topic we used our designs to build our vehicles. Hopefully we will get the wheels and axles in place this week! We had a lovely afternoon as a school celebrating HM The Queen's 90th birthday. Luckily the weather was kind and we had our garden party outdoors!

In RE we talked about the Ascension and the children wrote a postcard from Jesus to the Disciples telling them what heaven was like. There were some amazing ideas!   

Breakfast on the Beach !

Breakfast on the Beach ! 1
Breakfast on the Beach ! 2

Week commencing 2nd May

In English this week we started a new topic entitled, 'Superheroes!'

We thought about who we thought were the superheroes in our lives, enjoyed a text telling us about all sorts of superheroes, drew illustrations and discussed our favourite cartoon superheros.

In Maths we are continuing to look at number and place value working on +10 and - 10 , +1 and -1 to any given number to 100. 

In Science we continued our work on materials, focusing this week on fabrics, and we listened to the book, The Queen's knickers by Nicholas Allan before discussing how fabrics are made.

In RE we learnt about Breakfast on the Beach , a story before the Ascension. We made a campfire in our classroom ( not real of course!), shared the story and then had a breakfast of fish ( shaped crackers) .We talked about how the disciples and Jesus would have been feeling.

In History we have started to build our vehicles and in PE we got to go outside and do some athletics with Mr Dimmock.


Week commencing 25th April

We are continuing to look at fairy tales in English and this week our work was structured around the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We had great fun acting out the story and planning and writing our own story based on the book.  

In Maths we have done some work on place value, addition and subtraction and time. I was so impressed with some of the subtraction work the class did, subtracting a 1-digit number from a 2- digit number.

In Science we carried on looking at materials and started to think about how we can classify materials, where they come from and their properties.

In PE we are gearing up for the summer term by starting some athletics but due to the freezing wind, rain, hail and snow it has all been inside to date. Hopefully we will get outside soon so please ensure all PE kits are in school all week.

In RE we are looking at stories before the Ascension and thinking about how the people Jesus appeared to may have been feeling. 

In History we have started to plan our own vehicle which we will be making over the next week or so. Please send in any old boxes/ cartons/ tubes that you may have for these models.

Parent Overview Summer Term 1

Week commencing 11th April 2016

It was lovely to see everyone back at class this week.

It has been a busy first week back. In Maths we have been continuing to work on measures including time. Some of us can now say the days of the week in order and we have started to try and now learn the months of the year.We did a host of activities based on time including quarter past and quarter to the hour. We used our estimating skills to try and guess how long a minute is by trying  to guess how many times we could complete various activities in this time including writing our name and star jumping ! Some of us were very close with our estimating and actual times.   

In English we have started Fairy Stories and Traditional tales looking at Cinderella. We wrote labels, acted out freeze frames, undertook oral re-tells and sequenced and captioned the story. Some of the children even wrote the story in their own words. Super work !

In History we started our new topic looking at how cars have changed over the years whilst in Science we started to look at Materials by having a classroom materials hunt and sort!

We attended a skipping masterclass as I was so proud that everyone joined in, even if they didn't want to at first. You all showed real resilience and determination. Great work everyone!   

Spellings for test on 18th April 2016

Easter Church Service 24th March 2016

Week commencing 14th March 2016

This week was Science week in school. Our class enjoyed a range of activities including building towers out of spaghetti and jelly beans, undertaking a nature walk in school grounds to spot the signs of Spring, testing our astronaut skills using lego and oven gloves and planting beans under various conditions to determine what plants need to grow. We attended informative talks on recycling and composting as well as a fascinating session presented by the Orca charity on whales and dolphins off the North East coast. It was an amazing week and thank you to all the volunteers and parents who helped make it a success. A slideshow of photographs can be accessed on the Green Class page.

In English we looked at tongue twister poems, alliteration, past tense verbs and proper nouns. In Maths we looked at fractions, time and started to learn our 2,5,10 times tables!   


Week commencing 7th March 2016

In English we looked at humorous poems and concentrated on rhyming couplets using the hilarious poem Where Teachers Keep Their Pets by Paul Cookson. The children loved it and wrote their own rhyming couplets and sentences using proper nouns. We are trying to learn the poem by heart so you may hear it at home soon!

