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Friendship Week

This week has been Friendship Week!


During this week we have covered: friendship, anti-bullying and e-safety.


Each afternoon the whole school swapped classes and completed lots of activities focused on our Christian Values. On Monday, the whole school made friendship chains; it was so big it went all the way around all the children in school! On Tuesday, we all ventured onto the yard and the children created words to describe friendship for example, love, joy and friends. On Wednesday, we made friendship bricks and then on Thursday challenged our own opinions and stereotypes with a Red Card for Racism activity. Finally, on Friday we all went into the hall and sang our anti-bullying rap; it was fantastic!


Photos and a video will follow shortly.


All pupils now have their parts and suggested costumes for the Christmas performance, if you have any questions, please ask.

"Learning with Love and Laughter"