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Grow your £5 - Virgin Money

Happy New Year Orange Class!


This week we were quite concerned about the flood levels in Morpeth and so decided to do some persuasive writing; our question was 'Should the flood gates in Morpeth have been shut earlier?' We took on the role of a resident whose house was about to flood and we discussed: our feelings, what we could do, evidence from the past and then water safety. To enable us to write a persuasive argument we studied a range of evidence including the water levels, live footage, articles about the flood defences and the views of Morpeth residents. We were very happy to see that the water levels didn't rise to the levels of 2008 and that Morpeth stayed safe!



On Friday afternoon,  we started Grow you £5 through Virgin Money. Sharon from Virgin Money came in and explained what we had to do, and then we worked in mixed Year 3 and Year 4 groups to thought shower all our ideas. Mrs Mclaughlin and I were very impressed and can't wait to start.





This week you should've received your Parental Overview, please read these with your parents.


Your new homework also came home this week - Romans. Please complete and bring back for Monday.


Finally, Mrs Pallett will be doing your spellings on a Tuesday; so make sure you are practising every night please.

"Learning with Love and Laughter"