In Maths we did some work on counting in lots of 5's, matching and learning pairs for 8 and 9 and spent some time revisiting time. Please encourage your child to read the clocks in your home as it is quite tricky!

On Thursday we had our trip day to the Great North Museum. We visited the Polar regions exhibition, spent some time exploring the different exhibits and took part in an animals workshop. Well done to all for making it such an enjoyable day and thank you to the parents who gave their time to accompany us.

In Science we continued to look at plants and learnt about the functions of each part of the plant.

In PE we are continuing with racket and ball skills whilst in RE we started to look at the Easter story. 

In PSHE we revisited thinking about how you can be a good friend and what to do when someone is mean to you. 


Week Commencing 29th February 2016

It was World Book Week in school this week. In my class children listened to passages from , ' The Twits' by Roald Dahl. They had the chance to make Mr Twit's beard, which contains all manner of ghastly things, using a variety of materials. Not to leave out Mrs Twit we talked about how a person who has ugly thoughts will always look ugly  (you need to read the book !) and wrote our own good thoughts poems.

In Maths we starting counting in lots of 2's, did some work on recognizing coins and carried on learning one more / one less than a given number. Well done to all of you who solved some of the puzzles that were undertaken on World Maths Day which we celebrated on Tuesday. They were really tricky and it was lovely to see you all taking turns and working as a teams to solve them. 

In English we finished off looking at nocturnal animals and wrote our own original story.

PE saw us starting to develop racket and co ordination skills and everyone tried their very best. 

Week Commencing 22nd February

It was lovely to see everyone after our half term break !

This week in English we have been looking at non fiction texts on nocturnal animals.We learnt about some of the nocturnal animals from the UK and around the world and discussed any special features they may have. We were able to use our phonic knowledge to help spell their names.

In Maths we looked again at odd and even numbers and started to count in lots of 2's and 5's.

In RE Purple class discussed peace. We talked about what is peace, what does it feel like, what is the opposite to peace and how do we feel peace. The children each wrote a phrase on a dove describing what peace means to them and they made a wonderful display showing their work.

In Geography we have started to look at France. We thought about how we could travel to France and looked at some important landmarks. The children had great fun learning some french words and sharing any words they already knew.

In PE we concentrated on throwing and catching and great effort was put in by everyone. I could see huge improvements in our catching ability by the end of the lesson.

In ICT we started to use the Bee Bots to create our own algorithms whilst in Science we thought about plants and their uses.  


Week commencing 8th February 2016

In Maths this week we looked at fractions and took our first look at time. We made clock faces to help us learn our o'clock and half past the hour times.

In English we learnt about pronouns and proper nouns and finished looking at Traditional Tales by reading Anancy and Mr Dry Bone by Fiona French, a traditional tale from the USA. All the children thought Anancy was hilarious and had fun designing their own costume.

We enjoyed safer internet day and talked about what to do if someone is mean to you online and how we can keep ourselves safe online. In ICT we are learning how to word process documents and add a picture. I was really impressed with how hard everyone worked.

In Topic we finished off our exploration of the weather by looking at extreme weather. I think we were all shocked that tornados were recorded in the UK ! 

Well done on all your hard work this half term.

Have a great holiday !


Week Commencing 1st February 2016


Over the last couple of week the children have looked at doubling, halving and division as sharing into equal groups. Linking to English by using the book Handa's Hen by Eileen Browne they shared lizards and spoonbills as well as using cubes. They have also looked at capacity. We are starting to learn to write numbers as words so we played a match up game to help us.

In Maths this week we started to look at fractions. Using fruit we made fruity fraction drawings and identified halves of various shapes. We read a book called Full House Fractions about Miss Bloom and her Inn. The children  thought her guests were hilarious and we used the inn filling up to start to write our own fractions. We  are trying to learn the days of the week in order and are using the poemSolomon Grundy to help us. Please ask your child to tell you the poem as they love it !

In English we wrote our own counting book based on We all went on Safari by Laurie Krebs. The children worked really hard trying to vary their sentence openers, adding  fantastic adjectives and learning about speech verbs for their chosen animals. I am so impressed with all their efforts. 

In Science we are continuing to look at animals and their habitats and we used our ICT  time to work in pairs researching habitats. 

