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People who help us

This week we have been thinking about people who help us. The children came up with lots of ideas about how people help us and the types of jobs they do. A parent from Blue Class came in to tell us all about his job as a paramedic. It was great fun trying on his helmet. Later in the week we had a visit from Flora who is a special nurse for poorly babies. We asked her lots of questions and loved having a go with the stethoscope!

From this, the children have done a lot of pictures, writing and role play!

On Thursday we read the story of the Jolly Postman. This sparked an interest in writing letters, postcards and making stamps! Don't forget to bring a stamp to school so that we can send something real in the post.


Literacy target for next week: Practise the words for the Nativity

Numeracy target for next week: Can you remember the days of the week in the right order?

"Learning with Love and Laughter"