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Fairies, trolls and all things magical

This week we have been focusing on e-safety. On Tuesday it was E-safety day where we talked about and shared our experiences of the internet. We read the story 'Chicken clicking' which highlighted some of the dangers of children using the internet alone. We also did lots of work with 'Smartie the penguin'. You can find out more information at www.childnet.com


The children also used a range of IT equipment including beebots, probots, walkie talkies, ipads and more. Why not ask your children to tell you all about it.

We continue to think about all things magical in our independent learning, this week moving on to trolls and princesses. Where will our learning go next?


Literacy target: I can talk about and tell someone how to stay safe on the internet.

Maths traget :I can name and talk about 3d shapes.



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"Learning with Love and Laughter"