In Geography the class presented a weather forecast using their knowledge of the UK to date. It was great to hear them referring to the compass and capital cities. They made their own weather maps and symbols which were fantastic.

In Art the children painted their own representation of Van Gogh's Starry Night in keeping with our weather theme. Their paintings are amazing and I hope they will be on display soon.

In RE we looked at the things you would find inside a mosque and the children designed their own prayer mats. 

Our star of the week was Joshua Bonham. Well Done ! 

Week commencing 11th January 2016

In English this week we carried on looking at instructional texts and read , 'Don't let the pigeon drive the

bus!'  We looked at contractions and time based sentence starters. All the children did really well following my instructions on how to draw the pigeon and are now writing their own pigeon based book.

In Maths we have started learning to match up numbers with their names in words. We worked in table groups and had a little competition to see who could match up the numbers and words to 20 !  We did some work on one more and one less to 20 and 30 and started to look at doubles. We are continuing to learn our number bonds to 20.

In Art we drew our Claude Monet representations using pastels or crayons. The children did  some amazing work and I hope some of it will be on display in school. This work links to the work we are doing around weather with the children drawing Waterloo Bridge in different weather conditions just like Mr Monet did some time ago. I am thrilled with the effort they are putting in !

In Science this week we were introduced to MRS NERG who told us about the seven life processes.

In RE we looked at the things you would find inside and outside a church. 

Fantastic week ! Well done !

Week Commencing 4th January 2016

Welcome back everyone ! 

In English we have started looked at instructional texts using the lovely books by Mo Willems titled, ' Don't let the pigeon stay up late!' and 'Don't let the pigeon drive the bus !' We have been coming up with our own persuasive arguments why we should be allowed to stay up late and writing, 'Shouty' sentences using capital letters. Next week the children will be sent home with an individually tailored  phonics file to help consolidate their sounds/ letters. I will be adding to these as we progress along so please help your child work through them at their own pace. There's no need to hand it in as homework although I would like them brought to school each day.         

In Maths we have been learning our odd and even numbers with the help of Odd Todd and Even Steven. Please ask your child to repeat the rhyme we are using to help us remember. Also we have worked on counting in twos and working out one more and one less of a given number. I will sending Maths homework home every Friday for the following week. This often consolidates work we have done in the classroom so it would be fantastic if you could ensure this is completed and returned to me.

In Art we looked at  colour and texture and linking to our topic this half term of the weather we looked at the work of Claude Monet. The children  drew a representation of his famous work Waterloo Bridge using colour to depict different weather conditions. Next week they will be enlarging and improving their best one.

Our topic this half term is, 'Weather Experts,' and we started off locating the UK on a map of the world. The children loved Google maps and the satellite images. The children are to keep a daily weather record, at home, for the whole of January and should have the sheet in their reading folder bag.

In RE we will be looking at the features of a Church and a Mosque and the children started off by telling us about places that are special to them and why.

A super weeks work by everyone ! Well done ! 

Parents overview for Purple Class and Mrs Thompson's English and Maths Groups Spring 1 2016

Week Commencing 7th December 2015

As we approach the festive season in English we are continuing to look at repeating patterns and repetitive phrases. We started the week reading a glorious new book called Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas present by John Burningham. Basing our work on this book we undertook a host of activities which included writing  out labels for a present to Harvey Slumfenburger, looking for and identifying  words ending in the - er diagraph and role playing an original scene from the book. The children came up with some great ideas as to people who Father Christmas could encounter. These included a man with a jet pack and a man in a speedboat ! 

In Maths we have been looking at coins and money . We are trying to identify coins correctly and use them in addition and subtraction including giving change. Some children are already very familiar with the coins so I'm sure we have some budding accountants in the making !  Maths homework is due in on 15th December. There will be no formal maths homework given out over the holidays  as I would like you to encourage the children to work on learning their number bonds to at least 20 and numbers to 100. Ask them to recite for you their number bonds to 10 using our rhyme!

The children are working hard getting ready for the KS1 Christmas performance. Please make sure all costumes are in school by 14th December.


Spellings for week beginning 14th December 2015

Week commencing 30th November

This week in maths we started looking at measurement. We learnt about length followed by weight and mass. We watched the video of the experiment on the moon where the astronaut drops a feather and a hammer and we guessed which would hit the surface first. We then did a similar experiment in our classroom to show how gravity acts on objects on earth. I was so impressed that some of the children already knew about gravity. I think we have some astronauts in the making ! We are learning a song to the tune of London's Burning to help us remember the correct units.

We finished the week measuring out ingredients with Year 4 children to make gingerbread people. It was great to work with the children from another year group and the biscuits looked great !

In English we carried on looking at repeated phrases and the children loved a poem called Batman's Exercise Video.They all devised actions in their groups for the verses and then we held a Batman has the X factor audition. 

We are starting to get ready for our Christmas performance so please spend a little time learning your lines if you have any. Any problems or queries please just ask me. I'm happy to see you anytime.


Week commencing 23rd November 2015

This week we were all involved in friendship week throughout the school.

We enjoyed a host of activities based around the central  theme of friendship. All the children worked really hard and made outstanding contributions to the activities and lessons. Well done everyone !

In Maths this week we looked addition and subtraction using number lines, cubes and the counting on or back methods. We are learning new poems and songs every week including the song Soloman Grundy from the lovely book , 'The Works,' by Pie Corbett  to help us learn the days of the week. I am still giving out Maths homework each week and  I'm more than happy to mark any maths homework that is handed back to me.  

In English we looked at patterns and rhymes. We started the week with the poem, Don't care, didn't care and moved onto Michael Rosen's,  'Down behind the dustbin.' The children listened to him reading the poem and thought he was hilarious! He is better known for his book, ' We're going on a bear hunt, but his poems are just as good. We finished the week retelling and acting out the story of the Gingerbread man. I do think we have some future stars of stage and screen in class ! 

I do put the spellings on the website so if your child is absent when they are given out on a Monday you can access them. 

In Science the Year 1 children talked about  the seasons and identified animals that would hibernate. The Year 2 children had to describe each individual season and talk about what the seasons mean in terms of temperature and day length.

In our topic lesson we looked at the Great Fire of London and found out all about Thomas Farynor and his bakery.

To finish I would like to share a prayer one of the children said this week. The children always ask to say or  read a prayer each evening and I find it a lovely end to our school day.


Dear God, I don't need gold, gold coins or treasure.  All I need is love. Amen.



Week commencing 16th November 2015

The whole school had an international theme every afternoon with each class representing a different country. 

In Purple class we looked at North America, focusing on the USA.

After arriving on their, 'airlines'  the children learnt about the Native American culture, made their own dream catchers based on a ancient legend and coloured in Totem poles after learning about their significance. It was great meeting children from across the school and everyone enjoyed the food tasting session on Friday. Well done everyone for making it such a great success.

In Maths we looked at number and place value . We used arrow cards to help us with place value and held inter table competitions. What a competitive bunch we are !

Using various objects such as buttons, beads and felt objects we tried  estimating. Most of us found it hard not to count the objects!

In English we continued to look at songs and repetitive poems .We  wrote our own list poem based on what we love and hate. The whole class worked really hard so well done everyone ! 




Week Commencing 9th November

In Maths this week we finished off looking at 2D shapes by looking at repeating patterns. Some of us managed to make our repeating patterns using different coloured papers. We did some work on ordinal numbers and how to use numbers to represent position and moved onto to estimating objects. We used a variety of items such as buttons, matchsticks, feathers and pasta shapes to make an estimation of the amount. We then counted the objects accurately to see how close we were in our estimations. Some of us need to practice this a little more as there were some wild estimates!

In English we looked at funny and repetitive poems about worms all week. The children found some of these hilarious, but we managed as a class to learn one off by heart and were able to recite it in full by the end of the week. A super effort by all ! We used the poems to practice lovely neat handwriting, capital letters and finger spaces.

On Remembrance Day we made poppies to contribute to the whole school display. We learned about the why the poppy was chosen as the symbol for Remembrance and looked at other ways we can show respect. The children loved the book Where the Poppies now Grow that we had started to read the previous week.

We carried out our fruit juice taste test and apple juice was the clear winner with 14 out of 22 votes. Surprisingly no one wanted seconds of the grapefruit juice!

In R.E the children are learning all about our world and how it compares to the world Jesus lived in whilst in Music our topic is Feel the Pulse.

Well Done to Shona who was our star of the week.

Week Commencing 2nd November

The week started out with a short introduction to Judo session that the children really enjoyed. 

In Mathematics this week we have been looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We enjoyed reading the book, The Greedy Triangle  by Marilyn Burns and identifying all the different shapes the unhappy triangle wanted to be. We could all link this to times in our own lives when we have wanted more or to be something different. The book made us think about how wonderful it is just to be ourselves.

In English we designed posters on Bonfire Safety as well as our own firework and linking to Mathematics we wrote about  The Greedy Triangle. We are all trying hard to remember full stops, finger spaces and capital letters in all our work. Next week we are moving on to funny poems and repetitive rhymes which we are all looking forward to.

In Science we looked at all the major food groups and carried out a sorting activity trying to place the foods in the correct category. To finish this unit we will be taste testing various fruit juices and recording our results.

Throughout the week we read, Where the Poppies now Grow by Hilary Robinson. A beautiful book written in rhyme which was used to introduce the class to Remembrance Day. We will be looking at this subject in more detail next week in our History lesson.


Week commencing 12th October 2015

This week in Maths we continued working on addition and subtraction including using pictorial representations and number lines. We are moving onto Geometry next week and will be looking at 3D shapes and we hope to include a shape hunt !

In English we began looking at non fiction texts and our work this week centered on the Usbourne Book of Big Machines. We ordered and created sentences and found out how to use a contents and index page. 

In Science purple class learnt about the life cycle of a chicken and described the different stages.

To finish off the theme of Harvest in RE we looked at how harvest festival is celebrated by different countries and cultures. The children could appreciate all the types of food God provides for us, how the type of harvest can vary and be affected by things such as insects and the weather.We talked about how we can help those who do not have enough food and the children wrote some lovely  thankful comments in our class RE book.

In PSHE we have been talking about how we can be, 'Bucket Fillers' based on the book by Carol McCloud. This week we each made a paper bucket for our class display. We are all trying to be bucket fillers and not bucket dippers !

Well done to Emily who was our Star of the Week this week.



Week commencing 5th October 2015

In English we based our work around  the gorgeous book Billy's bucket by Kes Gray. By the end of the week I'm sure most of the class could recite the story.... we had enjoyed it so much! We continued to look at labels and wrote some wonderful descriptive sentences to describe all the wonderful sea creatures Billy could see in his bucket. 

In Maths we continue to work on addition and subtraction and played a great game involving dice to write some subtraction sentences. We are starting to look at number bonds and have thought up a song to help us with these.

In our History lesson Purple Class identified all the personal qualities needed to be a good nurse and how we thought these may have changed from the days of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.

In ICT we worked in pairs, with one child being a robot and the other the robot controller, to introduce ourselves to simple algorithms.

PE on Friday saw us outside working on balance and movement whilst in Art we chose our best self portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso and painted it in acrylic paints.  

In Science we created the life cycle of a butterfly using pasta shapes and in RE we learnt about how special children were to Jesus.

Well done to Robyn who was our Star of the Week this week.   

Painting some of our own Picasso style self portraits!

Painting some of our own Picasso style self portraits! 1
Painting some of our own Picasso style self portraits! 2

Week commencing 28th September

We have had a busy week !

In English, as we are looking at labels and captions, we made our own version of, Not a Stick,' based upon the lovely book by Antoinette Portis. All our designs are now in a display - photo to follow!

In  Maths we have continued our work relating to number and have just started to carry out some one -step subtraction problems. We all all trying very hard to learn how to count backwards from 20 to 0 and we have developed a vast repertoire of songs to try and help us !

In Science Purple Class looked at the life cycle of a butterfly and discussed metamorphosis.

In Art we are continuing  to look at self portraits and are now drawing our inspiration from the work of Pablo Picasso.

In RE we have been learning about the miracles Jesus performed and we all drew our own storyboard based on one of the miracles.

Friday saw us signing in our Harvest Festival at school and we hope everyone who came enjoyed it as much as we did.

Well done to Daisy who was our Star of the Week this week.


"Learning with Love and Laughter"